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General studies Key information booklet


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General studies Key information booklet

  1. 1. General Studies 2014 KEY INFORMATION
  2. 2. Introduction The general studies qualification is designed to complement your other A Levels and broaden your academic knowledge and understanding. It encourages you to think across the main subject areas and enhances the development of thinking and examination skills which will be useful both in your A Level exams and beyond into University. Key Information Syllabus – AQA General Studies A Website (for past papers and mark schemes) – Exam Information EXAM GENA1 GENA2 GENA3 GENA4 Date 12 May 2014 15 May 2014 02 June 2014 09 June 2014 Time AM PM PM AM Length 1h 30m 1h 30m 2h 2h Structure of the Course In order to prepare you for your examinations, you will have TWO General Studies sessions per week. One of these will be focused on the exam, covering structure, requirements, marking criteria and past paper practise. These sessions will be delivered by Mrs Proud (head of General Studies) with Mr Gerrard (director of sixth form) and Mr Brownlee (assistant director of sixth form) in attendance for support. The second session will take the form of a university style ‘academic lecture’ and will be on a topic from the syllabus. Each lecture will be delivered by a different member of staff to allow you to benefit from individual expertise. All sessions will be in the LECTURE THEATRE. The ‘exam’ sessions will take place every TUESDAY, 1.30pm – 2.00pm
  3. 3. The programme for the academic lectures is as follows; STAFF Mr Brownlee Mr George Mr Tyreman Dr Wiles CONTENT The Nature vs Nurture debate; are serial killers born or made? The European Union / Human Rights Historical Topic - Durham School 600 years Scientific Domain topic TBC DATE Wednesday 22nd January Monday 27th January Wednesday 05th February Monday 10th February Mr Gerrard HALF TERM MOCK EXAM WEEK An A-Z of Politics over the last Monday 03rd March 100 years Drugs in sport Wednesday 12th March Mrs Swann Art and Poetry Monday 17th March Miss Crielesi Political Terrorism Wednesday 26th March Mr Webb TBC EASTER HOLIDAYS Wednesday 23rd April TBC Monday 28th April TBC Wednesday 7th May Time Period 3 (10.20am – 11.05am) Period 3 (10.20am – 11.05am) Period 3 (10.20am – 11.05am) Period 3 (10.20am – 11.05am) Period 3 (10.20am – 11.05am) Period 3 (10.20am – 11.05am) Period 3 (10.20am – 11.05am) Period 3 (10.20am – 11.05am) Period 3 (10.20am – 11.05am) Period 3 (10.20am – 11.05am) Period 3 (10.20am – 11.05am) You will be provided with materials for the lectures (e.g. PowerPoint slides) but you are expected to take your own notes and engage with the session.
  4. 4. Syllabus at a Glance
  5. 5. Specification and Assessment in Detail