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Captain America A2 Media Studies Magazine Analysis

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Captain America A2 Media Studies Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. Masthead – The masthead is written“EMPIRE” in a large sans-serif font toshow where and what the mastheadis. The use of the colour white drawsthe readers attention putting oureyes to Captain America, giving it aunique structured hierarchy.The Main Image is emphasizedsubstantially in this magazine.Captain America’s facial expressionrelates to the puff underneath theAnchorage Text “How Summer’s…”giving the audience a sense ofdesperation to read more about this.The shield is layered on top whichrelates to the facial expression ofseriousness represents his strength.The Anchorage Text says “CaptainAmerica in a capitalized bolt fontshouting out the audience who theMain Image represents.
  2. 2. On the right hand side we have “Plus!The Real Exorcist…” which is a Puffshowing the least important comparedto Captain America’s Anchorage Text.The Issue No and Price are shown in asmall non-bold font to preventcustomers driven away by the price.The addition of Extras of the 32-PageSci-Fi Special Inside will makeconsumers purchase and adds a formof psychological pricing as if themagazine is cheaper with theaccumulation of the Sci-Fi booklet. TheTheme of the magazine isconcentrated on the country America– we see the flag represented as thebackground, Captain America’sclothing and his shield. Also, the textconsists of American colours apartfrom the yellow. This tells us that thecountry America takes its prideseriously.

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