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Putting the people in the recovery plan


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This presentation was given at the Mary River Catchment Coordination Commitee Annual General Meeting on 9 Octoboer 2012. If explains four projects happening in the next few months that aim to building societal capacity and motivation to Care for the Mary River.

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Putting the people in the recovery plan

  1. 1. Update on the Mary RiverThreatened Species Recovery Plan
  2. 2. Objectives of the draft plan1. Establish mechanisms to deliver actions and support collaboration2. Increase habitat quality, extent and connectivity3. Reduce threats to priority species and to overall river health4. Increase sense of connectedness to the river and motivation to contribute to the recovery process5. Increase indigenous input and leadership6. Undertake research to close knowledge gaps
  3. 3. What do Johnny Depp,Justin Bieber and KatyPerry have in common??The Clarence and Lucy Show•Check out the youtube page: “Clarence and Lucy Show”Thanks to Peter Oliver Rob Longstaff Shawn Jarvey
  4. 4. Inspiring communityconnections to MaryRiver Stories
  5. 5. Looking forward, Looking back (A Your Community Heritage Grant) Collecting local oral histories to create a short film about the river, her past and lessons for the future generations Purchase of some screening equipment Screening in 7 locations From K. deRijke (2011) Looking for interviewees
  6. 6. Mary River Restoration Stories (a Community Action Grant)•2o years of Rivercare has taught us a lot•This project is an opportunity to • Share what we have learned • Be creative and innovative • Develop ideas for the next 20 years.Outcomes:•A Booklet: Restoration Stories: 20yrs of Rivercare•Aiming for a quantum leap inthinking about riparian restoration
  7. 7. In summary… Finalising the recovery plan  End of 2012 “Something about Mary” workshops  late October 2012 “Looking forward, Looking Back”  interviews - Nov/Dec 2012 Contact Tanzi to find out  screenings - March/April 2013 more or contribute to these projects Mary River restoration stories  March/April 2013 T: 07 5482 4766