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Adveritising strategy of toi


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Advertising strategies of times of india

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Adveritising strategy of toi

  1. 1. A Presentation on Advertising Strategies of Prepared by:- Mehul Rasadiya K.K. Parekh Institute of Management Studies (Amreli) 1
  2. 2. Q UESTION - 1 What factors have contributed to the success of times of India / what strategies they have adopted in the Indian market.??
  3. 3. A NSWER - 1  Promotion (Create awareness) -Largest circulated’ English newspaper -Mostup market newspaper  Knowledge regarding various sectors  Adoption of pincer movement strategy  The Advertising Strategy -circulation based advertising claims to establish an emotional chord with readers. -They have used a set of emotions  They have shifted to emotional platform -It reflects struggle, turbulence, success and failure in an Indian’s life.
  4. 4. A NSWER – 1 C ON ….  Beat of content with diverse range of interesting news covering -political analysis -Metaphysical Stories -Local & Global Coverage -Use of Graphs -Cartoons -Short & Crisp News.  Pricing Factor as compared to competitors -they come with combo offer to provide more content of news to people at lesser price -Selling newspapers for Rs – 75 (Per month)
  5. 5. A NSWER – 1 C ON ….  More readers chose times of India because it give them more for less  New Editions of newspapers with more content and exposure to sports, education, Business, Entertainment etc.  There is also strong emphasis on local content without disturbing the brand philosophy to the core.  News paper runs between 24 and 32 pages -supplements such as Delhi Times, Bombay times, Kolkata times and related supplements like Education times(Education), Ascent (Carriers) and times property (Real State).  In 2002, TOI introduced a slicker launch in International standards
  6. 6. Q UESTION - 2 Evaluate the advertising campaign of Times of India. What are the learning lessons from these campaigns?
  7. 7. A NSWER - 2  The Advertising Campaign of Times of India is to touch the lifestyle of India and to cover the areas of emotion of the people.  The ultimate strategy was to show the Indian ness in the covers. It tired to touch the every Indian life  The Advertising Campaign of Times of India touched every Indian’s life.  Different campaigns of TOI’s are 1. Lead India 2. A day in the life of India 3. Touch India 4. Incredible 5. Power of joke 6. Hrithik’s a good  The advertising Campaign of TOI make use of extensive technology  They came up with new edition and creative ideas – making use of graphs,cartoons,etc.
  8. 8. A NSWER – 2 C ON …  More content of information with coverage to both local and global New Providing diversified news information in different sectors like education, Sports, Entertainment, Politics etc Lessons –  Most important learning from the campaign was about the idea of increasing the content of news information with diversified coverage of sectors.  Pricing strategy – Pricing strategy as compared to competitors was to provide more news information to the readers at lesser price and also with coverage to various segments of life.  The idea was to provide the look and feel of the news touching the Human Emotions.
  9. 9. Q UESTION - 3 How the goal of integrated view of all edition can be achieved through a modified advertising campaign.???
  10. 10. A NSWER - 3  Providing News Information covering all the editions, highlighting the headlines and the content of each edition can help to achieve the goal of integrated view of all edition.  Advertising Campaign for getting readers attention  Providing the editions with combo offer  The advertisements have highlighted the ‘Indian-ness’ in all the campaigns and reflected how TOI is a part of this great journey of Indian-ness.  In July 2003, TOI offered its second combo offer TOI with Economic Times at the same attractive price of Rs 75 and the response was great.
  11. 11. A NSWER – 3 C ON ….  Due to competition of Indian Express, Hindustan Times and DNA, TOI distributing Mumbai Mirror along with it. Due to this combo offer sell of TOI increased a lot.
  12. 12. Q UESTION - 4 Suggest an Advertising Campaign for the times of India covering objectives, message and Media Decision?
  13. 13. A NSWER - 4  Advertising Campaign – Objective Increasing the Response.  Making use of Different Headlines, Slogans – it will help to attention of the readers.  Testing different headlines, offers, copy, themes, ad sizes, photos, illustrations etc.  Combining News and Advertising.  Graphics - Readers will look at graphic than read headline.
  14. 14. A NSWER - 4  Media Decision – The major decision for the advertiser is making the right choice of media Type.  Television, Radio Broadcast, Internet, Sending SMS to cover the masses using catchy Headline  Due to less circulation of TOI in rural part of India I suggest advertising campaign. Its objective is cover rural educated people of India.  I will suggest local celebrity to spread the campaign in the rural part of India. These celebrity create an awareness and interest in the people.