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#Smarthome And The Realtor 2018


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Matthew Rathbun presents a SmartHome 101 session for Realtors and a tips on how to best serve both the buyers and sellers that are in a transaction with smarthome technology in play

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  • Thanks for sharing the files Matthew. Good refresher.
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#Smarthome And The Realtor 2018

  1. 1. SmartHomes: Selling Skynet
  2. 2. Hi! I’m Matthew! | @MattRathbun #Broker #Troublemaker #Storyteller #BrandFanatic #Geek
  3. 3. Let me introduce… SkyNet
  4. 4. The Internet of Things
  5. 5. of homeowners plan on buying smart home technology this year. 45% Source: Coldwell Banker Focus Group will spend $1500 or more on smart home technologies. 65%
  6. 6. of homebuyers are more likely to buy a home with smart home technology… 81% of home sellers would leave their smart devices if they knew it would make the home sell faster… 66% Source: Coldwell Banker Focus Group
  7. 7. of buyers and sellers believe that their agent should know about the aspects of a smart home. 100% Source: Coldwell Banker Focus Group
  8. 8. A home that is equipped with products or tools that aid in controlling functions such as temperature, lighting, security, safety and entertainment either remotely via phone, tablet, computer or with a separate automatic system within the home itself. -CNET What is a “Smart Home”?
  9. 9. Home must have reliable internet and 3 of the following: CNET’s Definition Of A SmartHome Lighting Smart light bulbs, lighting systems Safety Smart fire/carbon monoxide detectors, nightlight Entertainment Smart TVs, TV Streaming service Appliances Smart refrigerators, smart washers/dryers Heating/Cooling Smart HVAC system, smart fans or vents Outdoors Smart Plant, sensors, smart watering systems *Security Smart locks, networked security cameras *Temperature Smart thermostats *Must have one of these plus 2 others to qualify
  10. 10. •Change Colors •Dimming •Internet/Wifi Control •Connected To Devices •Program action to event •Voice Control •Phillips - Hue •Lutron Lighting
  11. 11. •Smoke Detector •Carbon Monoxide •Internet Connected •Night Light •Remote Notification •Nest - Protect Safety
  12. 12. •Voice Control •Mobile Apps •Smart TVs •XBOX One •Sonos •AppleTV Entertainment
  13. 13. •Voice Control •Mobile Apps •Set Timers •Control When Away •Alerts •Increased Energy Efficiency •Recommendations from Device Appliances
  14. 14. •Air Quality Monitoring •Individual Room Settings •Adjusts for efficiency •Ecovent •Trane Heating and Cooling
  15. 15. •Rachio •Water Lawns •Control by SmartPhone •Weather Sensing •30% Water Savings Yard Maintenance
  16. 16. •Video / Audio •Motion Sensors •Locks •Doors/Windows •Nest Cams •iSmartAlarm •August Locks •Ring Doorbells Security System
  17. 17. •Smart Thermostats •Energy Saving •“Learning” System •Internet based •Nest •Honeywell •Ecobee Temperature
  18. 18. SmartHome Hubs
  19. 19. •Ties in many Smart Devices •Voice Activated via Siri •Sets “Scenes” •Setup Automation Apple HomeKit
  20. 20. •Voice Activated •Music •Answers Questions •Controls Smart Home Devices •1000s of Skills Voice Control Devices
  21. 21. Smart Homes and The Practice of Real Estate
  22. 22. •Assume Buyer is unaware •Provide background •Display cards •Homebook Information •Info in MLS and descriptions •CNET Promotion Promotion of the Smart Home
  23. 23. •Audio •Video •Disclosure •Consent Surveillance Concerns
  24. 24. Tentcards and Postcards
  25. 25. To Convey or Not Convey
  26. 26. •Method of Annexation •Removed without Damage •Adaptability of the Item •Item’s Use Real or Personal •Relationship of the Parties •Buyer over Sellers •Intention of the Parties •Temporary Attachment •Agreement of the Parties •Contractual Personal Property -vs- Real Property
  27. 27. •What devices do you have? •How do you control them - hub, smartphone, etc… •What is the version, make and model of devices that will convey? •Any warranty or services agreements available? •Can you create a “guest” account for your Wifi? Questions For The Sellers
  28. 28. •Remove Devices That Do Not Convey •Patch And Paint Any Damage From Removal •Reset To Factory Default any remaining devices •Delete Accounts of remaining devices Directions to the Sellers Upon Closing
  29. 29. •Take Photos of Device(s) Before Ratification •Be Specific In Contract •Personal Property Agreement •May Not Be Able To Test At Walk-Thru •Research Devices for Compatibility •Ask For Documentation From Sellers Steps For Buyers
  30. 30. •Monitor Aging Parents •Voice Activated Systems •Daily Orientation •Remote Device Control •See Visitors At Door •Remote Entry For Visitors Features For Special Needs
  31. 31. Seller | Buyer Handoff
  32. 32. • •CNET - •OTA - •Cedia - •Coldwell Banker - Where To Find More Information
  33. 33. | @MattRathbun The End