Achievement of substantial stomach weight loss and much more


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This sizeable report shares how the author got a substantial amount of stomach weight loss and weight loss in other areas and how the reader can do the same.

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Achievement of substantial stomach weight loss and much more

  1. 1. Recommended: Fat Free Forever How I Lost 55 Lbs © 2011 Chris Fitzgerald/Fat Free ForeverDisclaimer: I am not a health professional. Im just a regular guy who  lost weight successfully. This is not health or medical advice. Speak  to your doctor before trying to lose weight. You are responsible for  your own actions in life, not me! Please feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook,  Twitter, via email and other places. You cannot sell this book. It  must always remain free. 1
  2. 2. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverContents Introduction                                                               ..........................................................  4   How Skinny People "Listen" To Their Body Without Even Realising It          .....  5   Good OR Bad Advice? ­ "Dont Eat After 8pm"                                ...........................  6   Best Cooking Methods For Losing The Bulge                                  .............................  7   Why You Really SHOULD Weigh Yourself Regularly                             ........................  8   Why I HATE The Gym And You DONT Need It                                   ..............................  9   How To Save Your Wallet AND Lose The Flab                                  ............................  10  Refined Foods Are Keeping You Fat. Discover How To Easily Gain A Taste  For Healthier Foods                                                        .................................................. 11   Can Chocolate Help You To Lose The Pounds?                                 ...........................  12   You CAN Totally Cheat One Day A Week If You Want To                        ..................  13   To Lose Weight You Need To IGNORE Most People                              ........................  14   How To Stop Your Cravings For Junk Food                                    ..............................  15   How To Burn ONLY Fat When You Work Out                                     ...............................  16   Beware Of "Fancy Coffee"                                                   .............................................  17   Discover How Peer Pressure Could Be Stopping You Getting Slim              ........  18   The Easy To Do Habit That You Must Avoid To Successfully Lose Weight           19 .. Discover A Satisfying Meal That Packs Few Calories                         ...................  20   Watch Out For This Common Deception                                        ..................................  21   Another Weight Loss Myth Destroyed ­ About Exercise                        ..................  22   Do You Really Need To "Sleep" The Weight Off?                              ........................  23   Is It OK To Actually Love And Taste Your Food?                             .......................  24   2
  3. 3. Recommended: Fat Free Forever Dont You DARE Use Any Old Excuse To Fail                                  ............................  25   Stop and "Think" To Lose Your Weight                                       .................................  26   Example Of How To Change Your Current Negative Food Habits                 ...........  27  Discover Why Low Cal Food & Drink Is NOT The Answer To Permanent Weight                                                                       Loss  ................................................................. 28   Discover The "Tricks" To Play On Your Body To Shift The Flab               .........  29   Did You Know: Pig Out For One Day Per Week To Lose MORE Flab?              ........  30   Who Do You Believe? The Calorie Counters Or NOT?                           .....................  31   Appetite Suppressants ­ What Are They Good For?                            ......................  32   Why You Need To Be Selfish To Successfully Shift The Flab                  ............  33   Beware of BS Products Like Hoodia Gordinii                                 ...........................  35   This Tip Might Change Your Entire Attitude Towards Food                    ..............  36   Top Tip ­ Eliminate Sugar ­ Do You Know How "Evil" It Is?                  ............  37   Let Me Share My Rough & Personal "Meal Plan" With You                      ................  38   Nuts ­ Are They Good Or Bad For You?                                       .................................  39   Did You Know That Table "Manners" Can Help You Lose Weight?                ..........  40   Why Processed Food Is A Vicious Circle                                     ...............................  41   How To Deal With The Dangerous Temptation Of Office Snacks Everywhere        42 . How Not To Be Fooled By "Special Offers" On Food                           .....................  43   How To Shift Your Flab If You HATE The Gym                                 ...........................  44   How To Lose Pounds Without Even Trying                                     ...............................  45   Do You Know Why "Fluctuating" Exercise Is The Best?                        ..................  46   Thanks For Reading                                                         ...................................................  47   3
  4. 4. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverIntroductionThanks for grabbing this book. I used to weigh 189 lbs but I am now 134 lbs. Thats a total weight loss of 55 lbs (25 kg). The pictureof me on the cover is real. Some people thought it was fake because Ive removed my head but Ive only done that to protect myprivacy.As for my weight loss, I did it my own way. For once, I rejected most of the mainstream advice or I adapted it as I saw fit.What you are about to read is a collection of "lessons" from me that will change the way you think about food, your body and itsrelationship with your life and this will help you to lose weight and keep it off and still enjoy your food.I hope you like the book. I would really welcome your feedback. You can reach me via I try to answerevery email I can.I also recommend checking out Fat Free Forever. Used together with this book youre reading right now, there is no better chancethat youll have to finally stop your weight yo-yoing up and down. You might not believe me now but I have ever confidence that youwill by the time you finish this report. Remember, Im unconventional and I make no apologies for it. I love being slim and I dontmiss the aching knees or the lack of stares from members of the opposite sex. Enjoy the report! :)Best,Chris 4
  5. 5. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverHow Skinny People "Listen" To Their Body Without  Even Realising ItHave you ever wondered how skinny or healthy people do it? They dont appear to calorie count. They dont look like they work ashard as you do down the gym (some dont even go there). They never seem to eat any diet food either. Why is this?They Listen To Their BodyThe reason for this is because they listen to their body. Actually, most of them are nowhere near as obsessed about their food asoverweight people are.To them, they eat as much as they want and when they want and they dont seem to get fat. They simply eat when they get hungryand they dont eat when they are not hungry.Wait a minute...but youre already doing this...arent you?No, You Are NotWhen I was fat, I used to think that I obeyed this basic rule: eating only when hungry. Actually, I was not. And if you are overweightthen you are likely not either.I used to eat tons of food and sometimes it seemed like I had been sitting in front of the computer and eating for a good two hours.Could I still be hungry? Obviously my body did not need all that food.The truth is that you can satisfy your hunger very quickly and then you should stop eating. Food does not taste as good when youare not hungry.When you break through the period of hunger being over and are still eating, then why are you doing it? Its because you think youare hungry but you are not. You have a compulsion to keep on eating. To a healthy person this looks totally irrational - like thebehaviour of an addict.How To Listen To Stop Eating Too MuchAlright, you know that you should stop eating when your hunger stops but you also know how confusing this can be - often you thinkyou are hungry when you are not.The sure way to make sure you only eat when your body needs food is to stop eating immediately the moment that you feel full. Thishappens after your hunger has already disappeared and is your bodys way of telling you that it does not need any more food.At this point, youve actually just started to accumulate (or maintain) fat but at least you have stopped there and then. In future, youcan try to listen again and eventually youll recognise exactly when your hunger stops and when you therefore need to stop eatingtoo. 5
  6. 6. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverGood OR Bad Advice? ­ "Dont Eat After 8pm"Good OR Bad Advice? - "Dont Eat After 8pm"What do you think to this advice from some so-called weight loss experts:"Dont eat anything after 8pm"?Youve probably heard this or something similar. The idea is that you should not eat too late because it will "become fat in yoursleep".I have seen this written on tons of web sites and in tons of magazines, always by health journalists who actually dont know anythingabout weight loss. Beware of health journalists - they know absolutely nothing and are paid to write total garbage. Thats right...Absolute Garbage!This advice to not eat after 8pm is absolute garbage. What if you are really hungry? That is a sign that your body wants food andyou should heed it. Forget this lame advice not to eat after a specific time.What You Should Really DoYou should eat when you feel hungry. You should stop eating when you no longer feel hungry. If you start to feel full then thisdiscomfort is your bodys way of telling you to stop eating immediately - if you still feel "hungry" at that point then you have beendeluded. That is not true hunger. You cannot feel true hunger and a feeling of fullness at the same time - it is impossible.So if you are feeling hungry at 8pm, just eat! My advice to you is to eat only a little. Do not eat an entire meal because that will fuelyou for several hours unnecessarily. Eat perhaps 100 to 200 calories but no more. This will satisfy your hunger easily and ensureyou get more restful sleep. 6
  7. 7. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverBest Cooking Methods For Losing The BulgeDo you know the best way to cook your food if you are trying to lose weight? The answer is grilling.Why Grilling?Grilling is the method that uses the least oil and also allows the fats contained in the meat to drain away.This means that not only is it the least fattening method of cooking but it is also the healthiest as you get reduced levels of saturatedfats.Be careful not to burn your food though as burnt matter contains carcinogens.The great thing about grilling is that it is so easy, especially with modern grilling machines. I recommend that you always grill somevegetables to go with any meat that you cook. You dont have to but it is an easy way to sneak vegetables into your diet wheneverand wherever you can.WokA wok can also be a good cooking method for losing weight but you need to go really easy on the oil. Too much oil in the pan isunhealthy and will make you gain a lot of weight. You can buy spray oil which delivers a fine mist and uses only a minimal amount.Go heavy on the vegetables because there is probably no better cooking method if you want to produce delicious, crisp vegetables.SteamerA steamer is a great idea if you are losing weight. There is probably no healthier method of cooking out there as no additional oils orfats are used. Plus, your vegetables will retain the most amount of nutrients this way compared to other cooking methods.You can even cook fish and boil eggs in a steamer!The downside is that they are a major pain to clean. If you have a dishwasher then this is much less of a problem. 7
  8. 8. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverWhy You Really SHOULD Weigh Yourself RegularlyYou know there is a lot of bad advice out there about losing weight, and often this advice is contradictory.For example, some people say you should check your weight often and others say that you shouldnt because you will see only slowprogress and might get what should you do?My advice, based on my own huge weight loss of 55 lbs, is that you SHOULD weight yourself regularly. Heres why.Notice Those 1 or 2 Pounds Of ProgressIts true that our weight fluctuates a bit throughout the day, often depending on whether we have food or liquid in our belly or if wehave just gone to the toilet etc.But if you weigh yourself at the same time every day then you wont have this problem. For example, when you get out of theshower.Youll see that on some days you may lose a pound or two and get great satisfaction from it. Youll also be able to think and relatehow you got that massive loss? Maybe you correctly did portion control that day or something similar?Getting used to this fine critical feedback is essential, in my view.You Wont Lose FocusIf you hardly ever weigh yourself, it is easy to accidentally gain a few pounds and not even realise it.Mind you, maybe I should write that as "accidentally" because the truth is that you roughly know your own weight. If you go a weekor two without weighing yourself and you dread the scales then this is like admitting that you have basically ignored your weight lossplan and knowingly ignored it. You have knowingly cheated yourself.If you weigh yourself every day on the scales then you know that you cannot cheat for several days in a row. Instead, you quicklyface reality but in a way that allows you to take corrective action fast. 8
  9. 9. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverWhy I HATE The Gym And You DONT Need ItYou already know that I hate health journalists and most people in the weight loss industry including gym membership salesmen,the government and others. Well, here is some of the BS that they like to pump out:"Want to lose weight? Then go to the gym"!They are ALWAYS saying this. Ive never heard so much BS in my life! I lost 55 lbs without going to the gym. In fact, I failed all myearlier attempts when I did use the gym.Why You DONT Need The Gym Or Any Other Type Of ExerciseExercise is not the answer to losing weight and keeping it off successfully. So if you fear having to become a gym freak if you wantto be slim then dont worry because you dont have to.Have you ever noticed how skinny or healthy people - most of them probably do not go to the gym. In fact, most people dont domuch exercise at all. There is NO reason to think that we need to go crazy with physical activity to be healthy. Human beings areprobably originally scavengers rather than hunters, in fact.Exercise only helps to make your weight losses even bigger than they would otherwise be. They help to burn more calories andtherefore give a bigger calorific deficit which means faster weight loss.Why I Recommend AGAINST The GymHave you ever noticed how packed a gym is in the new year but then quickly gets empty again within a couple of months. Theproblem with the gym is that it is such a shock to the system.Youve done hardly any exercise before and suddenly you are pounding away like a madman. No wonder after a few sessions thatmost begin to doubt whether they can really go on like this. Even if they reach their target weight, is this how they are supposed tospend the rest of their lives?The answer is "NO". You do NOT have to use the gym or exercise.I Recommend Activity You EnjoySome exercise is still a good idea. Most overweight people do not get enough anyway so you may as well do some.Whatever you do, make sure that you enjoy it. Make sure it is something where you barely even recognise that you are doing"exercise".For example, I ride my bike everywhere. I absolutely love it. When Im riding, Im in the zone and my mind is elsewhere. Sometimes Iwill cycle several miles without even realising it!If you dont enjoy doing it - dont do it! Its really that simple. 9
  10. 10. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverHow To Save Your Wallet AND Lose The FlabHeres a tactic I used successfully during my weight loss and that still works for me to help maintain my healthy weight.ScrapsDont throw out your food scraps when youre done.No doubt youve heard the stories about how much food we throw away as a nation and probably youre guilty of doing it yourself.What I like to do now is to save my scraps and put them in the fridge for the next day.Seriously, if you look at the typical American food service, it is just WAY too much. You should be saving scraps from every singlemeal because there is no way you should normally eat all the food that is given to you.Portion ControlMy old roommate was a huge guy and yet he did a ton of exercise too. So why was he huge? Because he didnt exercise goodportion control.Hed come back from the gym and eat his usual two huge plates of dinner. Healthy stuff but if you eat too much of anything then youwill either gain weight or you will remain large. Thats exactly what happened with him.You know instinctively how much you should eat. Dont eat more than you should and if anything remains you should save it fortomorrow.TakeawayThe average takeout food is too much for one person. You can normally feed two mouths from the typical takeaway meal.This happened to me last night. I ordered some rice and beef from the Chinese restaurant near where I live.I used to eat the whole thing, and often it would not agree with my digestion and my body would make me run to the toilet so it couldclear some space for this humongous meal on the way.Now I eat only half and Im definitely satisfied. Usually I eat the rest the next day so Im also spending half as much as I used to.Sometimes I eat more than half - I just eat what I need to satisfy my genuine hunger. As long as I dont cheat myself then I have noworries. 10
  11. 11. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverRefined Foods Are Keeping You Fat. Discover How  To Easily Gain A Taste For Healthier FoodsDo you like brown bread or brown rice or brown pasta? What about brown sugar? You know what? I used to hate them with avengeance. I thought they tasted like cardboard.But here is the problem:The ProblemThe problem is that these foods are actually good for you. They have many health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health,lowered blood pressure and decreased risk of cancer.The "white" (refined) alternatives taste great but are "bad" for you. They will cause your blood sugar and insulin response to gohaywire. A lifetime of these foods will massively increase your chance of getting Type II diabetes because of this.Now here is the problem: a lot of people are used to these white/refined products. Maybe you dont want to change. You dont likethe idea of a lifetime of eating yucky wholegrain products. Believe me, you can change and you wont feel like youre missing out onanything. Heres why:Refined Versus Natural StateThe brown versions of these foods and others are much closer to the natural state of the original ingredients/plants.Now, our bodies are designed so that we have to break down our food during digestion. Breaking down food causes it to pass moreeasily (more fibre) and it also means that the energy we get from our food is acquired slowly. This means we get a slow energyrelease for several hours which is ideal for optimum health.Now what about white or refined versions? Think of it as taking a food and separating the "best bits" and throwing away the rest. Ittastes amazing at first but you probably dont remember that because you have long been used to the "instant hit" that refined foodsgive you.So how do you start to eat more unrefined foods, given that they taste so bad to you right now?How To Develop A Taste For Healthier FoodsTo form your new habits is going to take a short period of adjustment. But I am telling you, after maybe two weeks you will be fine.Now I eat only brown bread and brown pasta. I still eat white rice because where I live it is hard to get brown rice.Am I making a sacrifice with my brown bread and pasta? Hell no! I love them. I think that brown products have more taste than whiteones. With brown products, you get more texture and flavour. For me, white products are just too intense and actually lacking inflavour.Believe me, if you transition like I did, you will develop this same taste. It might take a little longer than 2 weeks but you will soon"get it".Seriously, eating mostly refined foods is bad for your body. Your pancreas is going crazy with it. Nothing else on this planet eatshighly refined foods like overweight people. And guess what, it also contributes to your being overweight because those insulinspikes give you massive hunger pangs and cause you to eat when you should not.Little wonder then that the more refined foods in ones diet, the more likely a person is to be overweight. Thats no coincidence. 11
  12. 12. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverCan Chocolate Help You To Lose The Pounds?Could chocolate help you to lose weight? It sounds fanciful, doesnt it? Heres the truth on the matter.Regular Milk ChocolateUnfortunately, regular milk chocolate is OK if you have only a couple or three squares each day. But if you have more than thatthen, as good as it tastes, it will make you gain weight if you dont also reduce your meal sizes.This is because even half a bar of chocolate packs a ton of calories that are almost worth an entire meal. This is largely due to thedairy content.Dont be fooled into thinking that milk chocolate contains fresh milk. It usually contains nasty milk powder and is loaded withsaturated fats. In most countries, only about a quarter of the bar is actually real chocolate!Dark ChocolateThis is much better for you because you are getting the cocoa solids and their benefits are not outweighed by any dairy.First, dark chocolate is rich in polyphenols. These are needed for good heart health. This is not some ridiculous old wives tail thathas no evidence for it. This property of chocolate has been known for some time now.Second, some say that dark chocolate can actually act as an appetite suppressant. Im not 100% convinced on this though.What You Should Not DoSome people, women in particular, use chocolate for comfort. Maybe youve had a bad day so you relax and watch TV and getthrough a bar or two of your favourite chocolate.I strongly advise you to remove this "chocolate/sugar/sweetness = happiness" association that have. Do not use food to cheer youup or make you happy because this is abuse of food in the same way that people abuse alcohol or drugs. 12
  13. 13. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverYou CAN Totally Cheat One Day A Week If You Want  ToDid you know that if you are trying to eat better that you can still pig out one day per week with no problem at all? In fact, youll losemore weight this way. This is no joke.Understand How Fat WorksYour body puts fat on when you eat too much. Perhaps it thinks you want to store energy up for a rainy day or, more likely, a periodwhere food may be scarce.Then when you go through a period of calorie restriction, like a diet, your body draws on its fat reserves.EconomizeBut it will try to economize. Eating less, your body will do its best to make sure you dont waste any fat. Even though you want tolose as much fat as possible, try telling that to your body! It wants to keep as much as possible, JUST IN CASE.So your metabolism i.e. the rate at which you burn your fat - it starts to go down.One Day Per Week Eat What You WantYou can stop your metabolism going down by eating whatever you want on one day per week.If you do this, then your body will no longer think that food is hard to find. So it will not try to economize on your fat use and you cankeep a good, pacey rate of fat loss.Yes, you can eat whatever you want. Pure junk food if you want. Though over time you will probably start to eat more healthy, evenon your off-days.Applies To Exercise TooExercise is NOT essential to lose weight. People are shocked when I say this because it goes against traditional advice.Exercise will only help to accelerate your weight losses. But did you know that your body will also economize with exercise too?If you do constant speed exercise, your body tries to burn the least amount possible e.g. running at a constant speed.BUT if you do sports or exercise where you are constantly changing speed, then you will burn more calories, minute for minute.Just like with food, you have to keep your body guessing or it will economize. 13
  14. 14. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverTo Lose Weight You Need To IGNORE Most PeopleBy now you probably know that I am different to most other people who are trying to advise you how to lose weight. Let me tell you,most advice out there is just plain wrong.Look around you: obesity rates increase every year. Clearly, all the advice that is being given is wrong, otherwise they should begoing down. Let me give you some perfect examples of advice you might have thought was good and helpful but was actually bad.DieticiansWhat do dieticians actually know?First of all, they know nothing about basic biochemistry or biology and are not even usually science literate.What they do know is how to eat healthily and only enough calories that you need. But they do nothing to help you change yourexisting habits or attitudes or help you figure out why you have your problem and skinny people do not.Personal TrainersThese people and the gyms they work for all buy into the myth that you must "hit the gym" to lose weight. Total garbage.Plus, even though you can speed up your fat loss this way, it does nothing for helping you live a long life as a thinner person. Allthey can really help you with is the shorter period of weight loss.Plus, they usually do this by pressurising you. What are you going to do when their work is finished? Employ them for the rest ofyour life?DoctorsDoctors know nothing about weight loss. I once had a doctor tell me that my heartburn/acid reflux problem might be helped if I "triedto lose some weight". Yeah, easier said that done, Doc!Doctors know zero about losing weight successfully. In fact, their profession is afflicted as much by it as any other.Medical science keeps looking for magic pills to try and help people lose weight but, surprise-surprise, it comes up with nothing.Think For Yourself And Ignore Most PeopleYou really need to think for yourself and be as independent as you can in your decisions.Listen to people and hear what they say. Digest it. Decide which parts to use for yourself and which not. Ask yourself what makesthe most sense and uses logic. Remember, many people have an agenda and they often dont even realise it.If you still dont believe me then ask yourself why 95% of people who lose weight always gain it back? Clearly, most of the 100billion dollar diet industry is totally worthless. Think for yourself! 14
  15. 15. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverHow To Stop Your Cravings For Junk FoodOne reason why so many people are overweight today and it is harder than ever to stop abusing your body like this is because ourfood is so adulterated.I find it amazing how the government goes crazy about tobacco companies when the biggest culprits of them all is the food industry.Probably youve seen "Super Size Me" and what it shows is typical of the crazy stuff going on that is killing people in the name ofgreed and money.The junk is so hard to quit because it is highly addictive. All those chemicals are there for a reason - to keep you hooked. So how doyou stop the cravings?Focus And Get Your Head Down For 2 WeeksThere is no simply way about it. When you start your weight loss plan, you need to totally avoid junk like sweets/candies, potatochips and other similar things.Totally avoid them for 2 weeks. Because you know your goal, it will actually not be that hard to achieve though you will feel a littleweird for not eating them as usual.After 2 weeks, the cravings will have almost disappeared. You may still want to eat junk food but nowhere near as much as before.Beware Of Falling Off The WagonThe above is designed to get you away from junk and well into your weight loss regime because junk will only cause quick failure.But now that youre going, theres no need for you to eliminate junk from your life. Even skinny people love to eat a Big Mac andfries.Instead, you should eat it only on occasion. Do not eat junk for consecutive days because two days in a row inevitably leads to aweek or more of consecutive junk feeding days.Go easy and go slow. Make the most of the period without junk and you will probably want to eat less of it now anyway. Thats whathappened to me. I used to eat huge amounts of junk daily but now I eat one packet of potato chips and a few candies with noproblem at all. 15
  16. 16. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverHow To Burn ONLY Fat When You Work OutDid you know that if you work out properly then you can make sure that you burn only fat? How can you do that?Morning TimeIf you work out in the morning on an empty stomach (a little water is OK of course) then all your body can burn is your fat.After all those hours of sleep, you wont have any instant glycogen/carb stores to use. Your body has no choice but to turn to fat.If you want to maximise your fat loss then the best thing you can do is HIIT. This means alternating 30 seconds between sprinting(as hard as you can) and running. This will tire you out in mere minutes but will be worth it.The DownsideThere is a downside to this though.Exercising in the morning is damn difficult for most people. I tried it years ago, several times. It was just not for me.In fact, running in the morning gives a lot of people "the runs". This is because your colon moves around while you run and makesthis happen.But its not essential to run in the morning anyway.How I Did It And Continue To Do ItWhen I lost my weight, I relied on my diet. The diet is what you should concentrate on. You are in the position you are in right nowdue to your diet and your eating habits and attitude.It is NOT because of your attitude towards exercise. Exercise is a way to make you lose weight quicker but this idea that peopletoday are too lazy, docile or sedentary is yet more garbage from the fitness industry which makes tons of money by giving badadvice to overweight people and insisting that "hitting the gym" is essential to becoming thin - it isnt.However, it is a good idea to do some exercise. Personally I build it into my lifestyle to use my bicycle at least once every two daysand that is good enough for me.You should make sure you eat fewer calories each day then you burn (without exercise). If you get this covered then any smallamount of exercise that you do will give you a bonus in terms of weight loss but it WONT be essential. This is the best approach tohave in my opinion. 16
  17. 17. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverBeware Of "Fancy Coffee"You know I was at Starbucks one winter a few years back and my friend introduced me to their "Egg Nog Latte". I got myself a pint-sized one, I think they call it "venti" or something.Wow, it tasted great. But it was only a drink right?Wrong, it might as well have been a snack because the thing was packed with calories. Apparently, this drink has more calories andalmost as much fat as a Big Mac!Heres the low-down:610 calories and 27g of fat for the latte compared to 540 calories and 29g of fat for the Big Mac.So What Should You Do?Look, theres nothing wrong with a drink like this every once in a while. Just like theres nothing wrong with a Big Mac every once ina while.But rather than trying to starve yourself the next day, just take care of your calories for that day (roughly 2,500 for a man and 2,000for a woman).So, if you drink one of these then assume you have eaten a whole meal. You should not eat for at least 2.5 hours when you willhave regained your hunger. And count the drink as a meal so this may mean that you have to skip on dinner.You have this information now so you cannot ignore it. You cannot knowingly eat two regular meals, get a venti latte and then eatanother full meal in the evening or you will gain weight and you know it.Yesterday, I Ate McDsFunnily enough, yesterday I ate a large meal at McDonalds. It has been a while but I was hungry. I ate a regular breakfast but wasso busy I didnt eat again till evening. I chowed down on the McDs meal but I ate very little else for the rest of the day.Think about it: a large meal of junk food is really equivalent to almost two normal meals. Thats why I didnt eat much else for therest of the day.Its common sense but also not cheating yourself. If you know something will make you fat then dont do it. 17
  18. 18. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverDiscover How Peer Pressure Could Be Stopping You  Getting SlimAre you consciously aware that peer pressure could be stopping you from losing weight?It can come in many different forms, here are just a few for you to analyse and see if they apply to you. If they do, then you need tobe selfish and focus on your goal.Fat FriendsThis is the most difficult case. What if all your friends are fat too? What then?Probably when you hang out you eat similarly large amounts. Sometimes friends will even pass comment when you leave a lot offood on your plate or do something else that shows you want to lose weight. Why do they do this? Shouldnt they be helping you?Addict BehaviourTheir behaviour is no different to an addict, be it someone addicted to cigarettes, heroin or anything else. Addicts thrive on thecamraderie of being in the same hole as others.They will do everything to discourage others from leaving the hole because it will make them feel worse. This is why a group ofoverweight people are never truly supportive of each other - because they fear being left alone.Non-Fat FriendsWhat about friends of yours who are not overweight? They may not give peer pressure but they will probably say things like "just eatless". These people do not truly understand your predicament because they have probably never been in it.Unfortunately, your friends without weight problems will often not give you any "real" support at all. They dont particularly want youto fail but they do not really care if you do. This is almost the reverse of peer-pressure.Youre On Your OwnI know some so-called "weight loss experts" advise you to lose weight with a friend and this can help a lot but often it just leads toboth of you quitting at the same time and there is peer pressure to do this: after all, it is easier to fail when a friend is also failing withyou.If you want to lose weight successfully then youre on your own. You need to think only of you self and be determined. Make a targetweight goal and then be single minded about achieving it.Dont rely on getting help from others because in a heart beat it can suddenly turn to pressure to quit. Instead, rely on your ownknowledge and application of it. Know that losing weight successfully is down to you and you only. But know that you can definitelyachieve it if you set your mind to it. 18
  19. 19. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverThe Easy To Do Habit That You Must Avoid To  Successfully Lose WeightI want to share a tip with you, just like my others, that is based on my own experience of successfully losing weight. And its all aboutsnacking or nibbling.SnackingWhen I say "snacking", Im talking about when you had a meal not long ago and you have some peanuts or chips or something andjust keep nibbling away.Youre not going crazy, youre not stuffing your face - youre just nibbling away slowly.You know what? This sort of eating is actually good. Youre not putting any fat on because you always have a little hunger and youare not stuffing yourself silly.But do you know where the problem comes?The ProblemSuddenly, its time for your next meal. "Time" because that is when you normally eat it.The problem is that you dont actually have any hunger because youve been snacking all day. So what do you do?Many people would go ahead and eat the meal anyway. They have been conditioned by society to eat their meal as normal and notdeviate from the routine.But what youll actually be doing is punishing yourself. Youre not hungry and youre going to go and force feed yourself anyway.Soon youll feel the discomfort of being full and having eaten more than you should have.Be in no doubt about it - most of that meal is going to go straight to fat. Your body doesnt need it and wont burn it. It will try to saveit for a rainy day in the form of fat.Change In MindsetEat only when you are hungry. Be prepared for change. You do NOT have to stick to your routine and never deviate from it. If youmake the mistake of snacking too much then be prepared to delay or cancel your meal altogether.Actually, its far better to avoid snacking in the first place. Theres nothing wrong with a few peanuts but a whole bag of anything isnot exactly ideal food for your body. Its better to not get carried away with snacks in the first place. Of course, it doesnt help thatsnacks are often adulterated to make you eat more of them without realising it so be careful! 19
  20. 20. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverDiscover A Satisfying Meal That Packs Few  CaloriesYou cant eat three huge meals every day and lose weight. But what you can do is to change one or two of your meals and"downsize" them.For example, I eat a good breakfast each day. Fruit, bread, chocolate spread, whatever I want really. I also eat a good meal in theevening.Clearly, I cannot eat big in the middle of the day. Otherwise that would make for three huge meals. Good if you want to beoverweight but NOT if you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.So one of the meals I love to eat is soup.Wait - Not The Typical Advice!The typical advice when it comes to soup is to drink totally thin broth that has barely any calories in it and to skip on the bread. Thissort of crap advice is extremely common among "health journalists" and others who claim to be experts on weight loss but havenever actually achieved it themselves.If you restrict your calories this much then youll simply feel like you are starving yourself and making a huge sacrifice. Imagine thethought of having to make a daily sacrifice in order to be thin for the rest of your life?Wrong! No Sacrifice Needed!The truth is, you dont have to make any sacrifices at all. If you dont make a sacrifice, youll be more likely to succeed.I recommend preparing any type of soup except creamy soups (they really are bad and are loaded with saturated animal fats). Thebest are those that are chock full of vegetables because they give you a good boost of nutrients that anyone on calorie restrictionwill need.They also give much needed bulk and fibre that will ensure you get a slow, steady boost of energy delivered throughout the next fewhours - this mean fewer to no hunger pangs or cravings.Also, if anyone tells you that you shouldnt eat bread with your soup then ignore them. Dont starve yourself. Get a quality piece ofbread to go with your soup and use olive oil spread too. 20
  21. 21. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverWatch Out For This Common DeceptionDo you know what I mean by this common deception? Can you guess?Im talking about salad dressing.Hidden Calories And MoreMany premade salad dressings are like a meal in themselves. They are only supposed to add some flavour to your salad and yetmany of them are like eating cream cheese, such is the high amount of calories and saturated fats in them.There is nothing wrong with fat. In fact, it is better to give your food some flavour so you are satisfied. But many salad dressings goway overboard.You can often tell this with many similar manufactured foods because they come out with a "low fat" or "diet" version later. That justmeans that the regular version is a joke.Make Your OwnI think it is a much better idea to make your own dressing. I recommend a French/vinaigrette style dressing or an olive oil baseddressing. This is what Mediterraneans eat.They are not into creamy style salads that are basically the same thing as mayonnaise. Actually, there is nothing wrong with acreamy style dressing so long as you make it yourself.Are Salads A Good Idea At All?Probably until now youve been told that salads = weight loss. Most overweight people see them as a sacrifice. They dont taste ofanything and you know that too much dressing will defeat the point. Salads just seem bad all round, dont they?I eat a salad once in a while. I am not a big fan of leafy greens. Although spinach is high-nutrition exception, I have no desire to eattasteless lettuce leaves.In fact, my personal belief is that we are not supposed to eat most leaves. Thats what cows have three stomachs for. I dont believeour bodies are designed to eat large amounts of vegetation.Still, humans are highly adaptable. I dont think salads are bad but they are certainly not essential for losing weight. If you hate thetaste of them, dont eat them. You definitely dont need to eat salads regularly to be thin. 21
  22. 22. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverAnother Weight Loss Myth Destroyed ­ About  ExerciseI want to tell you about a total myth that is often spread around. Are you ready for it? Here it is:"You must exercise to lose weight".This is a total myth and I will prove it to you now.The Calorie EquationWhether you lose weight or not can be summed up in one simple concept: calories.If you eat more calories than you burn then you will gain fat. If you eat fewer calories than you burn then you will lose fat.How you burned those calories (with or without exercise) is irrelevant.How Exercise Can Help Weight LossExercise is absolutely not necessary. But it can definitely help. What it will do is to increase your energy burned during the day.For example, if you currently eat 500 fewer calories per day than you burn then you will lose one pound of weight per week. If youalso exercise and burn 500 calories per day then you will lose a total of two pounds per week.How Exercise Can Hinder Weight LossExercise sounds great in theory. The problem is that the advice to go down the gym and pound away for two hours daily puts mostpeople off their entire weight loss regime.They look at what they are doing and think "I cant do this for the rest of my life". In fact, who would want to do it for even a fewweeks?This is why gym memberships are usually sold on minimum 12 month contracts because the salesmen who work in these placesknow that the vast majority of people who join will stop coming in around a month or two.My advice to you if you want to use exercise to lose weight is to take it easy at first and consider delaying it. Your diet and gettinginto good eating habits is much more important than trying to speed up towards your target weight. 22
  23. 23. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverDo You Really Need To "Sleep" The Weight Off?Im going to tell you something now that youve probably heard before: you need to get 7 to 8 hours sleep each night if you want tolose weight successfully.Why?Well Im not going to give you the usual health journalist mumbo-jumbo where they just invent something up. They would saysomething like "your metabolic system must keep in tune with regular and enough sleep" or some other stuff like that.The truth is, I dont know why you need enough sleep to lose weight. Then how do I know that it is essential then? What proof do Ihave?My ExperiencePersonally I dont think that there is any significant effect on your metabolism. Ultimately, to lose weight, you must burn off morecalories each day than you eat. Your sleep is not going to transform your energy (fat) saving capabilities overnight.But in my experience, if you do not get enough sleep each night and on a regular basis then it is more difficult to lose weight. Youneed to be at your peak and feeling good each day.If you are less than 100% due to lack of sleep then you are more likely to binge or give in to hunger pangs or eat to do somethingabout your irritability. You may also find that your eating plans are disrupted e.g. you fall asleep before dinner or you wake up toolate (trying to catch up sleep) and miss breakfast.RoutineGetting enough sleep each night is a good routine to get in and sets you up for the whole day. Im still young and I love theunpredictability of life but youll live longer and happier if you have a solid base routine in your life. It took me a long time to learn thisand I have benefited in many, many ways from this simple advice.Dont Play Catch UpCatching up sleep at the weekend or similar does not work. Sleep scientists have done a ton of studies on this. Recently (you mighthave read about this), they even analysed the faces of people who got regular sleep versus those who played catch-up and thesecond group still looked the worse for wear. 23
  24. 24. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverIs It OK To Actually Love And Taste Your Food?Food is so tasty, isnt it? Wouldnt it be terrible if all food tasted like paper?But is it OK to like the taste of your food? Is it because you find food so tasty that you are overweight?Food Wasnt Always So TastyYou know, food was not always as tasty as it is today. Heres a quick history lesson.Man has existed on this planet since 200,000 years ago. But it was only 10,000 years ago when modern agriculture started. Eventhe first recipes were only created a few thousand years ago.So maybe our bodies were designed to only eat "boring" foods like fruits, nuts and insects? Maybe modern food just tastes toogood?No, Modern Food Is OKWell, there are many people who love their food as much as you but are not overweight. Still, there arent many food critics who are"slim jims".I personally dont believe it is healthy to be over-obsessed with how food tastes. If you are a chef then food will be your biggestpassion in the world and it could be problematic. For anyone else, I recommend that you try not to be so passionate about food. Itsnot like every meal you eat needs to taste amazing. We existed for hundreds of thousands of years without recipes at all.Learn To Love Natural FoodsOur bodies have barely changed in 200,000 years. They were still made to eat mainly fruits, seeds, roots and the like. I dontsuggest becoming a "fruitarian" but I do think that most people have lost their love for natural foods. Instead, they are too obsessedwith amazing recipes, many of which are adulterated with large amounts of salt and harmful fats.If you hardly ever eat fruit, you are denying your own very existence, who you are. Your body was designed to love fruit so I stronglyrecommend you rediscover this love.I used to "hate" brown bread when I was growing up and into early adulthood. Now I eat it every day and find white bread "sickly".Cut Down On AdditivesIts not just wonderful recipes that we lust after. Its also any food that contains a wide variety of additives.The food industry is more corrupt that the tobacco industry but they are cap in hand with the government. What is put in our foods tomake us think we are more hungry than we are and to make the food seem more delicious than it really is, is nothing short ofscandalous.You should adjust the ratio of natural to processed foods in your diet. Even a small change will make it much easier for you torecognise when you really are hungry and when you are not and thus help you to lose weight. 24
  25. 25. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverDont You DARE Use Any Old Excuse To FailDont forget, I know what it is like to be and think like an overweight person because I have been there myself. So I know what it islike to just use any old excuse for me to fall off the wagon and start eating again.Let me think of a few that I used:- Now is not the "right time".- Im too busy right now.- Its too hard.- I can cheat just this once (once? yeah right!)etc.Mind Of An AddictBeing overweight is just like being addicted to cigarettes or anything else. Your mind comes up with all sorts of crazy things to justifygoing on. You can think of it a little as like having a voice in your head convincing you to keep up the addiction.When you try yet again to lose weight, what excuse do you think your mind will come up with this time? Because it will surely try anddo anything to convince you to go back to your old lifestyle.Dont Accept Your Own ExcusesWhen you are on a diet and you feel like giving up, DO NOT!Even though a "healthy" or "skinny" lifestyle may seem so foreign to you and unachievable, this is not you being a rational person.This is your addictive mind doing everything it can to make you quit and go back to your old ways.The minute you think of an excuse, you need to banish it from your mind and remind yourself that you are not giving up. You areNOT going back to old ways of feeling unhappy. You are going to do this and be successful.Gets Easier With TimeThe first few days are always the hardest but it will get easier as days, weeks, months and even years pass by.The more time that passes by, the more natural your new habits will feel. Eventually, you will develop the attitude towards food andyour body of a healthy person and not of a fat person, who you used to be. You will no longer feel a compulsion to abuse food in theway that you once did. 25
  26. 26. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverStop and "Think" To Lose Your WeightLet me just say in the famous words of Simon Cowell: "I am not patronising you". But if you are overweight then you do not stop andthink when you are eating.What am I talking about? Let me explain.How Non-Overweight People EatNow of course there are some skinny people who basically starve themselves. They go all day long thinking of McDonalds buteating lettuce and drinking carrot juice.You definitely do not want to end up like that. These people are as unhappy as they were when they were overweight. That is noway to love.Other skinny people (especially those who have never been fat) dont do this. Instead, they automatically listen to what their body istelling them.So when they feel hungry, they eat. When they stop feeling hungry, they stop eating. When they feel full, they realise that theyoverate and stop eating immediately.How Can You Become Like This?That is the key to not only losing your weight but to being thin for the rest of your life and not craving junk food anymore.Now the difference is that these people do this automatically, often without thinking about it.But if you want to lose weight, I recommend that you stop and think for yourself. This is because you need to force a change in yourhabits and it will take much longer to become 100% automatic with you. For now, youll have to stop and listen.Thats right, you need to stop every few minutes and think to yourself: "am I still hungry"? If you are not, then stop eating becauseyour body does not want anymore.Dont Kid YourselfMany overweight people claim that they only eat when they are hungry. This is not true at all. It is a lie.Sure, the adulterants and additives in food can trick us into thinking we are still hungry when we are not.But how about when you feel full? It is not possible for the human body to be both hungry and full at the same time. It is 100%impossible. If you feel full and think you are still hungry then your are under some kind of illusion and you need to ignore it. Eitherthat or you are just in self-denial about losing weight. 26
  27. 27. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverExample Of How To Change Your Current Negative  Food HabitsAre you aware of your current negative food habits? Breaking these habits and forming new ones is really central to overcomingyour excess weight problem.Here is a great example: dessertDessertYou may have heard Michelle Obama saying that dessert is not essential and Sarah Palin fighting back by pronouncing how sheloves desserts etc.Whatever, you know what? Michelle Obama has a good point (I am not political, by the way!).Think about it - dessert is great when you go out for dinner and I rarely hesitate to eat it. But it is not such a great idea at home.The average sit-down meal packs a minimum of 400 to 600 calories. If you add dessert onto that then you are bumping that up toclose to the 1,000 calorie mark. Thats fine so long as you dont eat huge meals for the rest of the day. But for most people, dessertwill push them over the max calories they should be eating each day.If you eat dessert every day then chances are that you are fat. Ill bet that 90% of those who eat desserts each day are overweight.Attitude To FoodDont get me wrong. I love my food. But food was never meant to taste this good.Food is meant to taste good enough to make you seek it out and stay alive. This is how animals survive. Incredible recipes take it astep further. Desserts take it to an extreme.Now many people associate food with pleasure. If theyre feeling down, they reach for the food to hit that spot. No wonder peopleare overweight - they are basically addicted to eating excess food.If you love to eat dessert each day then, unless you are willing to compromise on your other meals by making them quite small, thenyou must stop eating it every day.It is not some automatic right that you are born with. Its your choice whether you want to just pig out on dessert every day or if youwant to hold back a little, remove some of that pleasure to food association (too much is unhealthy) and live the healthy life youwere supposed to. 27
  28. 28. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverDiscover Why Low Cal Food & Drink Is NOT The  Answer To Permanent Weight LossThe diet drinks and low calorie food industry is huge. Let me tell you, these things are not the route to permanent weight loss. Hereswhy.SacrificeWhen you go an a diet right now or maybe even an exercise regime, you know that it is only temporary. After youve reached yourtarget weight, youll stop them. Theres no way you could continue making such a sacrifice forever. Problem is, youll just gain allthat weight back again.The alternative is to carry on with diet and exercise regimes for the rest of your life. Most people view this as a sacrifice. Theyvehad to give something up and hopefully their willpower will see them through the tough times ahead.Is it any wonder why restricting yourself to zero calorie diet drinks and low cal foods ends in failure? If you feel that you cant drinkregular Coke and only Diet then it is little wonder that few people can live like this for the rest of their lives.The ProblemThe major problem with the common approach to losing weight is that it is based on sacrifice and giving things up. This is totally thewrong approach to take.Take a look at skinny or thin people. Do they tell you all day at work how they wish they could just let it all go and eat and drinkwhatever they like? Of course not! In fact, they already DO eat and drink whatever they like. They dont feel that they are missingout on anything at all.The Right Way To Lose WeightGiving things up, restricting yourself to bland foods and similar strategies do not work.What does work is to change your habits to more healthy ones. To rediscover fruits, the most basic food and drink on this planet. Tounderstand that you should only eat when you are hungry and to stop when you no longer are. To stop eating when you feel fullbecause your body is begging you to.All these things represent a fundamental change in attitude towards food. You might be scared of that (your inner compulsive eatingvoice talking) but you shouldnt be. When you get out the other side and see how much better your life will be then you can restassured that there is nothing scary about this major life change at all. 28
  29. 29. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverDiscover The "Tricks" To Play On Your Body To  Shift The FlabDid you know that you can "trick" your body and keep it guessing to lose maximum weight?I mentioned this briefly at the end of my last email to you. Heres how it works.Exercise Is NOT EssentialMost so-called weight loss experts (usually unqualified journalists) will say that "you must go to the gym" if you want to lose weight.Honestly, what a load of bull.Exercise is NOT essential to lose weight. In fact, when you start out I recommend against it because the sudden change in lifestylecan really demotivate you and derail you from your goal.What exercise will do is increase your calories burned per day so that you exceed your calories eaten by even more than otherwise.THUS, you lose more weight.Keep The Body Guessing To Lose Maximum WeightYour body is very smart. When you do CONSTANT SPEED exercise like running here is what happens:At first, your body feels a great change in activity. It burns fuel (fat) very inefficiently. But eventually it gets used to what you aredoing and finds a way to economize. Now it burns less energy per minute than before.How can we boost the burn rate? We need to keep the body guessing.The best activities to burn the most calorie are those where your speed or rate is always changing.Team sports are great. Riding a bicycle in and around a city is great. Interval training is great.If you mix it up like this all the time then your body can never establish a "steady state". It will be burning fuel very inefficiently.Its just like your car. You get the best mileage when you are out on the highway at a constant speed. You get the worst mileagewhen you are ducking and diving in inner city traffic, making a ton of gear changes. 29
  30. 30. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverDid You Know: Pig Out For One Day Per Week To  Lose MORE Flab?Did you know that you can actually lose more weight if you dedicate a day to eating whatever you want and not having to worryabout calorie counting?That sounds too good to be true, doesnt it? Heres how it works.Your Body In Fuel EconomyYour body burns energy all day long to keep you alive and kicking. The energy comes from the food that you eat but if there is notenough then it can turn to your fat reserves instead. This is what we want in order for you to lose weight.However, your body is smart. Food has not always been plentiful so your body is capable of trying to save fuel if needed.When you restrict your calories so that you burn fat on a daily basis, your body thinks that you have run short on food so it tries to gointo "fuel saving" mode. This way, you need not waste as much fat - but this is the opposite of what we want!Tricking The BodyYour body may be smart but it cannot second guess you. You can stop it from going into "fuel saving" mode by confusing it.Choosing one day a week when you will definitely not restrict your calories is one way to do it. You can eat whatever you want and itwill send a signal to your body that food is not so scarce after all.This means that your energy burn rate should remain high and you will continue to lose fat at an elevated rate. Sure, the food youate on your "pig-out day" will contribute to increasing your fat momentarily but if you compare using this trick to not using it then inthe medium to long term this trick will have you losing much more weight.Also Applies To ExerciseThis trick also applies to exercise. If you do interval training (instead of constant speed training) then your body never gets a chanceto try and economise fuel. Instead, it burns at the maximum rate.This is why team sports that require a lot of chasing and stopping and starting burn much more energy than jogging. 30
  31. 31. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverWho Do You Believe? The Calorie Counters Or NOT?Remember how people used to say you should always count calories? And then "new thinking" said, "you dont need to countcalories".So what is the score? DO YOU or DONT YOU?The answer is BOTH. Heres how.Count Calories In The BeginningI recommend counting them in the beginning. When you go shopping for food, get used to reading the label. Dont worry, you wontbe doing this for the rest of your life, just for a few weeks.If you do this then you can get a rough idea of how much youre eating. And the main thing is to obey the calorie equation:Calories In Less Than Calories OutAssume your calories burned (out) is 2,500 if you are a man or 2,000 if you are a woman. Adjust up or down by 100 calories if yourbuild is larger or smaller than average (dont lie to yourself!).Now you need to make sure you eat fewer calories than this number.Reading labels will make sure that you dont exceed it. Dont get hyper-accurate. Just guess to the nearest 100 cals.An EpiphanyAfter a while, you will be able to automatically look at or even think of a food and guess fairly well how many calories in it. This willcome in really handy.Youll be able to eat 2, 3 or 4 meals a day and know when you are close to your limit. You can look at a food and say "thats OK" or"thats way too much".So in the long term, you dont need to count calories, you will automatically develop a better appreciation and understanding of theenergy value of food.This way, you wont eat more than you burn. And youll notice how it ties in with your hunger, roughly how many calories you need tokeep going throughout the day: 100 here or there, maybe 400 there, 200 here etc. It all adds up and you will develop an INSTINCTfor it that will help you to lose the weight and to "think" like a person who does not have a weight problem. 31
  32. 32. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverAppetite Suppressants ­ What Are They Good For?What about appetite suppressants? Might they be the answer youve been looking for to finally get rid of the flab and never see itagain? If only!Stimulants Is What They AreAppetite suppressants are usually stimulants of some form and commonly contain a lot of caffeine, to name just one.Stimulants make everything in your body work harder and faster. For example, your heart rates goes up and your digestion happensfaster (for example, you may need to go to the toilet more often).When this happens you burn more calories but you also lose your appetite. This is a kind of double benefit because usually whenyou burn more calories (e.g. exercise), then you usually want to eat more calories to replace them.Appetite Suppressants - Can They Help You To Lose Weight And Keep It Off?Appetite suppressants are most useful when you are starting out to lose weight. In the beginning, your cravings for food, especiallyjunk, are likely to be very high and it can be hard to summon up enough willpower to see the first few weeks through.Appetite suppressants can help to quash these cravings while you get used to a new way of life with regards to your food. But youshould be sure to stop taking them as soon as you can because it is easy to develop a dependency on any stimulant. When thishappens, you need the stimulant just to be normal all over again.Appetite Suppressants - Not A Magic Bullet CureThe important thing to remember is that a suppressant will not cure you. Only a fundamental change in your habits and your attitudeto food will.You need to get to the point where you are 100% listening to your body. If you feel hungry, you should eat at some point in the nextfew hours. If you dont, it wont kill you.Then, eat only until your hunger disappears. If you start to feel full then drop your fork immediately and quit eating because yourbody is telling you to stop. It doesnt want any more. It will store anything else as fat to be used in an emergency such as famine. 32
  33. 33. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverWhy You Need To Be Selfish To Successfully Shift  The FlabProbably by now you know that I do not trust most of the diet industry out there.First you have the so-called "health journalists" who write for newspapers, magazines especially and lately web sites too. Thesepeople usually do not have any qualifications or experience at all. They preach something but have no idea if it works. Usually, theyare just repeating what other "experts", doctors or the government have said.Second, you have doctors. Now, I trust a doctor to treat cancer or for many other conditions. But when it comes to weight loss, theydont know anything at all. They dont even understand what is going through the mind of someone who is overweight. For thatmatter, they dont understand addiction to cigarettes either.Third, you have government. All governments are in the pockets of the food industry. If you think the tobacco industry is bad, howabout not just the food industry but also most of the diet industry? If they knew what they were talking about then why are theremore overweight people every year?Why You Need To Be Selfish To Lose Weight Successfully And PermanentlyYou see, you can hardly trust anyone. Most of the advice out there is absolutely terrible.And you will get similar advice from your friends too. They will tell you to try something and be convinced that it works. Some newtrick or similar. Their advice is just as bad as anyone elses.You need to figure this out for yourself (and hopefully I can help you). Conventional thinking does not work. There are more fattiesthan ever walking the street.So what do I have to say on this?Trust MeLook, I lost 55 lbs of weight myself. I know what Im talking about. I finally cracked the problem and discovered the secret. Weightloss is an addiction.An Addiction?Thats right, its an addiction. And you need to treat it like one.You might be thinking: "addicted to food, thats impossible, theres no such thing". Youd be right. You are not addicted to food. Youare addicted to "excess food".When you stop feeling hungry, you keep on eating anyway. You think the food is still delicious when it is not (food is only trulydelicious when you are hungry). Then you start to feel pain in your belly because you have eaten too much. Thats your body tellingyou to stop immediately. But you might carry on eating anyway.This compulsion to eat is just like any other addiction. And like all addictions, government, medical and health industries all failmiserably. Perhaps only 2% of those who try manage to escape their addiction permanently within their lifetime. Thats becausethey continue to take the bad advice from the usual sources.It Can Be BeatenThis addiction can be beaten but I dont advise willpower alone. Willpower alone is the least successful method of them all.Instead, you need to understand your addiction and how hunger and food works, properly. Right now you are going against the rulesof nature in continuing to eat when you are no longer hungry. 33
  34. 34. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverBut you can be cured if you learn exactly how the body and hunger works and if you form new eating habits and gradually get rid ofthe old ones. Instead of following some fad diet, a whole change in "food philosophy" is needed. Only then can you successfullybeat your weight problem. 34
  35. 35. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverBeware of BS Products Like Hoodia GordiniiHave you seen those websites and commercials for herbal or "natural" weight loss cures like Hoodia? The latest one to do therounds is Acai Berry.Dont believe in any of these claims. There is no way that eating a herb can make you successfully lose weight. It just doesnthappen.Want to know why?How These BS Products Are Supposed To WorkThe idea behind all of these supposed herbs to lose weight is that they have "thermogenic" properties.This means that they are supposed to help increase your metabolism so you burn more calories each day without actually doinganything.Sounds great doesnt it? Pop a pill and lose weight! Sounds too good to be true, more like! It is indeed too good to be true.Reason #1 Why These Products Are BSNo legal herb will significantly raise your metabolism. Youll get a higher metabolism by drinking several cups of tea or coffeethroughout the day.Pills that can significantly raise your metabolism are things like ephedrine tablets. This is like the next step up from caffeine. Littlewonder then that they were banned several years ago.Reason #2 Why These Products Are BSThe bigger problem I have with these products is that the manufacturers and health journalists and everyone else involved in this"cartel" keep perpetuating the myth that somehow raising your metabolism is the answer to successfully battling the bulge.What a crock of horse manure!First, people with weight problems tend to eat more than their body demands from them in hunger. If you increase your amount ofcalories expended then you will simply eat more to compensate.Second, how does raising your metabolism help you with your compulsion to eat, your fears about not being able to eat what youwant and the cravings that you get? Raising your metabolism will do diddly squat to help you with all this!So beware of stupid pills in a box. No pill will cure you of your problem and they are likely to create even more problems for you.You are much better off with a solid and proven program designed to help you form new habits and to get you to modify youringrained attitude towards food that is currently giving you so many problems. 35
  36. 36. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverThis Tip Might Change Your Entire Attitude  Towards FoodWant to know why 95% of dieters fail to keep the weight off? Its the same reason that 95% of smokers never kick the habit or 95%of junkies never quit heroin.Its because they can lose the weight but nothing has changed UPSTAIRS, in their head. They still look and treat and use food inthe same way that they have done for a while, perhaps many years.Original Mindset RemainsSomeone might look skinny but they could still have the mindset of a hugely obese person. They will still crave the food they used toeat so no wonder the vast majority end up back where they were before.Classic example is Natalie Cassidy, a British actress. She lost a ton of weight and made a fitness DVD then cracked and put it allback on again. You can see her here: To Do It The Right Way - Change Your MindsetIf you want to not just lose your flab but also keep it off then you need to change your mindset. There are many different things that Iwill suggest to you in my tips but one of them is to understand "glycaemic index".What Is Glycaemic Index?Part of the reason that many people struggle with their weight is because they have become used to the quick "hit" they get frommodern foods which are highly refined so you only get the "best bits". This is totally unnatural of course and plays havoc with yourbody.Its not just weight problems that result but a whole host of other conditions including the strong possibility of developing type IIdiabetes.Glycaemic index (GI) gives you an idea of how quickly your blood sugar will spike after eating the food. It is a scale from 0 to 100.White bread and other refined products are high GI, typically above 70. Wholewheat and other "brown" products are usually aroundthe 50 to 70 mark. Fruits, nuts, vegetables and the like are around 50 or less.How To Use Glycaemic IndexAlready you should have a much better idea of what GI is. Frankly, our bodies were designed to process mostly low GI stuff aroundthe 50 mark and lower. We are definitely not supposed to be eating from mostly above the 70 mark. The blood sugar spikes areoften followed by slumps which leads to hunger pangs and this is a major reason why modern high GI diets can cause people to beoverweight.GI data is not published on food packaging but you can easily look at one of the many GI tables out there to get an idea of whichfoods are low and which are high GI e.g. here: from now on, whenever you eat or are considering your food options, think about the GI of the food. Is it all high GI? Or is lowGI? Are you eating high GI stuff for most of the day? If this latter point is true then you need to change your ways or youll find itharder to lose weight.Eventually, this becomes instinctive. It took me barely a couple of weeks to start seeing all foods in terms of their GI values. And itmade my weight loss much easier too. 36
  37. 37. Recommended: Fat Free Forever 37
  38. 38. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverTop Tip ­ Eliminate Sugar ­ Do You Know How  "Evil" It Is?OK, I dont mean evil in a biblical or religious sense. But do you know how bad sugar is?By the way, I am not talking about "sugar causing cancer". Some people believe this but I am not personally convinced yet. Butsugar is still plenty bad for you.Dont worry, you dont need to give it up. But keep reading.Why Sugar Is Bad - Glycaemic IndexWhen I say sugar, I am referring to sucrose or table sugar. It is either added to our food already or we add it ourselves.All food has a glycaemic index (GI). Its a way of measuring how quickly energy is delivered. Sugar has a value close to 100.You cannot live by eating only high GI foods and nothing else. If you do this, your blood sugar will spike and then quickly fall, all daylong. This yo-yoing of your blood sugar will give you type II diabetes.Not just that, but it will also make it really tough to prevent yourself from eating meals too early - earlier than you really needed to eat- and thus contributes to eating too much and being overweight.Why Do We Add Sugar?Why do we add it anyway? For example, why throw 3 sugars into a cup of coffee? Why does cola contain so much sugar.Its because we are used to this quick buzz that the sugar gives us. Nothing will give you energy quicker than white, refined sugar. Itis literally like a legal drug. Except that a lifetime of too much sugar could actually do you more harm.What You Should DoI recommend coming off sugar. Start off by at least reducing the amount of sugar foods you eat such as cakes, cookies, candies etc.Secondly, quit adding sugar to coffee and tea. At first, you wont like it but you will soon get used to it and find it no problem at all.Later, when you try sugar, youll be amazed at how sweet it is, almost sickly. Sugar is just one of those things (like caffeine) that youneed only a week or so of getting used to not adding it.If you currently add it to cereal then cut down on it. A little goes a long way.Theres nothing wrong with a little sugar in our diets but most people eat too much of it and it seriously affects their health. 38
  39. 39. Recommended: Fat Free ForeverLet Me Share My Rough & Personal "Meal Plan" With  YouWant to know how I eat?Ive mentioned many times about only eating when youre hungry. Well heres how I do it. Mine is NOT the only way, just one ofmany different ways to do it.Big BreakfastI start with a fairly big breakfast. You see, I dont "get going" if you see what I mean, until Ive had enough food first.So I start with some brown or wholewheat bread. I really like the stuff with seeds on it because seeds are really good for you(usually contain essential fatty acids) and they taste nice too. I put dark chocolate spread on my bread.I might eat about 4 slices or so. Ill have a cup of tea (no milk or sugar - I got used to it) too and maybe a glass of orange juice.Sometimes Ill have up to 3 cups of tea but I dont recommend drinking too much caffeine like this.Sometimes Ill even eat some leftover potato chips from the day before!Mid-AfternoonThis breakfast keeps me going for a long time. Dont eat at 12pm or 1pm out of habit. If youve eaten as big as I do in the morningsthen you wont be hungry till much later.If you think you feel hungry at 12pm then think again - is that really hunger and how much of it do you have? No way you can feelstarving if youve eaten earlier in large amounts.So in mid-afternoon I will get something light. I confess, sometimes it is something like potato chips. Other times I will buy a nicebread roll and some prawns and make my own prawn sandwich. No need for dressing, I want to taste those flavours of the sea.Thats why they call seafood "fruits of the sea" in Spanish.EveningI normally eat around 7pm in the evenings. Ignore the dumb health journalists who tell you "never eat after 8pm". I often eat at 9pmor 10pm with no problem.This is the time of day when I will have a nice cooked meal. I dont go large though. If you think of how much a restaurant wouldserve you (they rarely give small portions) then I eat about half that. I save the rest of the food for tomorrow.Think about it: a big breakfast and a normal sized lunch - there is not much room left is there? There is enough room left for a nottoo big evening meal but forget about going large on your last meal of the day. That will just be stuffing your face and you know thatis too much food for any person to eat if they want to be healthy.Not The Only WayDont forget, this is just my way right now. In 6 months time, I might eat differently. Mine is only a suggestion.What matters most is that you only eat when you are hungry and you never get yourself to feel "stuffed" because that is a recipe formega fat gain disaster.If you follow this rule then it does not matter if you eat one, three or five meals a day. You will lose weight and then maintain yournew look and not gain it all back again. 39
  40. 40. Recommended: Fat Free Forever 40