Advanced procurement v1.2


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Advanced procurement v1.2

  1. 1. Advanced Procurement<br />Overview<br />
  2. 2. Oracle Advanced Procurement Footprint<br />iSupplier Portal<br />iProcurement<br />Sourcing<br />Services Procurement<br />Purchasing<br />Procurement Contracts<br />BI for Procurement <br />
  3. 3. Oracle Sourcing - Introduction<br />To improve the effectiveness and efficiency of strategic sourcing.<br />Traditionally sourcing is a time consuming process<br />Online collaboration and negotiation<br />Professional buyers, business experts, and suppliers exchange information online for a more agile and successful sourcing process. <br />Reduces sourcing cycle time <br />Complete audit trail of supplier commitments.<br />
  4. 4. Sourcing – Key Features<br />Bidding<br /><ul><li>Proxy bidding/power bidding/surrogate bidding
  5. 5. Supplier registration
  6. 6. Supplier user management</li></ul>Auction/RFQ/RFI<br />Multiple negotiation types [open, blind, sealed]<br />Negotiation templates<br />Procurement professional internal collaboration<br />Procurement professional security<br />Reverse Auctions<br />Scoring rules<br />Pricing analysis<br />Reusable invitation lists<br />Enhanced supplier search<br />Offline spreadsheet support<br />Spreadsheet Upload<br />Analysis & Award<br /><ul><li>Response comparison’s using graphical interface
  7. 7. Analysis scenarios
  8. 8. Award approvals – employee supervisor, position
  9. 9. Multiple awards – auto award, award by response, award by line
  10. 10. Intelligence reports</li></ul>Integration<br /><ul><li>Auto generate PO’s, Blanket Agreements
  11. 11. Contract procurement</li></li></ul><li>Procurement Contracts - Introduction<br />Oracle Procurement Contracts is the enterprise application that creates and enforces better purchasing contracts. <br />Authoring often remains a manual process without meaningful controls. <br />Take control of your contract lifecycle, from authoring and negotiation through implementation, enforcement, evaluation and closeout. <br />
  12. 12. Procurement Contracts – Key Features<br />Contract Library<br />Multiple contract template<br />Workflow driven clause approvals<br />Expert rules<br />Repository contracts<br />MS Word Integration<br />XML Clauses Upload <br />Localisation<br />Clauses Security<br />Negotiation<br /><ul><li>Negotiate contract terms with suppliers online
  13. 13. Enable suppliers to propose changes and fill-in contract variables as part of their bids </li></ul>Manage Deliverables<br /><ul><li>Manage contractual deliverables
  14. 14. Automatic escalation process</li></ul>Author Contracts<br /><ul><li>Related clauses
  15. 15. Automatically populate clauses based on business rules , questions
  16. 16. Manage contract documents [incl Branding information]
  17. 17. Manage supplier authored contracts
  18. 18. Author Intelligence
  19. 19. Electronic signatures</li></ul>Integration<br /><ul><li>iSupplier
  20. 20. Purchasing
  21. 21. Sourcing</li></li></ul><li>Vendor Offerings in this Space<br /> There are other vendors [other than below] who are also highly recommended <br /> e.g. Emptoris Software,<br /> Bravo Solution – Highly compliant for UK, Italy Public sectors – Gartner,<br />although both have very little market presence.<br />
  22. 22. Oracle Vs Competitors- Gartner Research 2010<br />Ariba, Emptoris – leaders of the pack, better user experience <br />Oracle – Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP nudged ahead of the remaining products due to broad functionality, superior analytics for key performance indicators (KPIs), and support for global enterprises.<br />Other vendors - Overall, there was little to broadly differentiate among the 11 products, which are all proven solutions with loyal customer bases and talented product management teams.<br />
  23. 23. Key Considerations<br />Suitability of the broader suite for your needs - Shortlist vendors with strength in the applications that are on your road map<br />Spending Analysis<br />Strategic Sourcing<br />Contract Management<br />Other customer experiences<br />Integration<br />Appropriate architecture for scale - Larger organizations may run hundreds of events simultaneously and/or conduct reverse auctions that attract dozens of prospective suppliers and thousands of bids.<br />On-premise/Hosted/SaaS<br />