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N. Carter Media literacy presentation Fagley Primary


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Media Literacy presentation

Published in: Education
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N. Carter Media literacy presentation Fagley Primary

  1. 1. MEDIA LITERACY How Media Literacy has been use in Year 5 at Fagley Primary School
  2. 2. Initial Use • Short film based around Beowulf • Identifying the camera shots used • Linked as part of the overall Talk for Writing • Play from 2.57?
  3. 3. Further use in class • Transformation of Guided Reading sessions • First 3 days based around activities related to the film • Final two days based around comprehension then inference questions. These were also using the Reading Ladder
  4. 4. Films that we have used • Our own version of Beowulf • The Tiny Crusader on Literacy Shed • King Midas short on Vimeo • Oktapodi on Vimeo • From Dad to Son on Vimeo • Luxo Jr. on Youtube • The Girl and the Fox on Vimeo
  5. 5. Activities in class • Think, pair, share • Rainbowing • Effective when managing the class
  6. 6. Activities in class
  7. 7. Activities in class
  8. 8. Activities in class
  9. 9. Activities in class
  10. 10. Activities in class