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Coldwell Banker Elite Brand the Block


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Launch information for Coldwell Banker Elite's Brand the Block program.

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Coldwell Banker Elite Brand the Block

  1. 1. Marrying Analog with digital
  2. 2. Brand the Block is a Direct Mail content oriented campaign designed for targeted communities. Content is specifically generated for each recipient that has a compelling call to action to an Associates profile. Territories of Owner-occupied homes have been created, with target profiles and custom content to set CBE agents apart.
  3. 3. Stuff You Should Know about direct mail • Direct mail doesn’t work when you’re blindly fishing • direct mail works when it’s personalized • direct mail works when it’s relevant to a mindset • 70% say snail mail is more personal then internet marketing • 39% of consumers tried a new product/service because of direct mail • 60% of woo’d consumers visited a website because of a mailer
  4. 4. 2 Original-Content Postcards mailed monthly to targeted homes.
  5. 5. Sellers are directed to the agent’s call-to-action page and then managed with unique CRM.
  6. 6. Agent actions • Signup for territories • Sign agreement • 12 month commitment • provide credit card • Cultivate Community • Take inservice
  7. 7. Policy Considerations • credit card on file • monthly charge • 1 year commitment • $500 early termination • Exclusive, but not protected • Teams ok, but not shared • Only 2 Territories in 1st week
  8. 8. Territory Selection July 25th @ 1pm
  9. 9. Territory Selection July 25th @ 1pm
  10. 10. Territory Selection July 25th @ 1pm
  11. 11. Territories • 200 Owner occupied properties • targeted based on average price point • Probability of a move • salability of the homes $250 / month per territory
  12. 12. Additional Marketing • Know the community •CBX • •eNewsletters / newsletters •page on your website •community events •pinterest page •Facebook page •FSBO / Expireds
  13. 13. Additional Marketing • Block parties •send RPR Reports • •CloudCMA landing page •calls to action •rapid responses •CRM - ZAP
  14. 14. Visit