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Mule anypoint connectors


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Mule anypoint connectors

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Mule anypoint connectors

  1. 1. Mule Anypoint Connectors
  2. 2. Instructions • Facilitate integration of Mule applications with third-party APIs and standard integration protocols • Providing a means to access web services and resources • Use connectors within your Mule flows to send and receive data over a protocol or using an API
  3. 3. Installing • Some Anypoint Connectors are bundled with Anypoint Studio, while others are available to download at Anypoint Exchange
  4. 4. Using a Connector • Import additional connectors into your Studio instance, or manually create applications using connectors
  5. 5. Connector Support Categories • Community: – Write and maintain the Community connectors – Connectors built by the community or MuleSoft are generally open-source, although each package may vary – Partner-built connectors may not be open-source
  6. 6. Connector Support Categories • MuleSoft Certified: – Developed by MuleSoft’s partners and developer community and are reviewed and certified by MuleSoft
  7. 7. Connector Support Categories • Select: – Connectors included in the open source Mule distribution can be used by everyone – To use all other Select Connectors and access support, you must have an active Anypoint Platform subscription
  8. 8. Connector Support Categories • Premium: – Must have an active CloudHub Premium plan or an Enterprise subscription with an entitlement for the specific connector you wish to use
  9. 9. Developing Your Own Connector • You can also create a REST or SOAP API connector, or create your own connectors using Anypoint Connector DevKit
  10. 10. Connector Support • If you need help with a connector, search MuleSoft’s Forums for solutions and ideas
  11. 11. Question and answer