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Resume Mrk

  1. 1. Curriculum Vitae Mohammad Rashid KhanContact Details: House # 156, Street # 19 British HomesPhase II, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.Tel: +92515474102Cell # +923335137740E-Mail: Objective: To improve the world by solving interesting problems with Geospatial technology.GeneralAs a Chief Geomatics / Client Rep (positioning & navigation QC ) andConsultant Geomatician I have over 27 years of experience in land,industrial building, engineering, and pipeline surveys throughout theMiddle East, Far East, Pakistan and North Africa, including satellite imageryprocessing and execution of geographic information systems.I have worked in multi-cultural environments, managed large teams, oftenin harsh conditions, and familiar with meeting tight timescales to budget.My key skills include; practical common sense; honesty and integrity;energy and enthusiasm; an ability to listen, understand and communicatewith different nationalities and cultures; an open mind; a lot of patience; acompetence to find collaborative solutions in complex workingenvironments.Qualifications:GIS Qualification: 1. Web based course of 450 credit hours for University of Reading BSc Honors in QS n PM for the certification of Chartered membership of RICS UK. 2. MS GIS/SRS subjects studied: Advances GIS, Advanced Remote Sensing, DBMS, GIS Project Management, Hydrology, Natural Hazards & Disaster Management, Research Methodology and Spatial Decision Support System. Intend to do MS Thesis. 3. GIS/RS post graduate certificate of 6 weeks from NUST (National University of Science & Tech). F-10/2 Islamabad and a fire fighting infrastructure project for Islamabad were presented at the end of the course.
  2. 2. 4. EMBA with specialization in project management in Feb 2006 5. Bachelor of technology (Honors) in civil engineering PIMSAT Islamabad Pakistan in 2006. 6. Bachelor of Technology (Pass) in civil engineering with 3.75 GPA from the Preston University Islamabad in 2004. 7. Diploma of Associate Engineer in civil engineering with 1st division from the Punjab Board of Technical Education (Government College of Tech Rawalpindi) in 1981. 8. High school Certificate with 1st division from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Sargodha in 1977.Scholarship: Merit scholarshipEmployment History 1. Currently working as Navigation and Positioning QC consultant with Petrotrin on 3D seismic project in Trinidad since June 2010 till to date 2. Freelance Geodetic and surveying consultant with local oil and gas companies in Pakistan from Sep 2009 to May 2010 3. Geodetic, Navigation & Positioning Consultant, relief Seismic QC and QHSE QC with Shell Kazakhstan on Pearls 3D offshore data acquisition project in Caspian Sea Kazakhstan as a Client Rep since Aug 2008 to 2009Responsibilities includes  My primary role as Offshore Survey Representative is to ensure that the survey subcontractor executes the project survey work scope according to the specifications, the project specific survey procedures and to any specified time and budget targets within the project schedule.  To conduct all activities within the Integrated Management System Policies and Procedures.  To assist the Project Surveyor with the preparation of project procedures and the planning of survey activities in advance of mobilisation  To attend project briefings, contractor’s safety drills project management meetings etc.  To participate proactively in Hazid or Hazop meetings as required, either in the office in advance of mobilisation or on the vessel  To confirm that all the planned survey equipment and spares, supplied by both the company and the survey sub-contractor, are onboard the vessel  To monitor the safe mobilisation of survey equipment on the vessel and ROV and confirm that all equipment is installed according to
  3. 3. approved project specific survey procedures  To QC the survey systems calibrations and mobilisation reports submitted by the survey sub-contractor  To assist the Vessel Superintendent with the overall planning of survey vessel activities  To review the Survey Sub-Contractor DPRs  To attend regular vessel safety meetings  To facilitate the flow of survey information and results between the vessel and other vessels operating on the project  To ensure that the survey sub-contractor carries out survey activities according to the relevant specifications and approved project specific survey procedures  QC field data, field reports and charts, ensuring that relevant specifications are met  To monitor survey progress, including the production of field deliverables according to agreed project schedules  Online monitoring of navigation and positioning data on the client’s work station with EIVA suit installed.  Monitoring & QC of daily navigation data processing.  Monitoring weather forecasts  To liaise with the Customer Survey Representative and the Survey Sub-contractor Party Chief on survey issues  Being a relief seismic QC to sign off daily production reports for the purpose of invoicing to release payments to the contractor.  To liaise with the contractor’s geophysicist department regarding the seismic data quality and to monitor the First Break Data transmitted to Navigation department.  Visual checking of seismic plots from the recording section and check observer’s log and to transmit the required info the town based on shore Project Manager.4. Data Manager/Senior Surveyor in Global Geophysical Services Ltd on a 3D seismic data acquisition project in Oman for BP, since Feb 2008 to Feb 2009.5. Principal Survey Officer/HOD/ in OGDCL head office Islamabad Pakistan since Sep 2007. Responsible for the management of 5 seismic survey crews working in different parts of the country.6. Chief Geomatics Surveyor in Asia Geophysical Services, from 2004 till Aug 2007 in Pakistan Responsibilities for the technical and organizational management of all the projects run from head office. Survey crews comprising senior surveyors, surveyors and supporting staff reporting me, the position is based in head office. Responsibilities includes, performance appraisal of survey section.
  4. 4. Technical approval and recommendations for the procurement and purchase of survey equipment (hardware and software) and arrange training for staff in collaboration with vendors.Duties:  Managing, overseeing and controlling of land survey activities  Static Control survey, post processing of Static control data, Network adjustment  Primary geodetic control and local grid establishment, Digital Terrain Modeling and topographic data management for all prospects of assigned blocks.  Preparing and supervising pre-plot data (design co-ordinates) for staking out seismic lines as per specifications of clients either for 2D, 3D, and High Res 2D or sparse pattern using GPSeismic planning software.  Resolve technical queries in a swift and appropriate manner, including technical issues raised during the execution phase.  The work involved liaising with clients, consultants and other departments like Geophysist QC’s, Observers/Instrument techs and Vibe tech departments.  Conducting technical and QHSE audits periodically.  Setting annual objectives of the department and conduct quarterly performance reviews with the personnel and provide required resources.  Arrange and conduct technical, management and QHSE trainings of staff.  Prepare project completion reports and submission to the clients & consultants,  Solving software issues, updates, new versions and other license renewals etc.  Database management of geospatial data in the ARCGIS 9.2 and in GPSQL.  Perform analysis in ARCGIS 9.2 and Erdas Imagine.  Produce DTM/DEM’s in Quick Map of GPSeismic survey suite.  Performing georefrencing, Image reclassification and image enhancement, image mosaic, aspects, slope etc.  Being based in head office of the company in Islamabad I have the privilege to carry on my study so I completed my B-Tech pass, honors and MBA project management degrees in evening classes and presently I am also studying for my MS GIS/SRS degree at the National University of Sciences and Technology’s Institute of Geographical Information System. 7. Chief/Senior surveyor Schlumberger Westerngeco, from 1995 to 2004 in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Egypt, Kuwait, and Pakistan (9 years)
  5. 5.  Initially started as a senior land seismic surveyor on (KOC) Kuwait Oil Company projects of Burgan 3D seismic acquisition which is one of the largest oil production fields in the world. It was field based job so I was responsible for the survey production, as field crews were reporting directly to me. Scouting and reconnaissance of prospect area and prepare scouting report. Establishing GPS static control network which includes mission planning and data acquisition. Process GPS data to produce final results and then adjust network. Establish base stations for RTK to set out seismic lines. Prepare design coordinates for the seismic lines with in GPSeismic planning environment. Up load design coordinates for staking out and then download acquired data. Perform QC, apply transformations and datum shifts on GPS data and merge into the GPSeismic SQL data base for final presentation. Produce access and base maps for different departments by using AutoCAD 2000i. After the completion of project in Kuwait my next assignment was in Egypt and then for few months in Jordon. The duties and responsibilities were the same apart from the working environment as the work force in the Kuwait was mainly from sub-continental countries where as in this part of the world it was local manpower, which was another unique experience. In year 1999 I was assigned to KSA where initially I was responsible for performing the same duties as a senior surveyor but I was a relief section head. Then I was promoted to Chief surveyor. In that capacity I was section head of the survey department. In this role I was reporting directly to the project manager and technically to the survey supervisor based in head quarter. Senior surveyors, surveyors, assistant surveyors, survey Forman, earth moving operations supervisor and supporting staff was reporting to me. In the capacity of chief surveyor I was responsible for the management of the survey department which includes assigning and deploying survey crews when and where required. Densified primary geodetic control and local grid establishment. Digital Terrain Modeling and topographic data management for all prospects of the allocated projects by the Client Saudi Aramco Contribution to the development of GIS corporate data base using Arc view. Input was provided by giving RTK data, shape files and topographic details of AOI. Survey mission planning and seismic positioning of offset on the satellite imagery. Georeferncing and reclassification of satellite images. Conducting scouting and reconnaissance along with PM and client’s
  6. 6. representative and Vibe techs. Preparing scouting reports.  Selecting camp locations in consultation with project manager and setting out camps and infrastructure.  Conducting training of the survey staff both technical and QHSE.  Budget forecasting, performance appraisal.  Initiating, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling and closing out survey projects.8. Senior surveyor/data processor in Fugro Geodetic from 1994-1995 (1 year) on Union Texas Petroleum E & P projects in Pakistan.  Survey data processing, (conventional and GPS) both cadastral, LIM and engineering for an oil and gas field development project.9. Inertial/GPS survey supervisor in Geonex Asian operations on USAID/WAPDA mapping project in NWFP and Punjab from 1993-1994 (1y)  For the purpose of asset management WAPDA staged a digital mapping project in collaboration with USAID. I was responsible for the over all supervision of data acquisition both with total stations and GPS, data processing, data management in different parts of Pakistan.10. Expatriate status Surveyor/Earth moving operation supervisor in SSL (Seismograph Service Ltd in Burma, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Sharjah and Pakistan from Jan, 1990-1993 (3y).  I was responsible for the supervision of survey field operation including large scale earth moving operation with caterpillar machines D-8, D-9, D10, Scrappers, graders, shovels and front end loaders.  In Burma I was in charge of a section of project which includes survey teams and bulldozing operation for the access of heavy seismic machines like vibrators etc.  Due to non accessibility of mountainous terrain the logistic support was provided with choppers which required a precise time management.11. Associate Civil engineer on SNGPL pipeline, LPG/NGL plant for (PPL) & Kot Addu Power plant with DESCON Engineering Ltd from Sep, 1988-1989 (1y) in Pakistan.  As an associate engineer I was responsible for the construction supervision of pre-cast pipe supports of high pressure gas pipeline and construction of pipe culverts and under passes for the pipeline.  On LPG plant I was in charge of a section of plant which includes foundation of circular storage tanks, LPG bullets, internal access roads, fencing, steel structures and steel trusses.  On the power plant I was responsible for the construction supervision of water intake building including formwork, RCC etc.12. Seismic Surveyor with SSL for all major Oil companies in Pakistan from 1984 to 1990 (6years)  As a field surveyor I started using conventional equipment like T1, T2, theodolite with EDM, then gradually switched to electronic machines and total station for field data acquisition.13. Quantity surveyor site supervisor with DESCON Engineering
  7. 7. services Ltd from 1981-1984 (4 years), on different industrial buildingprojects in Pakistan. Site Survey and taking measurements, quantities for existing civil/ steel structures and electro mechanical items. Prepare Bill of Quantity and Budget cost at pre tender stage of project. Assist and co-ordinate in preparation of Scope of Work for the project. Assist in preparation of drawings details and construction methodology at tender stage. Review Bill of quantity and prices during tender evaluation. Review of progress payment proposal by Contractor for re-measurable and lump sum items. Review and issue comments on Material submittals, method statements and safe job analysis submitted by contractor. Monitor and Control Permit to Work (PTW) for all activities during construction at site. Coordination with concerned production and maintenance sections at site. Supervision and checking of dimensions, alignment and concrete cover during erection of form work. Conduct checks for all construction materials such as steel bars, steel structures, concrete mix materials (cement, aggregate, sand etc); material coating etc. received at site are in compliance with the contract technical specifications. Supervise and quality check of the concrete mix at Batching plant. Supervise and quality checks the concrete pouring at site. Supervise and check the concrete quality and curing before and after the shuttering. Supervise and quality checks during grit blast, surface preparation and coating of the steel structural part. Conduct weekly meetings with the contractor. Monitor and report on construction progress and project completion schedule! Witness site Civil Work Tests such as Trials Mix, Slump measurements, Cube crushing, Proctor test, Soil Compaction, Coating
  8. 8. Dry Film Test (OFT), Pull Off, Sieve analysis for Aggregates & Sand etc.  Prepare and issue field instructions to construction contractor for specific construction activities.  Review & verify site measurements and quantities submitted by contractor.  Monitor and control day work sheets if any on daily basis.  Check & verify the Contractors invoices in accordance to specification, drawings, Bill of Quantities items and terms of Contract.  Prepare monthly cost analysis report including cost forecast.  Review and analyze variations/ claims submitted by the Contractor.  Review and prepare final Account statement for the project.  Review and verify As-built drawings  Review and certify QA/QC Dossier.  Assist in preparation of project close out report! And compilation of lesson learnt items noticed during construction.Awards: QHSE participation awardSkills & CompetenciesGPS Hardware used 1. Trimble GPS series 4000, 4700, 4800, 5700 and 5800. 2. Leica Geosystems series 400 and 500.and 1200. 3. Garmin Handheld GPS for navigation. 4. Sokkia GPS Radian ISSurvey techniques 1. Static/Post processing survey for the establishment of permanent bench marks for large-scale geodetic and topographic surveys. 2. RTK (Real Time Kinematics) surveys for setting out and lay out of designed coordinates. 3. As built surveys either by using RTK or PPKS or DGPS.Software Used 1. Trim map, GPSurvey, Trimble Survey Office and TGO for GPS data processing and network adjustment. 2. Leica Processing software & SKI. And Leica Geo-system’s survey office. 3. Mapsource for Garmin handheld receivers. 4. Spectrum Survey Suite. 5. GPSeismic GPS and conventional survey data processing software
  9. 9. used especially in oil and gas exploration industry. 6. AutoCADs application in seismic industry. Especially AutoCAD 2000i for image management utility. 7. ARC View & ARCGIS9.2 8. ERDAS Imagine. 9. Introductory knowledge of 12D software for volumetric calculations and civil design purposes. (Introductory knowledge) 10. Blue marble’s GeoCalc for geodetic data transformations. 11. Geomedia GIS software. (Working knowledge)Safety Trainings: 1. Advanced Lead Auditor Course ISO 14001 Environmental Management System by IQMS approved and accredited by IEMA in Oct 2009. 2. Certified QHSE diploma course from IQMS in progress since Oct 2009. 3. Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training (BOSIET) of OPITO valid from 23/08/08 till 23/08/12 from YKK Kazakhstan. 4. HSEQMS for Managers by Jeff Howell of Global Geophysical Services Ltd in Muscat Oman from 9/07/08 to 12/07/08. 5. LPT Leader’s Course in Dammam Saudi Arabia in Jan2001 6. Schlumberger Injury Prevention Program in Jan 2001 in Saudi. 7. OFS (Oil Field Services Minimum Safety Training Course, including basic of all industry used courses like use of PPE, QHSE Passport, RIR etc in Saudi Arabia. 8. Defensive driving and commentary driving in Egypt and Saudi. 9. STOP training 10. Fire Fighting, First Aid, Trauma, Stepping Handling & Lifting (SHL) 11. HSE for Supervisors in Saudi. 12. H2S etc in Kuwait.Technical and Management Trainings: 1. A Manager’s Guide to Project Management course of 35 PDUs by PMI accredited trainer in Nov 2009. 2. Distance Learning Short Course on Social Capacity Building for Arsenic Mitigation Measures by UDERC Tokyo Institute of Tech Japan, Session June 2007. 3. Primavera Project implementation and planning course from SDC Islamabad Pakistan in 2006. 4. People Management Course (OFS3) in July 2003 in Dubai 5. Leica Geosystems field operation and in-house processing course in Karachi in 2004. 6. GPSeismic Advance user’s course (Survey Processing Software Course) in 2000 in Saudi Arabia
  10. 10. 7. Schlumberger Internal: IMS (Integration Management System) for seismic Surveyors in 1997 from Hanover Germany. 8. 1st Surveyors Workshop in Dec 1997 in Gatwick England 9. Total Quantity Management (TQM) in 1997 in Kuwait 10. SQM (Schlumberger Quality Management) Level 1 in KSAProfessional Membership: 1. Member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) 2. Professional member Institution of Navigation of USA 3. Member of PMI (Project Management Institute) USA. 4. Member RICS UK 5. Member CIG Canada 6. Member Pakistan Society of GIS 7. Member SCGIS 8. Member GITA 9. RIN UK, 10. IEEE USA, 11. SSI Australia Seminars and Workshops Being a member of PMI Islamabad chapter since 2006, I have hardly missed an opportunity to attend a seminar or workshop held in Islamabad Pakistan.  Project Management and Six Sigma (2 PDUs)  Balancing Projects & Work Operations (2 PDUs)  Project Management Financial Terms (2 PDUs)  Cost Management (2 PDUs)  Effective Resource Management (2 PDUs)  Virtual Project Management & Emotional Intelligence (2 PDUs)  Several other professional webinars of IEEE and other societies.Personal Information:NIC: 37405-5810231-7DOB/: 21-02-1962F/Name: Haji Mohammad Rafique KhanAddress: House # 156, Street # 19, British Homes Phase II, Rawalpindi, Pakistan.Fly Point: IslamabadPassport # LV4102311Languages: Urdu and English.