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Flex vs. GWT Smackdown


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Java developers can easily create Rich UIs with Google Web Toolkit (GWT) or Adobe Flex, so why would they choose one over the other? Come to this session to learn the pros and cons of each framework in an entertaining atmosphere. In one corner, we have UI consultant, Matt Raible with bright red GWT gloves. In the opposite corner, we have Adobe’s James Ward with his sinister black Flex gloves, ready to put a smackdown on the Open Web. In this session you learn about the pros and cons of both GWT and Flex, when it's appropriate to use each framework, and where each framework is headed in the future.

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Flex vs. GWT Smackdown

  1. FLEX VS. GWT SMACKDOWN With Matt Raible and James Ward Images by Stuck in Customs -
  2. INTRODUCTIONS Who is Matt Raible? Who is using GWT? Who is James Ward? Who is using Flex? What do you want to learn today?
  3. SESSION AGENDA What are Rich Internet Applications? The Smackdown Success Stories Pitfalls How to choose? Q and A
  4. WHAT DEFINES RICH? According to Simon Whatley: “[RIAs] combine the best user interface functionality of desktop software applications with the broad reach and low-cost deployment of Web applications and the best of interactive, multimedia communication.”
  5. WIKIPEDIA’S DEFINITION Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) are web applications that have most of the characteristics of desktop applications, typically delivered either by way of a standards-based web browser, via a browser plug-in, or independently via sandboxes or virtual machines. Examples of RIA frameworks include Ajax, Curl, GWT, Adobe Flash/Adobe Flex/AIR, Java/JavaFX, Apache Pivot, Mozilla's XUL, OpenLaszlo and Microsoft Silverlight.
  6. OUR DEFINITION A one-page application that doesn’t require a page transition.
  8. TEXT Left-to-right languages unsupported in Flex
  9. DRAWING Flex can draw
  10. PRINTING Flex has issues printing from the browser
  11. DRAG N’ DROP Flex has easy drag n’ drop support
  12. CSS GWT has CSS support, not like Flex’s proprietary support
  13. VALIDATORS & FORMATTERS Flex has effects, form layout, validators and formatters
  14. JSON SUPPORT GWT supports JSON out- of-the-box
  15. IE6 SUPPORT Flex works across all browsers
  16. IPHONE SUPPORT GWT works on the iPhone
  17. VIDEO Flash Video is the absolute number one video format on the web
  18. PERFORMANCE Making your app “pop”
  19. COMPONENTS Tour de Flex
  20. TOOLS Speed Tracer IDEs
  21. PROGRAMMING MODEL “GWT is nothing more than a JSP Tag Library” -- Matt Raible
  22. SUCCESS STORIES Google Wave Evite Picnik Mercedes-Benz USA My Oracle Support Others?
  23. AVOID PITFALLS Don’t load everything on the first page load. Slower machines can mean slower clients. Know your users! Don’t use for sites, only for applications.
  24. HOW TO CHOOSE? Prioritize a list of features that are important to your application. Pick 3-4 frameworks and do a 1-week spike with each, developing the same application. Document and rank each framework against your list of features. Calculate and choose!
  25. CONCLUSION GWT and Flex are great technologies, use them wisely.
  26. QUESTIONS? Contact Information Download Presentation