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Media literacy 9.12.14 V Tokarski


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Media Literacy presentation

Published in: Education
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Media literacy 9.12.14 V Tokarski

  1. 1. Media Literacy 9th December 2014
  2. 2. Film Techniques and Basic Camera Shots
  3. 3. extreme close up - why would you use this shot? This shot gives me clues about the character, the time of day and the setting.The sun is rising so I think it might be morning. I can see trees so the character could be in a forest.
  4. 4. Close up How would you make this an exteme close up?
  5. 5. Questionator
  6. 6. What has just happened? Who is there? What do you think might happen next?
  7. 7. -Intensity line -Zone of relevance -Role on the wall -Hot-seating