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6 7/8 industrial design llc

  1. 1. Matthew A. Rall Expertise:Industrial Designer • Creative DesignEntrepreneur • Design Software • Accomplishing Business Objectives • Trend Forecasting • Team Leader & Go-To Person • Problem Solving • Factory Relationships and Negotiations • Communication • Project Management; Always up for a challenge! including development
  2. 2. • Tennis Tony Hawk • Basketball Grant Hill • Running Mark Philappoussis • X-Training Gabriela Sabatini • Skateboarding Steve Berra • Casual / Dress Geoff Rowley • Snowboarding Bucky Lasek • Outdoor Matt Mumford • Baseball Kris Markovic • Cricket Todd Richards • BMX Tina Basich • Lacrosse Shannen Dunn • Soccer Greg Welch • Mountain Biking L.L.Bean Duffs Client List Design Categories Pro Athletes6 7/8 Industrial Design, LLC is a consulting firm with 20 years experience. Our footwear design anddevelopment experience ranges from casual to athletic to outdoor. We pride ourselves on meetingthe demands of any project thrown our way. On time delivery of complete technical packages leavevery few questions for the factory. This separates us from the average design firm. We have traveledto the Far East extensively and worked with all aspects of manufacturing, so we understand what ittakes to get a shoe to market.
  3. 3. CROSS TRAININGWe create unique, sleekly designed all-purpose cross-trainers that provide stability and technology with the look of speed and support for the extreme athlete.
  4. 4. Under Armour Blue sky concept for cross-trainerthat involves lock down in theforefoot, lift in the arch and levelsupport across the eyerow and heel.
  5. 5. CASUALWe create on-trend footwear for men from 12 to 55 years of age with price points ranging from $50.00 to $200.00.
  6. 6. Gravis lifestyle aftersport footwear, designed for the snowboard and skateboard enthusiast while providing superior comfort.
  7. 7. Maverik lifestyle after sport footwear. Designed for athletes that want to show their sense of style off the field while maintainingsuperior comfort and durability.
  8. 8. Tommy Hilfiger:Material and color updatesto existing in-line product.
  9. 9. Dunham sketch concepts for slip on casual shoe.
  10. 10. Dunham sketchconcepts for slip on and lace up casual shoes.
  11. 11. Various successful designs for the Dunham collection.
  12. 12. Dunham Windsor #1 selling shoe at allindependent shoe retailers.
  13. 13. RUNNINGWe design award winning running shoes thatmeet the specifications of our client’s briefs and have sold millions of pairs to date.
  14. 14. The Etonic Praya has evolved the brand image in recent years and has sold many pairs to performance runningathletes with rave reviews.
  15. 15. The Etonic Kendari recently won “BEST SHOE” for the motion stabilitycategory by Running Network.
  16. 16. Etonic Praya II running shoe update
  17. 17. Fila Flow running shoe designed for racing with its light weight and breathable upper.
  18. 18. TENNISWe design footwear for all levels of playersfrom casual to club pros and professionals including Mark Philippoussis and Gabriela Sabatini.
  19. 19. Classic designed tennisshoe built with durabilityand comfort in mind.
  20. 20. Prince Viper“Best Seller” on Tennis Warehouse.com
  21. 21. SANDALSWe design sandals for every category including: Water Sport’s Casual Performance Flip Flops Slides
  22. 22. Objective: Designwater shoe for usewhile:• canoeing• kayaking• boating• any amphibious activity.
  23. 23. Timberland outdoor performancesandal designed for rough terrainand water sport’s
  24. 24. Timberland outdoorperformance sandaldesigned for roughterrain and water sport’s
  25. 25. Objective: Design a water shoethat will stay on while preventing rocks and debris from entering the shoe butallows water to escape.
  26. 26. OUTDOORWe cover the spectrum in the outdoor category; everything from approach, speed, light to extreme and beyond.
  27. 27. Tecnica approach after sport shoedesigned to maintain durability and comfortwhile preserving the climbing influence.
  28. 28. Objective:Design the updateto the best-sellingTimberland Gorgewhich continues to be a top seller.
  29. 29. Objective: Design the update to the best-selling Timberland Gorge which continues to be a top seller.
  30. 30. Objective: Design the side zipspeed hiker for rapidentry and ease of use.
  31. 31. ergo Light hikers for multi-purpose usage.
  32. 32. DESIGN PROCESSfrom sketch to production
  33. 33. Bass First round sketch concepts.
  34. 34. First roundsketch concepts.
  35. 35. First roundsketch concepts.
  36. 36. Second roundmarker renderings thatbegin to define shape,texture and materials.
  37. 37. Various computerrenderings detailing material textures, colors and last shape created in Adobe Illustrator.
  39. 39. Blueprint for Etonic running shoe detailingall dimensions of the outsole, midsoleand support components.
  41. 41. Lifestyle fashion footwear using uniquematerials, colors and textures that give the shoesa rich comfortable appeal.
  42. 42. Makarios merchandisingconcept for a lifestyleline of die-cut footwear,t-shirts and hats.
  43. 43. Using personal photography and the use of computer manipulationT-designs we created a group of T shirt designs that evokes a sense of harmony.
  44. 44. Tee Designs
  45. 45. Rolling multi-purposestorage utilitytransportation. Usesinclude athletic gear,tools, clothing,samples etc. Backpack design for Nixon surf brand. Various compartments for specific gear.
  46. 46. Callout page of rolling multi-purpose utility transporthighlighting specific components.
  47. 47. Matthew A. Rall Industrial Designer Entrepreneur6 7/8 Industrial Design LLC17 Lantern Lane Wayne, PA 19087610 945 8555mrall124@comcast.net