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Web Frameworks of the Future: Flex, GWT, Grails and Rails


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What if the choices in web framework were reduced to 4? If RIA are the way of the future, it’s possible that these 4 frameworks are the best choices for this development paradigm. This session will explore these frameworks, as well as entertain other opinions on the future of web development.

RESTful backends are easy to create with both Rails and Grails. Ajax frontends are simple to create and maintain with GWT. Flex gives you Fash and a pretty UI. If you’re an HTML developer, Rails allows you to quickly develop MVC applications. If you’re a Java Developer, GWT + Grails might be a match made in heaven. This session is designed to help you learn more about each framework and decide which combination is best for your project.

In addition, licensing, community support, and documentation/training for each project will be discussed.

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Web Frameworks of the Future: Flex, GWT, Grails and Rails

  1. Web Frameworks of the Future Flex, GWT, Rails and Grails Matt Raible
  2. Introductions ‣ Your experience with web applications? ‣ Have you heard of SOFEA or SOUI? ‣ Experience with Rails, Grails, GWT or Flex? ‣ What do you want to get from this session? ‣ Framework Experience: ‣ Struts 1/2, Spring MVC, JSF, Stripes, Tapestry, Wicket, Django
  3. Who is Matt Raible? ‣ Java Blogger since 2002 ‣ Power user of Java Web Frameworks ‣ Author of Spring Live and Pro JSP 2.0 ‣ Founder of AppFuse ( ‣ Member of Java EE 5, JSF 1.2 and Bean Validation Expert Groups ‣ Lead UI Architect at LinkedIn ‣ Father, Skier, Cyclist and Beer Connoisseur
  4. The Problem