Welcome to cp english 9 open house presentation


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Welcome to cp english 9 open house presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to College PrepEnglish 9Nick Bacigalupi nbacigalupi@cpsd.usDiane Elinskas delinskas@cpsd.usEmma Hensler ehensler@cpsd.usFall 2012
  2. 2. Course ThroughlinesCOURSE THROUGHLINES• How do characters/people make choices when faced with conflicting loyalties?• How can different reading, writing, speaking, and listening experiences help me to understand more about my identity – both who I am and who I want to become?• How can asking more and better questions and developing close-reading skills help me understand and connect to the works I read?• How do I develop my writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, and rewriting?• How can revising help me write pieces that communicate what I really think, feel, and mean?• How can I contribute to the learning of the group, and how can the group contribute to my individual learning?• How can constructing and maintaining a portfolio help me document my evolving skills and identity as a reader, writer, learner, and person?
  3. 3. Honors Option• As a part of the course, students have the opportunity to earn Honors credit by the end of the year. Students who elect to complete Honors Option requirements will complete Honors-level work embedded into the course throughout the year. The choice to take on the Honors Option work does not need to be made until the end of the first quarter.
  4. 4. Units of StudyUNIT I: DEFINING STYLE: GENRE & IDENTITY Discovering Who We AreUNIT 2: AUTHORS VOICE: DEFINING AN AUTHOR’S STYLE Discovering Why We Write Of Mice and Men, John SteinbeckUNIT 3: EXPLORING POETIC VOICE Using Our Writing Reach Others
  5. 5. Units of Study UNIT 4: CONFLICTING VOICES: INTERPRETING DRAMA Making Choices in the Face of Challenge Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare UNIT 5: VOICING YOUR OPINION: RESEARCH AND NONFICTION Informing Our Choices Through Research UNIT 6: VOICE AND CHOICE IN THE FACE OF CONFLICT Examining the Effect of Our Choices Lord of the Flies, William Golding UNIT 7: PERFORMANCE BASED ASSESSMENTS Synthesizing a Semester of Study
  6. 6. Grading Policy• In general, homework assignments are worth 10. If students earn a check minus (6), they may redo the assignment for more credit.• Late Homework can only be turned in with a Late Homework Pass. However, students should discuss extenuating circumstances with the teacher regarding extensions & late work• Rubrics are given for essays and projects.• Rewrite: This grade is given if the assignment is not of the quality where it can be graded, or was misunderstood. An “R” means the student has ONE WEEK to rewrite the assignment, and receive a grade for it. After one week, the “R” is changed to a 50%.
  7. 7. Semester Grade Breakdown• 20% Unit Assignments• 30% Essays, Projects• 15% Participation & Class conduct• 15% Writing Folder/PBA• 20% Tests & Quizzes
  8. 8. Mr. B’s Class Webpagewww.mrbacigalupienglish.com• The English Class Website is a go to site for the class that contains all needed information on upcoming assignments and projects, as well as provides a recap of each day’s work. Students will find links to handouts and the assignments distributed in class.
  9. 9. Jupiter Gradeshttps://jupitergrades.com• Jupiter Grades is a secure grading website where Mr. B can post grades and assignment scores so that you can know how you are doing in class on a regular basis. In order to access your class grade on this site you will need to set up a login account which will be completed in the first week of class.
  10. 10. Edlinewww.edline.net• Edline is an online course supplement used by many teachers for students (and parents) to get course documents, check assignments and deadlines, and communicate with the teacher.
  11. 11. Class Homework Twitter Feed• To help ensure that students are reminded of homework assignments and any class updates. The class runs a twitter that posts regular homework and quiz reminders, as well as any important updates that you might need. The feeds for each class are as follows: College Prep English 9: @CPEnglish9 Honors English 9: @HNEnglish9
  12. 12. What can I do to support my student?• Allow them time and a quiet space to work• Check in periodically about assignments• Keep an eye out for anxiety or frustration with workload• Provide tips or help in organization
  13. 13. I look forward to working with you and your children this semester.Please feel free to contact me at any time.Email: nbacigalupi@cpsd.us