Betterness - Presentation for Dave Ramsey executive team


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Presentation on Betterness for the Dave Ramsey executive team and broadcast partners, December 2012

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Betterness - Presentation for Dave Ramsey executive team

  1. 1. @markramseymedia betterness.
  2. 2. …the art of bettering prosperity so it arcs through the stratosphere of an authentically goodlife, bettering human potential so it… transforms human possibility radically for the better.
  3. 3. Q. What makes a brand great?
  4. 4. It has an authenticsense of purpose
  5. 5. it’s a definitive statementabout the difference you aretrying to make in the world
  6. 6. it offers something that is hard to come byit reflects a commitment to a big ideait is intensely human
  7. 7. It’s not enough to be great atsomething or to be an expert in yourfield. The world is buying your biggermission, in many cases, first.
  8. 8. Brands have to be multidimensional, morehuman. Brands have stood for simple thingsin the past: A better mousetrap, the highest quality widget. These things are what they make. But these days people also want to know “why.”
  9. 9. Nearly 85% of consumers worldwide expect companies to become actively involved in promoting individual and collective wellbeing; an increase of 15% from 2010 (Source: Havas Media, November 2011)
  10. 10. Yet only 28% of people think thatcompanies are working hard to solve the big social and environmental challenges. (Source: Havas Media, November 2011)
  11. 11. Most people would not care if 70% of brands ceased to exist (Source: Havas Media, November 2011)
  12. 12. “The real question is: can your company do anything more than just ‘business’? What can you do toinspire, amaze, delight, surprise, elevate, enlighten, a nd better me, and the community around me?...
  13. 13. …What can you do to evoke my fuller potential, and that of the people I care about?What can you do to authentically matter to me?”
  14. 14. All brands are or should be in the lifeimprovement business
  15. 15. get out of the radioand get into the world
  16. 16. Are you helping consumers be Better People?
  17. 17. “Brands are no longer just saying things toconsumers (such as, “Buy our product; it’s sensational!”); they’re doing things…
  18. 18. …Things that genuinely make life easier for customers. Things that bring people together with others who share their interests….
  19. 19. …Things that are just plain fun. Things thatare endearing and build love between the customer and the company.”
  20. 20. “brands are made throughexperiences, not advertising”
  21. 21. do not say…
  22. 22. How?
  23. 23. 1. Feature a face2. Solve a problem3. Enable a Transformation4. Make her the hero of her own story5. Dramatize the details
  24. 24. Feature a Face
  25. 25. Solve a Problem
  26. 26. Enable Transformation
  27. 27. Make Her the Hero
  28. 28. Dramatize the Details
  29. 29. Radio examples…
  30. 30. Radio Examples• “When you win, someone in need wins, too”• Direct Marketing• Promoted Listening “Do X and WXXX will give $ or Benefit to Worthy Recipient”• Contests with No “Prizes” – Instead, Guarantee that you will be a Better Person• Rewards, not “Chances to Win”• Active, not Passive – You Participate in your own Betterness