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The Raffoni Group Overview


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An overview of our integrated approach to helping CEOs succeed.

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The Raffoni Group Overview

  1. 1. We help CEOs succeed.
  2. 2. “Our primary focus is to help CEOs get things done, quickly and thoughtfully. - Melissa Raffoni, Founder and CEO, The Raffoni Group “The Raffoni Group is a CEO’s secret sauce. Their ability to cut to the chase in a relevant, informed manner is the essence of their brand.” Ted Nelson Brand Expert CEO, Mechanica
  3. 3. 600 peer group meetings facilitated 3,000 strategic business cases reviewed 2-4 billion dollars of revenue impacted 300+ clients served Hundreds of thousands of employees impacted All industries represented 1,000+ CEO 1-on-1 sessions completed 200+ exec strategy meetings facilitated 1,000+ years of collective knowledge in our CEO network Working solely with CEOs for 20 years has resulted in the culmination of… data insights tools experience connections… and stories to tell.
  4. 4. We know the CEO job, and it’s not easy. There is no CEO school. Success requires tapping the right resources, at the right time. The Job 1. Set direction 2. Build a great team 3. Allocate resources 4. Adjust to market shifts 5. Create and enable a fantastic culture
  5. 5. Recap the business to scale? We understand your challenges. Innovate, and do it well? Restructure my organization, without causing more damage? Engage and retain top talent in a tight economy? Accelerate traction in a new market segment? Figure out a sales strategy that works better than the rest? Manage difficult board dynamics? Best integrate challenging acquisitions? Drive accountability around both a strategic and operating plan? Know where to invest and where to pull back? Get my C-Suite to work together at a higher level? Position, reposition, and build a brand? Balance staying the course with being opportunistic? “How Do I…” Expand globally?
  6. 6. We offer services that every CEO needs to do the job well.
  7. 7. . We learn a lot by sitting at the table. Our job is to connect the dots through our services. When we learn, you learn. OUR CEO NETWORK Key Executive ™ Annual CEO Retreat Custom Learning & Development Strategic Leaders ™ The CEO Collective ™ Coaching, Assessment & Support
  8. 8.  Is your strategy sound?  How solid is your team?  Is your business model compelling ?  Will it scale?  Are you the best person for the job? Our reputation revolves around not being afraid to hold up the mirror and ask the tough questions…
  9. 9. Our high-impact tools, coupled with insightful facilitation get your whole team focused on moving the ball forward.  CEO Strategic Plan  CEO Peer Collectives  CEO Scorecards  CEO Shared Business Cases CEO FOCUS Team Offsite Meeting Facilitation Team Strategic Planning Systems Team Tools synched with CEO tools Team’s use of tools raises the bar on clarity, accountability, and measurement LEADERSHIP TEAM ALIGNMENT Custom L&D workshops to drive execution of the plan ORG PEFORMANCE
  10. 10. Our programs are integrated. Combining them creates a multiplier effect. As The Raffoni Case Method ™ Strategic Scorecards ™ Governance plans, and other tools become common terms in your organization, implementation becomes easier. Impact is greater. Strategy Development C-Suite Alignment CEO Peer Learning Organizational Engagement Board Alignment Next level Leaders
  11. 11. “When we started using The Raffoni Group a few years ago, our business had stalled. Since then, we've doubled our EBITDA, and I can draw a straight line from The Raffoni Group's arrival to the results we have today.” – Chuck Cohen, Managing Director (CEO) Benco
  12. 12. Year 1 Within 9-18 months dependent on planning cycle Year 1-2 Year 1-3 Year 2- 3 Year 3-4 and beyond... Classic Engagement with the Raffoni Group Join the CEO Collective Program “Next Level” Leader Engagement Key Executive Joins KE Collective Program Ongoing Strategy Meetings: Case Prep and Coaching Strategic Leaders Kick Off: 2-day 4-dayOR We provide the “go to” resources CEOs need with our integrated suite of services that drive results.
  13. 13. Classic Engagement with the Raffoni Group CEO Collective Peer Group  Get your vision straight  Join the Raffoni Group’s CEO Network  Learn and use structured Raffoni Group tools to work “on” the business and make better decisions Strategic Leaders Program  Align leadership teams around vision, accountability and results  Heighten team’s performance around exec competencies: scoping project plans and driving cross-functional collaboration, decision- making, accountability, strategic thinking “on” the business Strategic Goal Leaders “1-1 Case Prep”  Ensure highly effective strategy meetings and relevant executive coaching aimed to drive results  Couple with 2- and 4-day Strategic Leaders to enhance effectiveness and value Key Executive Collective Peer Group  Engage your right-hand or a key leader in the Key Executive peer group to heighten impact  Invest in and share your positive peer experience with a key player Organizational Performance & Engagement Facilitated Workshops  Engage, align and train next level leaders  Use our Facilitators to help “unstick” stuck strategic initiatives  Use our Facilitators to drive L&D initiatives in practical ways tied to business results
  14. 14. An accessible network of hundreds of experienced CEOs Well-developed planning systems, performance tools, templates, examples, & techniques A resource pool of Strategic Facilitators that partners consultants with former C-Levels. POWERFUL CEO PEER NETWORK PROVEN METHODOLOGIES UNIQUELY SKILLED DELIVERY TEAM For 20 years, The Raffoni Group has focused on building a unique set of capabilities that few can replicate. Our Differentiator
  15. 15. Chris Pisapia, CEO, Verndale "I was a first time CEO. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but I knew that was short sighted. I was skeptical of the program, but in short order I saw the value. Being a part of the CEO Collective group quickly helped me to make better, more informed decisions. It was a clear next step to engage my team in the Strategic Leaders program. The program has taken me to the next level as CEO, helping me to engage my exec team in the execution of the strategy. I now feel confident that our team is aligned and executing on all cylinders." Chuck Cohen, CEO, Benco Dental “I've been in a CEO capacity for a long time and I've had success in the role, but when my organization needed to hone our strategic game, we were referred to The Raffoni Group. They helped us to get focused, align around strategy and quickly move into execution mode. They coach our key C-suite players, and work with us to educate and align our directors to move initiatives forward. The success of their integrated programs is felt company wide.” What our CEOs have to say. Jason Maxwell, CEO, MassPay “I believe what makes a CEO great is an openness to keep learning and growing. Being a part of the Raffoni Group gives me that chance. I rely on their thoughtful, experienced and straight-forward approach. The integration of the CEO Collective, Key Executive and Strategic Leaders program is a powerful combination that drives “moving the ball forward” in our organization. No matter how experienced a CEO gets, the Raffoni Group offerings always find a way to raise the CEO’s bar. They clearly understand the challenges of a CEO and what it takes to make one great.”
  16. 16. A few of our clients.
  17. 17. Some of our Strategic Facilitators. FOUNDER & CEO Melissa Raffoni STRATEGIC FACILITATOR Steve Munroe STRATEGIC FACILITATOR Brian O’Donnell - Has worked with CEOs of growth-oriented companies in the Boston area for more than 20 years - Built a client roster that includes some of the most successful, well- known companies in the area - More than eight years of operating experience as CEO of A.W. Chesterton Company. - Recruited to the board of the Double E Company where helped to increase the value from $38 million to $85 million in five years and he participated in transaction to a new private equity owner - Seasoned CEO of two successful growth companies. Recognized for breadth and depth in all aspects of running global technology companies with a keen ability to blend strategy and execution. - Tripled the size of a $55m niche software company over 7 years by carefully broadening its appeal, bringing greater focus to R&D, and building an international distribution channel; expanded operating margins to 33% in the process. STRATEGIC FACILITATOR Mark Goldstein - Founding, growing and turning around companies at various levels of growth, from start up to public entities. - Three-time CEO with the ability to “more than” proficiently step in and perform all C-Suite functions ranging from CTO to COO to CFO to VP of Sales and Business Development. - 20+ years of executive leadership team experience - As VP of Worldwide Sales and Operations for Dassault Systemes Simulia Corp, led global team of 400+ across 19 countries - Extensive experience integrating acquired companies, led integration of 8 companies ranging in size, 5m up to 100m STRATEGIC FACILITATOR Roger Keene
  18. 18. We know your journey. We can help make you proud of it. Getting started Scaling beyond you Investing for growth Managing a corporate, global corporation Legacy planning Planning for personal transitions/next chapter
  19. 19. Get to know us. For program info Erin Mullen For strategic insights Melissa Raffoni For career opportunities Theresa Higgs