Wrestling Aggregators | Mastering Zillow, Trulia and Realtor com


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While many agents are adversarial to the aggregation sites, many top producers are taming them as part of their client engagement plan. The aggregators are here to stay and so are agents, so how do we learn to co-exist and how can the agent take the upper-hand? This workshop is designed to help agents understand what benefits lay waiting for them in Realtor.com, Trulia and Zillow. This interactive workshop covers understand the allure of the consumer and client-conversion, hidden site tools and how to see the aggregators as the modern day partner in connecting with ready, willing and able clients

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Wrestling Aggregators | Mastering Zillow, Trulia and Realtor com

  1. 1. TheAgentTrainer.com | @MattRathbun Wrestling Aggregators Matthew Rathbun ABR, ABRM, AHWD, CDPE, CRB, CRS, ePRO, GREEN, GRI, SFR, SRS
  2. 2. Big, Bad Aggregators HOw We’ll Roll Consumer Behavior Conversion at First Site Incubation
  3. 3. Zillow Realtor Trulia The Big Three
  4. 4. Neither of us are going anywhere soon. Don’t Fear The Aggregator
  5. 5. Aggregators are not the adversary
  6. 6. Why Do They Exist?
  7. 7. Why The Buyer Likes The •Data direct to consumer ! •Challenge the status quo ! •Entertainment ! •Nothing in return •Transparency ! •Value Satisfaction ! •Market Security Aggregators
  8. 8. Aggregators offer an experience They Embrace Lifestyle
  9. 9. Consumers Like Data(and so should we)
  10. 10. 96%of homebuyers use the internet as part of the search process 49% of homebuyers found the home they bought online 64%searched on mobile device 76%drove by home they found online as the first step46%online inquires actually buy
  11. 11. 12weeks of active searching online before buying 3weeks of active searching before contacting agent 51weeks from first online inquiry until becoming serious about looking for a home
  12. 12. of buyers use a REALTOR® 90%
  13. 13. Embrace the Client’s Search Experience
  14. 14. Introduce Them To Your Better Experience
  15. 15. You have something that the Aggregators don’t have... Hyper-Local Content!
  16. 16. The Experience You offer has to be better than the one they’ve had...
  17. 17. Let’s Crack The Big Three...
  18. 18. Zillow
  19. 19. •Create/Update Profile •Free Webinar's •Wordpress Plugins •Local Market Data •Mortgage Information •Facebook Apps •Website Badges •Market Data for your Site Zillow.com/Agents MatthewRathbun.com/local/fredericksburg/va/ MatthewRathbun.com/mortgage
  20. 20. Zillow Profiles and Reviews (Think “SEO”)
  21. 21. Claim and Enhance Your Listings!
  22. 22. Realtor
  23. 23. •Realtor.com Profile •Mobile Search Tools •Business Plan •Facebook Apps •Market Assessments •Social Profile Connections •eNewsletter Content •Listing Presentation marketing.realtor.com/engage/
  24. 24. Trulia
  25. 25. Create and Update Your Profile
  26. 26. www.Trulia.com/Voices
  27. 27. 1st Steps
  28. 28. Leads Web Calls Newsletters Cards Networking Social The Plan
  29. 29. Spend time as a buyer 5 Essential Steps Create/update profile Claim/enhance listings Create hyperlocal website Create incubation plan
  30. 30. Incubation •Long Term •Meaningful •Routine Delivery •Various Approaches
  31. 31. 138 Years Old... ...and It Still Works
  32. 32. CRMS Are A Must-Have
  33. 33. HouseLogic.com
  34. 34. NARRPR.com
  35. 35. Show Your App A Little
  36. 36. Create Your Plan And Then Work Your Plan
  37. 37. Facebook.com/mattrathbun @mattrathbun matthew@realtor.com www.TheAgentTrainer.com YouTube.com/MattRathbun1