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Production Log for trailer RANSOM A2 Media Studies


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A detailed description of how I used

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Production Log for trailer RANSOM A2 Media Studies

  1. 1. Copyright © 2012. Olufemi Coker. All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. The decided soundtracks used for the trailer was• Inception – the fight scene between the black man and Joseph in the hotel• Inception – the beginning and the ending of the trailer musicI used a program called Audacity which is a free editing sound program to cut down thesound clips and export it into .WAV files for a more clearer soundtrack.
  3. 3. I highlighted the selected parts of the soundtrack I wanted to use and cut it out. This is thebuild up of the suspense soundtrack so I need to make sure it is edited properly.
  4. 4. Now that I have cropped the sound, I can now export the file into a .WAV file for a cleareraudio track. I have named it “Suspense Soundtrack”. This program makes it easier to cut andedit soundtracks with ease. I’ve also increased the temp to increase the suspense of thetrailer. The effect of this pushes the audience to the screen wanting more from the trailer.
  5. 5. We used three types of sound effects in the trailer to keep simplicity to a maximumThe first sound effect used was a dark swoosh sound. This was to emphasize thesound of the first institution coming in after the MPUK shot giving it a scaryapproach to the screen with a stretch transition.The second sound effect was used to cut off the suspense between the 2nd and 3rdsoundtrack or else it would sound awkward and unprofessional synchronising thesoundtracks. Although they were building suspense, they sounded slightly different.The third sound effect was used to add the effect of the punch towards the cameraon the final shot of the trailer.
  6. 6. The team decided we should name ourinstitution “Empire Entertainment”.The word Empire has connotationsreferring to a big and high embassyorganisation. The Empire State beingthe highest building represents ahigher stage of quality andacknowledgement. It also shows it isstronger than any other buildingpresent within the buildings here. Ibelieve this plays a significant role as itgives a good first impression of thetrailer with the words “EMPIREENTERTAINMENT” in capitalised boldfont shouting out to the audience thisis an institution that doesn’t playaround.
  7. 7. We obtained the idea through TinieTempah’s discovery album. We took apicture of the Director’s hands clenchedtogether wearing jewellery. We then askedfriends who were travelling to email theirimages of taking pictures from the plane sowe can merge the cities together fromdifferent countries. I then added a “bling”effect by using the Brush Palette anddecreasing the hardness to 15% to give itthe realistic effect. As the layers are nowmerged, I then tinted it to red by Image >Adjustments > Black & White > Tint > 73%.We decided that we kept it blue as it looksnicer. To finish off the institution, I added areflection for the hands to give it a realisticapproach just like the Tri-Star institutiondoes
  8. 8. The team decided we should use a Supernova for our 2nd institution as the space can relateto something unique and innovative. This can also tell the audience that a major institutionwhich has been involved in highly successful films is supporting this film. Due to the fact we couldn’t actually take a Supernova due to the insufficiency of technology, I made a white dot in the middle using Adobe Photoshop and added a starburst effect which makes it look like your in space moving really fast. I then added dots and twinkles using the Brush Palette.
  9. 9. Using Adobe Photoshop CS3, I added text using the Text Tool using the font Colonna MT. Thisgives it a realistic approach as the words are sharp and representing the Supernova as acreative thing. The font colour was set to white so that there is a sense of simplicity. I held down the command buttons (CTRL + R) to display the Ruler allowing me to align the words so it doesn’t look out of place, slanted or unstructured. I also added an Outer Glow by doubling clicking the layer and going into the Layer Style.
  10. 10. I used this tutorial from to help me establish the explosion-type effect on the white dot I created on Adobe Photoshop.
  11. 11. We decided to use “ONEMAN, ONE PLAN, ONETARGET” and have a gradientfade out into black. Thesignificance of this adds tothe ideology of the actorshaving a hidden identitywithin themselves. It is justlike saying “Evilness anddarkness form a Partnership”.By using Adobe AfterEffects, we key framed wherewe wanted the text to fadeout.
  12. 12. I used Adobe AfterEffects toexperiment with thetransitions and keyframing.
  13. 13. The main programwe used to edit ourfilm is called AdobePremiere Pro whichoffers similartransitions to AdobeAfter Effects in a lesscomplex way. Wewere playing aroundwith the split-screenmode effect but werealised this doesn’tlook professional asa trailer so wedecided to removeit.
  14. 14. This is me [right] as theActor and Script Supervisordiscussing what needs tobe said and emphasized onthe Script to the Director[right].We were on set in Vauxhallas one of the mainlocations in the film.
  15. 15. This is the Director [left]discussing and directingthe Camera Operator[right] how the sceneshould be shot using a lowangle shot to make theActor look superior andstrong. Using the notepadwith the storyboard, he isensuring the shot is strictlyemphasized as the filmingspace was tight so accuratepositioning of the camerawas necessary.
  16. 16. Whilst helping the CameraOperator to hold themicrophone, I was guidingthe Actor to produce theright words as he forgotmost of the lines quickly.Although it wasn’tnecessary for him to speakas we won’t be using it, thespeech relates to his facialexpressions so this allowedthe filming to be morerealistic.
  17. 17. For the final shots, we hadthe Director [middle]discussing how the actorsshould act anddemonstrate a reasonablefacial expression to makethe trailer realistic.
  18. 18. This is the 1st draft that I done for the RANSOM trailer.Using Adobe Photoshop CS3, I created the backgroundusing a Pencil as a sketch with scratches then imported thisinto Photoshop. I changed the blending mode to Screen sothat we only see the scratches then clicked the Fill Bucketand put The colour code to #0000000 so it will display ablack background.I used the Text Tool to generate the text “RANSOM” givingthe text a strict jump towards the audience. The text usedfor the credits is Agency FB which narrows the text giving ita realistic approach similar to film posters likeInception, Safe House and vice versa. The text colour andinstitution were kept the same colour to keep the simplicityto a maximum. I did this by going into Image > Adjustments> Black & White. I adjusted the depth of darkness withinthe Red, Cyan, Yellow, Green and Blue areas so it can beseen properly.
  19. 19. I merged the charactersinto props which make upthe genre of my film. Todo this, I used a tutorialfrom a website called‘WonderHowTo’ . I alsochanged the look of thecharacters by going intoFilter > Artistic > FilmGrain to add to itscharacter of beinganonymous andmischievous.
  20. 20. I received large criticism from friends, students andMedia teachers.“The scratch background has a really good emphasis onthe whole poster…” Deborah. H, 17“I can’t see the actors properly, maybe you shouldconsider changing them…” Adeola, 17“Overall it’s a good poster but I’m not feeling the cities ontop, it’s a good idea to replace them with the actorsnames…” Dokun, M. Teacher“It’s good for a first draft!” Bernard. C, 17“Institutions are amazing, good idea of choosing thesame colour for the text also. Works well.” John .K“I can’t see the 2nd actor, the one with the picture as aknife.” Matthew .H, 16“It’s a really nice poster with all the connotations andextras fitting into place ignoring the mistakes. Oneproblem is the gap of space where the credits is. Youneed to centralise the poster…” S.P., M. Teacher
  21. 21. This is the second draft poster for the trailer. I addeda film strip by using white rounded rectangle squareswith black squares on the sides, merged together tomake the film strip. I removed the 3 images and puttwo rotated images by pressing CTRL + T and holdingthe edges of the images to rotate. I also tinted theimages by going into Image > Adjustments > Black &White > Tint > Red > 87%. I put the London Eyeputting the Blending Mode to Normal and putting theOpacity to 20% with a standard brush rubbed on topusing the Brush Palette. I removed the cities on thetop as it wasn’t emphasizing anything of the film – itdidn’t look like cities to begin with. I centralised thecredits to make it look more professional. I alsoadded the names of the actors from most importantto least just like how Inception and other posters do.
  22. 22. For the final poster, I removed the text that I did onAdobe Photoshop and placed it in Adobe InDesign bygoing to File > Place (CTRL + D).I then added the same text which was written onPhotoshop on InDesign.
  23. 23. ... And this is the final poster for the trailer RANSOM.The images and effects were done on Adobe PhotoshopCS3 and the text was done on Adobe InDesign.This was to ensure the text doesnt become pixelatedwhen exported as a PDF.I also adjusted the margins so that it has a professionallook.
  24. 24. This is the magazine I created using Adobe InDesignCS3, CS5 and Adobe Photoshop CS3 and CS5.I created the masthead by going into the Text Tooland typing “RANSOM” and pressing the commandtool CTRL + T to enlarge the text. I also created the“March 16th 2012 Issue No. 2 £2.99” in small text justunderneath the masthead. The “10 Coolest Movies”was made by the Text Tool and clicking the Colourpalette to change the colour to red (#FF0000). Thethree institutions at the top right corner was made inAdobe Photoshop with the Football, Close Up andCreative Nerds institution.