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"The Last Testament of Jesus Christ
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Pdf the last testament 121410

  1. 1. THE LASTTESTAMENT OFJESUS CHRIST Bruce {Brewster} Peterson
  2. 2. Copyright © 2010 Bruce {Brewster} Peterson All rights reserved. ISBN: ISBN-13:
  3. 3. DEDICATIONThis book is dedicated to my fatherand mother, who, without their love and support, this book would nothave been possible. And that crazy brother of mine who gave me my first computer. lola!
  4. 4. CONTENTS Dedication pg. iiiPART ONE: GODpg. viThe Messagepg. 1PART TWO: SPIRITpg. 49PART THREE:YOUpg. 63About the Authorpg. 73
  8. 8. BOOK TITLE 3
  9. 9. Am I not what the mind is for? Am I not what the body is for? My environment. My world. My universe?This is only one of many enjoyments I enjoy. Enjoyment is fresh. Enjoyment is created. Yes, I enjoy an Eternal Joy. The Joy of All That Is. My mind is trained. 4
  10. 10. BOOK TITLEIt is not always easy when bad things occur…Yet, we are made mentally stronger-- -and happier. We have a heaven. A heaven to return to. A quiet enjoyment.Can you fathom, the peace, the joy, the love that the Spirit has on an Infinite bases?My ‘soul’ is that SPIRIT…and so is yours. In all of Its’ drama. This is a Quiet Enjoyment. 5
  11. 11. AUTHOR NAMEThe Adversary can only make the heart stronger, if you let it.Not that we need the ‘badness’ of this world-We can use it to make us stronger.Stronger in Love, power, goodness.Hell cannot take our Heaven away. It is still a battle sometimes- Yet we fight the good fight. And we are blessed with wisdom supreme.We have taken ‘the Path of Light’. 6
  12. 12. BOOK TITLEWhat we love. Who we love. We strive to love more. How grateful we are!How thankful we are for these Acts of Love. For truly our lives are a ‘labor of love.’Clear your mind and Good-will will follow. For we are the Hope of the world. We are the Hope of tomorrow. And we are winning the Game. This game called LIFE. 7
  13. 13. AUTHOR NAME Overcoming the obstacles in our way- Thank for all the acts of true love- We awake to a better day! Not much is said about Heaven. A place for living souls, not dead ones.Don’t wait till you are dead-to enjoy heaven.Did not I say that Heaven is within you…here and now?! What are you waiting for? 8
  14. 14. BOOK TITLE I prepared a place for you… Why aren’t you there?! It’s all in your Heart. Do you know how to create it? Heaven is here for you and me.There are many, many ways to create it. Or should I say, ‘Duplicate it?!’ It’s really up to you. Heaven is a Great Place, Heaven is a Great Space. 9
  15. 15. AUTHOR NAME An Eternal Presence.The best space-place your mind can conceive of!Heaven is here and now waiting for you.Embrace your Heaven and share it. It is here and now in your Eternal future.It is up to you what is there. There, in your Heaven. It is a heaven of Peace, bliss, and love. 10
  16. 16. BOOK TITLE You do what you enjoy doing in heaven. Doing that which you love.Heaven begins with you like peace with a dove.Heaven has many Names and many Games.Heaven is here and now for me and you. Heaven is Now and Forever. Forever yours. 11
  18. 18. The state of Heaven is called bodhi in Eastern culture. This would be a living heaven. A most possible state of Being.I worked and achieved this state of mind. I played and retained this state of mind. And indeed I go beyond.I am not bound by time and space. Matter or energy. Spirit. Mind. Body. World. 13
  19. 19. AUTHOR NAME It is all mine. Am I not Cause over all these dimensions?Indeed I AM and I strive to attain and keep that state of mind that is mine. HEAVEN. This is surely Paradise on Earth. For Paradise begins in the mind of the Lovers of Life. In the realm of Pure Spirit... HEAVEN IS.This state I have attained and so can you. 14
  20. 20. BOOK TITLE If you have not already.. 15
  21. 21. “Even if you are afraid to golooking for Magic and Miracles; Magic and Miracles may come looking for you.” 16
  22. 22. There is SPIRIT. And of that, There are souls. There is the body. And the physical Universe. Of this we are certain. Of this we are sure.And I AM Cause over the spirit, the mind, the body, and the world. I am Cause over all. And I am an effect at will. 17
  23. 23. AUTHOR NAMETo help you. To assist someone unaware.It is your body, your mind, your spirit. Of these, You are Cause. Of this, I AM certain. 18
  24. 24. I am not my body, mind, or world. I awake and my ‘spirit’ makes contact.To a body and world through a mind. My mind.I look outside clear eyes at the world I am not in yet- I touch this world. I smell this world. I see this world. I hear this world. I taste this world. 19
  25. 25. AUTHOR NAME I sense this world. I dream of this world. As God would have it. A Living Paradise.Like the Heaven in my mind. I have a body and a mind. A good mind. And yet, I am not this mind or, This body. 20
  26. 26. BOOK TITLEI am the Holy Spirit called a ‘soul’ of past. I have attained the ‘Superior Man’and have gone beyond= ‘I am Man.I am only human and nothing more. All of GOD is man. Part of man is God. The Divine spark is in all of us. For better or worst. For the Spirit of God is in the sick man as well as the well one. 21
  27. 27. AUTHOR NAME The poor man and the rich man.The Black man and the White man. God is spirit.This is why man cannot see God. God has no form. God is not Force. GOD is the SOURCE OF ALL FORCES AND FORMS… My Spirit dwells within you… Never forget that! What I AM. You are. 22
  28. 28. BOOK TITLE What you are, in truth is part and parcel of GOD.God see the world through your eyes. He experience the world through your body.He changes this world through your mind.He is Cause over this physical world. He is Master of the Spiritual Universe. And so are You! This is wisdom Supreme. 23
  29. 29. AUTHOR NAME This is wisdom undefiled. I AM GOD. YOU ARE MY ULTIMATE EXPRESSION. MY FIRST AND LAST ACT.The sacred Wisdom revealed out of God’s love for you.This is the Superior Knowledge of the Ages. You and I are one. AND I AM ONE WITH GOD. Now there is no dissention. 24
  30. 30. BOOK TITLENo disconnect. No out of touch! In God’s Bliss I dwell.Here in this Spiritual Universe. All is well here— In Harmony and Balance. In regards to relationships, These two things are required. 1) Be a good communicator. And 2) Be a good listener. 25
  31. 31. AUTHOR NAMEIf you have true love for each other- these two little reminders will help your relationship stay off of rocky roads. Keep an open mind and heart.Things will not always be the same!Things will not always be the way you want them to be, or think they should be. Always have a good alternative.Do what you can and let us do our part. Open your mind to the New year. 26
  32. 32. BOOK TITLEIt’s a new year and a new world. Let your creations be of those… You wish them to be! Let go of the past and future. Forget tomorrow. Today is yours’ to be happy in! Open your heart to The Way. Let the process flow. We all come to the same end- physically speaking.What you do with your life is your own Creation. 27
  33. 33. AUTHOR NAME You got a lot to tell---In this LIFE you are the Controller of your own Universe. Now quite trying to be spiritual. Quite trying to be God These truths are the real you. You are a spiritual being. Quite trying to be something you already are! You only got so much earth-time. Use it wisely. 28
  34. 34. BOOK TITLE I will not tell you how to use it.This wisdom comes from ‘within.’ From the God who is within every waking moment. Yes!You have the thrill of choosing what kind of life you are going to live. Let’s go! And let the Flow, flow! LET GO! And let the TAO. 29
  35. 35. AUTHOR NAMEYou are the flow of love in this world. Your mind is a shining Star. It can be heard from afar. Let go and let the TAO, go. You possess the Superior Knowledge.You know the wisdom that truly liberates the enslaved soul! All that is left for you to do is GROW! Let go and let the TAO flow.Yours’ is The Way you know! 30
  36. 36. BOOK TITLE The Eternal Truth is yours!Lost by man so many, many years ago! Share God’s love and wisdom. You haveGod’s Power to truly set man free. 31
  38. 38. BOOK TITLEYou can truly help others to be free! You have a ‘game’ to play.In this world of Magic and Miracles. You are already the Winner! Yet, the Game goes on. An you must keep on playing… And keep on winning!You win by overcoming obstacles… Seen and unseen. 33
  39. 39. AUTHOR NAME You win by thinking and being the Best you are.You are in the Image and Likeness of God. You are Spirit. You know the Truth. And you are the TRUTH.And the truth is a par t and parcel of God plays in the Game of Life. This is the Game where everybody can win! There are no losers. Everyone can win. 34
  40. 40. BOOK TITLE Everyone can be a winner!You can teach others if you decide to be the Teacher. You have a Game to play… Everyday! You have a Game to play today. Play it well.Even if you are already the Winner! 35
  41. 41. AUTHOR NAME Rejoice! Ye gods of the land! Your Voice shall be heard! Your word. Like mine, will not return to you in vain.Your thought can be happy thoughts. I died for you so you could have happy thoughts…everyday…your way! You may not win all the battles… Yet,You already have won the War! 36
  42. 42. BOOK TITLERejoice, ye are the Spiritual Masters of the land. No more will you be bothered by demons. No more will you create devils. You can be nicer to yourself… And others.For you realize, because of Me, you are One with the Living God. You are one with the Eternal God. 37
  43. 43. AUTHOR NAMEYou can agree are disagree with the physical and psychic Universe. You have the power to make your dreams come true!You have the Power and the Glory. For I promised it to you… Remember?Everything iwent to prepare for you was created for you…Here and Now… And forever! 38
  44. 44. BOOK TITLEIt all comes down to liking yourself and feeling Good about your self. I came that you could feel good about your self. No matter who you were. What Nationality you are. What race you belong to. For we all belong to the Human Race.No matter your Religious affiliate… Or NOT! 39
  45. 45. AUTHOR NAMEIt all comes down to YOU FEELING GOOD! A good heart, a good mind, a good body, a good world, a good Universe… Are ALL for you to create…or re- create.It all comes down to feeling alright.And feeling right comes from ‘cleanhands’ and a ‘clean {cleared} mind’. GOD feels good and makes everything else feel good. GOD feels right, and makes everything else feel right. 40
  46. 46. BOOK TITLEProvide you are ‘feeling’ like God. Not being God. But FEELING like God. And God always feels good and super! Because of My Father,You are unlimited Health, Wealth, Love, Joy, Power, Wisdom,Abundance, Prosperity, and Peace!My Father gave this ‘spirit’ to Me… And I promised ‘It would come.’ THE COMFORTER. You feel good by being good. 41
  47. 47. AUTHOR NAME You feel love by being love. You feel God, by letting God be GOD! Seize the day before it seizes you!Seize the day to ‘enter’ {create} your Heaven. Seize the night to un-create Hell!It all comes down to ‘feeling Great’. The Way God intended you too! 42
  48. 48. BOOK TITLE It all comes down to FEELING GREAT. GOD IS GREAT! And so are You! We are looking at a Great God. A Living, Loving, Joyful, even Playful God.{For who would know how to play the Game of Life best?!} GOD IS GREAT! Greater than just the last two thousand years. 43
  49. 49. AUTHOR NAME Greater than just the four million years it took the earth to form.We are looking at a God who created both man and aliens… If aliens exist. Our GOD, that is God in al… And ALL exist in our GOD! God does not miss a trick. God surveys all that you do and knows all that you know… And don’t know. God is the TRUTH of what you ‘believe’ to be true’’. 44
  50. 50. BOOK TITLEYou cannot hide from God no more than you can hide from Yourself. God is eternal and everything that moves, moves in God. Life moves in God. Why? BECAUSE GOD IS THE TRUE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE. GOD IS LIFE. LIFE IS GOD.LIFE MOVES WITHIN THIS GOD. FOR GOD IS ULTIMATELY, 45
  51. 51. AUTHOR NAME ALL THERE TRULY IS. This God is Love and Wisdom Supreme.This God is happy and happy with His creations.He is happy to have Consciousness and Existence. He is AWARENESS. He is aware of YOU. And when you become aware of God… You become your true self… A Spiritual Being of God. 46
  52. 52. BOOK TITLE Your true Nature. Your true natural Energies. You see, In essence, You are God’s Spirit. And God’s Spirit is of God. Even as I,You are always in the Loving Arms of the Father. FOREVER and EVER, WORLD WITHOUT END. 47
  53. 53. AUTHOR NAME 48
  54. 54. PART TWO: „SPIRIT‟ 49
  55. 55. AUTHOR NAME Now Spirit is a Static. God is a Perfect Static. You can not be a Perfect staticbecause you have ties to a kinetic psychic and physical body. The Spirit is ONE. You are two. You are mind and body. The Universe. The physical Universe is dual. It is static and kinetic. The World is dual. 50
  56. 56. BOOK TITLE It is a Love/hate dichotomy.The Considerations of the Spirit aresenior to the mechanical operations of the mind, body, and physical universe. You are Cause and effect.The Spirit is Cause with no-effect, or after-effect.The mind and body are the Effects of the Spirit.For Spirit is the Essence of The Life- Force. it is because God animates everything that everything exist. 51
  57. 57. AUTHOR NAME Good or Bad. SPIRIT IS LIFE, NOT Death! The Spirit is Cause, not effect.It is first Cause of which everything else is ‘effect’. There is ‘death’ of the mind and body only. Spirit cannot die. It give Life to the soul, mind, and body. You are in essence… SPIRIT. 52
  59. 59. This is the truth of your real being. You are a Spiritual Being. You have a responsibility.How much you are responsible for is up to God. You possess God. God possesses you.The windows of heaven are open to you here and now. Breathe in the crisp, pure, Air.Drink from the never-ending Waters.Eat the Food of gods and goddesses. 54
  61. 61. AUTHOR NAMETake care of the earth in your own way. Take care of yourself, your body, your mind. Take care of your Universe, your World, your Home.Take care of God and God will take care of Self.You are the Major Cause of all that happens in your life. Do a work of passion and love it. Love Yourself as you love God.God loves you as much, at least as much as you love yourself. 56
  62. 62. BOOK TITLEAnd that is a whole lot of LOVE! HOPE? You are the Hope of today.You are the hope of a better world. A happier Universe. A richer you-being rich in spirit. {Life.} You are the hope of America. You are the hope of Mankind.You are the hope of a better self. 57
  63. 63. AUTHOR NAME Your will is God’s Will. For you will to live, not die.You traded in your ‘death-wish’ for a ‘Life-wish!’! And God’s Will is always good.How you fulfill your ‘hope’ is totally up to you. Handle only what you can handle. Don’t over whelm or over burden yourself. A clean and clear mind is a happy mind. 58
  64. 64. BOOK TITLE A happy mind can think ‘happy thoughts’… All day… and all night long!Clean hands make a clean heart and mind- This is true Spiritual Freedom- And this FREEDOM is yours’! 59
  65. 65. AUTHOR NAME Now Spirit can be a static.The physical universe is a static and a kinetic. It expands and it contracts.This formula is important in the truth of the spirit in relationship to the physical Universe. A Spiritual Being {SB} or SP {Spiritual Person} has considerations.The physical Universal known as theSTEM {and STEMm} Universe, is a ‘Mechanical Universe’ as far as the SB is concern. 60
  66. 66. BOOK TITLEIt is governed by specific laws that we as SP’s can control and manipulate. It goes Up and Down, Round and Round- And it’s motion is junior to the Considerations of the SP. Considerations are senior to themechanics of the STEM Universe. You have a right to feel God-like. You have a right to feel like God.After all , did not God make you in his likeness and Image?And the Image and Likeness of God is good. Real Good. 61
  67. 67. AUTHOR NAMEJust because you are good, does not mean you have to be a victim or martyr.If I died for you, what are you doing it for? You don’t have to act stupid, or be naïve. Nor do you have to act superior or nasty-You are an Unlimited Spiritual Being with all the attributes that God has. All you have to do is bring it intoexistence in the STEM {Space, Time, Energy, Matter} Physical Universe. 62
  69. 69. My children,Who are in Heaven and hell of your own creations. Your name is honorable. You have overcome. This is your just reward. Be still and KNOW I AM GOD. Move and KNOW I AM!Act as thought I AM and I WILL BE. Such is the Power of your Mind. Far , far, far beyond just mere ‘believing’. 64
  70. 70. BOOK TITLEI AM always with you and you are always in reach of Me. Hold out your hands and touch LOVE. I AM you, even as you are Me. In Spirit. In Life. In Body and Mind. ‘Create in me a clean heart, Oh Lord!’ Create within yourselves Health,Wealth, Love, Joy, Power, Wisdom,Abundance, Prosperity, and Peace. 65
  71. 71. AUTHOR NAME“For no worldly good, is good long, without peace.” 66
  72. 72. Create your own heaven and avoid other people’s hells. This is your right. Your God-given Right! Your Divine Right if you will.Create you’re my Paradise on Earth. For hell is reserved for those who deserve it. For those who create it for themselves or others. This is not My Way. This is not your Way. 67
  73. 73. AUTHOR NAME For did not I say that ‘heaven’ is within you?They exits as you deem them to exist. For those who do not live in their ‘Private Heaven’… Live in their ‘private hells’! You are the Ultimate and the MostPowerful Potential on earth for good! WHY!?Because I have declared The Father unto you… Even as I had promised. No one cometh to the FATHER but by ME! 68
  74. 74. BOOK TITLE CONGRADULATIONS! YOU ARE DESERVING OF THE CROWN! Now I have given you my last will and testament. The application of these truths may be a little hard atfirst but read and re-read this bookto remind you about the TRUTH of your Spirit. I am grateful for all of you.Regardless of your religious or non-religious affiliations. Your sexuality 69
  75. 75. AUTHOR NAMEor asexuality. Your nationality or customs.These words are true and Light to your enlighten mind. Don‟t think that everyone posses this liberating knowledge.You are free. You are free indeed. Just as I promised. And I always keep my Word.Enjoy the Spirit {LIFE} My Father in Heaven gave you. Live. Love. Laugh. Love. GROW. 70
  78. 78. BOOK TITLE ABOUT THE AUTHORBruce {Brewster} Peterson is a Modern day Author, Philosopher, Scientist,and Psychic {InterNet} Doctor who has spend over 35 years in Research andInvestigation into the pseudo and real-time Spiritual, Psychic and PhysicalHistory of Mankind. Including an in dept study of the Dead Sea Scrolls(discovered in 1947), The Nag Hammadi (1945) and The Lost Books of theBible {The Holy Scriptures written about God and Jesus after Christcrucifixion, that were NOT canonized in the King James version. Aroundthe Fourth Century.}{I will note that the information discovered above was suppressed by theChurch for over 1500 years.}Mr. Peterson graduated from Ohio Dominican University in 1979 with aBachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and a minor in InterpersonalCommunications.He served over four years in the Armed services got a Honorable Dischargein 1977. Used his G. I. Bill to complete College. And studied over two yearsof Electronics at the U. S. Naval Electronics Academy.Bruce {Brewster, his InterNet pseudonym} was a Conscientious Objector.He was against violence rather abroad or at home.Mr. Peterson also was in the Sea Org the most Prestigious Organization ofScientology. He had to leave the Sea Org due to medical and financial 73
  79. 79. AUTHOR NAMEreasons. Bruce studied Scientology for over 25 years and to date but is NOTa Scientologist. He just does not like to label himself besides his name.He believes Scientology is responsible for his Spiritual Acceleration and thedramatic increase in his I. Q. to the level of border-line genius.He agrees with L. Ron Hubbard on many, many things, that Scientologists aretruly helping mankind today, and that Scientology is one of the mostIntelligent Religions in the world today.Bruce has also lived in Hollywood, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills.He has worked as an Actor, Director, and Screen Writer for some MajorProduction Companies.His Claim-to-Fame is a bit part in the 1980’s ‘Cheech and Chong’s SecondMovie’ with a young and still unknown Pee Wee Herman.More bio about the Author can be found at RAS.vpweb.com.We hoped you enjoyed this Inspiration book.GLYA {God Loves You Always!} 74