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  1. 1. By Leon Suen
  2. 2. Zeus Zeus was the most important god of all and the most powerful god one. He was the king of the gods.He was the most powerful god. When Zeus was angry hurled thunder and lightning down to earth.
  3. 3. Poseidon was the king of the sea, also he was second powerful god of all. He always carried a trident. When he was angry, he would hit the water with it. This caused earthquakes, storms…..
  4. 4. Apollo was Zeus son. He was the god of sun, light and music. He had shining golden hairs. Apollo carried a harb with him
  5. 5. Hades was the king of Death, he ruled the underworld. He was brother of Zeus.
  6. 6. The people in Greece almost worn nothing. Woman worn clothe which were made in a big square piece of wool. Mans often worn chiton and rap around him.
  7. 7. The soldiers in Greece were called hoplite. They would had sword, a shield, a spear ,a leg armor and a armor.
  8. 8. Athens  Boys  In Athens, boys began school when they were seven years old. The boy learned reading , writing…..  Girls  In Athens, the girls stayed at home. Their mother taught them how to sew. If a girl was rich, she usually learned to read to write at home .
  9. 9. Spartan  Boys  Spartan boys went to school at the age of seven. In school, the y taught them how to be a soldiers.  Girls  In Sparta, the girls had more freedom than in Athens. They didn’t go to school. They main jobs were help the Sparta boys.