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My Roles - A2 Media Studies


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My Roles - A2 Media Studies

  1. 1. MY ROLES
  2. 2. MY ROLES – PROPS DESIGNER,PRODUCTION DESIGNERThe production designer is responsible for the location and feel of the film.I think I would be suited for this role as I have creative and imaginative ideasas to where the production will take place.A props master controls all aspects. They oversee, and are responsible for, theprocurement or production, inventory, care and maintenance of all propsassociated with productions and ensuring that they are available on time. Ibelieve I will be suitable for this role as I have certain props I can use to addon to the trailer allowing the audience to be engaged within buying the film.
  3. 3. MY ROLES – PROPS DESIGNER,PRODUCTION DESIGNERUsing my Blackberry Curve 8900, I took a picture of the demolished Heygate Estate flats. I was suggesting to the team to use the demolished Heygate Estate flats situated in Elephant & Castle, London in the night to add to the deathly horrific theme consisting with the Ransom. This would allow the audience to understand the directors (Bernard) point of view. The demolished flats at the night can also Represent a sense of insecurity, vulnerability and danger due to its instability. This will add on to the misc-en-scene.
  4. 4. MY ROLES – PROPS DESIGNER,PRODUCTION DESIGNERTaken from a Blackberry Curve 8900 , I took pictures of another location situated inVauxhall in front of Vauxhall Station. We decided to use this location to emphasize theactors costume. Due to the actor’s posh attire, we decided a wealthy location would benecessary towards his costume. A film such as Inception’s Dom Cobb’s character wearsformal clothes and this reflects the location importantly.
  6. 6. MY ROLES – PROPS DESIGNER,PRODUCTION DESIGNER CHAIR This will be used with the addition of strapping the protagonist to the chair. The effect of this creates tension as this restricts the protagonist’s movement making it hard for him to escape. Close- ups of different body parts where the actor is strapped will demonstrate how hard it is for the actor to escape this certain situation.
  7. 7. MY ROLES – PROPS DESIGNER,PRODUCTION DESIGNER TORN T-SHIRT A ripped T-Shirt would add to the climatic ending along with the non-diegetic fast pace music building suspense. It will show the audience that the actor is in an atmosphere of invulnerable people despite whatever actions he performs; hes in pain and suffering. This was taken from Paranormal Activity Remix by Krept, Konan, Political Peak, Johnny Gunz and Scorcher - black young men representing themselves and UK black men in general as dangerous people as the video consists of smoking weed and talking about sex & drugs. This adds to the suspense as the torn t-shirt represents his damage showing the audience he has a less chance of escaping.
  8. 8. MY ROLES – PROPS DESIGNER,PRODUCTION DESIGNER DESIGNER BAGS Using designer bags such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Selfridges and vice versa, this can allow the audience to pick up the protagonist as a trendy cool stylish person also expensive. He will be holding this while walking before getting approached by a gang of youths. The resemblance between the youths and the protagonist will be clear; a trendy person against a rowdy ruff gang.
  9. 9. MY ROLES – ACTORI think I would be suited for this role as in some of the shots portrayed within thefilm, the props that I own would be suitable for the shots.Due to film "RANSOM" being portrayed with anger, depression and frustration, Ibelieve showing mainly these three expressions will allow the audience tosympathise with the actor
  10. 10. MY ROLES – ACTOR Anger. The actor taken away by unidentified youths will be angry that hes been handled carelessly. This will represent a clear identification to the audience that this is uncomfortable and wants to break free. Frustration. The actor strapped to the chair will be frustrated and anxious to leave. This will allow the audience to emphasize with the actors grief and feel sorry for him. Depression. The actor strapped to the chair pleading for mercy and forgiveness producing tears will represent an atmosphere of struggle and unhappiness. This will also allow the audience identify that the current position he is in is not a place they would want to be themselves.
  11. 11. MY ROLES – SCRIPT SUPERVISORI think I would be suited for this role as Im quite a demanding person and I believe thiscomes into position here as I would be observing the dialogue produced compared tohow I want it portrayed. This is a draft script for our trailer Ransom. I improvised and imagined how it would look like judging by the directors storyboard and story. It shows and describes the events occurring while dialogue is produced along with actors actions.
  12. 12. MY ROLES – SCRIPT SUPERVISOR This is the finalised script discussed with the director and camera operator. We also discussed that some of the script may be improvised as this may develop our trailer to be more realistic.