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Top 10 Android Tablets apps


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Top 10 Android Tablets apps

  1. 1. TO P AN D R O ID TABLETS AR C H IVES C ATEG O R IES ATNDROID OP T M a d e i n C ABLETS « Superior T ablet PC Accessories 20 12 T OP 10 ANDROID T ABLET S APPS No C omments 0 9 .10 It’s time f or our weekly roundup of the top new Android apps f or smartphones and top Android tablets, drawn f rom a mixture of Se arch... Google Play digging, press releases and submissions f rom developers. Games aren’t included – they get a separate roundup which has plenty Ho m e > Ho m e > To p Andro id Table t s > To p 10 Andro id Table t s of Android games this week. T he weekly iOS apps roundup will be apps published later in the day. A R C HIVES Here’s this week’s Android selection: Se pt e m be r 20 12 PizzaExpress August 20 12 Fancy a pizza? UK chain Pizza Express’ innovative app has been ported f rom iOS to Android, enabling customers to book tables, and then pay f or their bill using PayPal at the end of their meals. T he app will also REC EN T PO ST S provide regular of f er codes, and it ties in with the chain’s Click & To p 10 Andro id Table t s apps Collect takeaway-ordering service too. Supe rio r Table t PC Acce sso rie s J UST $ 16 4 .9 9 – 10 .1” IPS Pitching itself as a “social storyboard”, is an app f or sharing 1280 *80 0 10 -Po int Blue t o o t h photos, videos, audio and text on a standalone social network, as well 1GB DDR3 RAM 16 GB Table t PC as through Facebook and T witter. T hat means photo f ilters, f eeds of
  2. 2. 1GB DDR3 RAM 16 GB Table t PC as through Facebook and T witter. T hat means photo f ilters, f eeds of f riends’ activity – assuming they’re on it, of course – and notif ications Te clast P86 8″ Andro id Table t aplenty. So f t Fashio n Capacit ance To uch Pe n– ONLY $ 1.39 White House T he of f icial White House app has been out f or a little while, but CAT EG O R IES what’s new this week is a version f or Android tablets, just as the US presidential election gets into swing. Expect news, photos and videos Go o d Andro id Table t s f rom the White House, including live video streams of events To p Andro id Table t s f eaturing the president himself , and his of f icials. Quora T AG CLO UD Lots of people in Silicon Valley have been getting excited about Q&AC o o l And ro id Tab le t s To p And ro id service Quora f or a while now, thanks to plenty of tech executivesTab le t s giving candid views on their industry. Can it become more mainstream through mobile apps? T he new Android version is a step in that direction, providing a usable window into Quora, and lots of Android- specif ic widgetry and f eatures. Richard and Judy Book Club Out on iOS a couple of weeks ago, WHSmith’s of f icial app f or this year’s Richard and Judy Book Club initiative is the latest example of branded augmented reality. Using HP subsidiary Aurasma’s AR technology, it encourages readers to scan covers of participating books to watch reviews and other videos. µT orrent Beta Possibly controversial, this, but on the basis that it’s a signif icant new release – and that there are a number of non-copyright-inf ringing uses f or it – µT orrent makes our selection this week. It’s a beta Android client f or one of BitT orrent’s two clients (the other, BitT orrent itself , already has an Android beta). For now it’s f ree, and aims to make it easy to f ind and download torrents, including RSS f eed subscriptions. T elly T his sounds like it should be some kind of social T V / second-screen
  3. 3. T his sounds like it should be some kind of social T V / second-screenapp, but actually it’s more of a social videos play, taking on Socialcamand Viddy. T he idea: shoot videos, add music, and then share onFacebook and T witter, as well as through T elly’s own standalonesocial network. It’s the work of T witvid, which was one of the f irstsocial video startups.KinderPhoneT his app is the latest attempt to make Android smartphones saf e f orchildren (see also: Famigo Sandbox). T he idea is that parents installthe app on their child’s phone, and can then monitor what they’redoing in terms of apps, social networking and calls. It also has “check-ins messages” to make it quicker f or children to let their parentsknow their current location. A bit Big Brother? T hat’s a debate worthhaving. If a child is old enough to be given an Android smartphone, arethey also old enough to not have their usage of it monitored thisclosely?Blue Badge StyleStuxbot T echnology’s new Android app wants to be “a guide f or a lessable lif estyle”. T hat means a location-based guide to restaurants,bars, caf es and so on, but with an emphasis on how accessible theyare (f or example: wheelchairs). T he app can also be used to callvenues f or bookings, or browse their websites, and it recommendsnearby places with reviews.Gojee – Food & Drink Recipes“Prepare yourself f or a happy mouth explosion,” shouts Gojee’sAndroid app description, by way of introduction (in capitals). It’s anapp aggregating f ood and drink recipes f rom more than 200 f oodyblogs, and presenting them with lip-smacking photography in a slinkyuser interf ace.T ags: Cool Android T ablets, T op Android T ablets This ent ry was post ed on Monday, Sept ember 10t h, 2012 at 5:17 am
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