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Cold Calling Is Dead! ... But the Phone Isn't


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While the internet would have you believe that cold calling is ineffective, the phone is still a viable option for getting new business. Any entrepreneur trying gain traction for their venture cannot rely on inbound marketing and sales alone. You need to be doing outbound prospecting and getting in front of your customers before they find out about your competitors.

While I agree cold calling isn't what it used to be, every entrepreneur should learn the phone skills necessary for your business to thrive.

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Cold Calling Is Dead! ... But the Phone Isn't

  1. 1. CO LD CALLING ISDEAD! …but the phone isn’t
  3. 3. Outbound prospecting is essential for massive growth. Wordofmouthgets youonlysofar Wordofmouthgets youonlysofar
  4. 4. Yes,coldcallingisdead. Butthephonedoesstillwork. Why? Becauseeveryonethinks coldcallingisdead.
  5. 5. Know something about your prospect Already know the answers to your questions Cold emailing before calling is an effective strategy Thekeyis
  6. 6. Knowthegoalofyour call—toschedulea meeting,thatisall.
  7. 7. Herearefourhelpfultipsforyour nextcall.
  8. 8. 1Don't memorize a script but memorize key phrases so you don’t get caught off guard
  9. 9. 2Write out all possible objections—and your rebuttals Commit these to memory
  10. 10. 3Make your call personalized and memorable Do research and use social intelligence
 (LinkedIn, Twitter, personal blogs)
  11. 11. 4 Above all, be yourself Show your personality (But don’t be a pest.)
  12. 12. Myfavoriteopeningline: “Hey [Name], [Your Name] from [Your Company]. How are you doing today?”
  13. 13. Thegoalis
 nottosellon thefirstcall...IRepeat: GETTHE
  14. 14. Leavingvoicemail ...shouldyou? Keep it short and to the point Have an air of mystery Don't expect a call back— voicemail acts as another way for the prospect to know who you are and get in their subconscious so when they do finally get around to the email you also sent your name has some familiarity
  15. 15. AGoodVoicemailScript “Hi [Name], reason I’m calling is to discuss how we helped [your value prop] for [Customer] and [Customer] and others in [prospect’s vertical]. My name is [Your Name] from [Company] and my phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Again, that's xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thanks [Name]" AGoodVoicemailScript
  16. 16. BestTimetoCall?
  17. 17. Answer: The best time to call is when you pick up the phone and make a call.
  18. 18. Don’tforgettologyouractivity
 andtrackyourcalls (Use a CRM or Excel spreadsheet)
  19. 19. Disqualifyingaleadis justasimportantas qualifyingthem.
  20. 20. HandlingRejection Don't take it personally Best way to avoid rejection is to avoid being the type of person you would say no to Once again, don’t be a pest
  21. 21. Practice Record yourself or call your voicemail and listen to your own pitch... would you hang up on you? Pay attention to your voice—does your "sales" voice sound different than your regular speaking voice You're going for a conversational tone— just as if your sitting next to a stranger in an airport bar who asks "what do you do?"
  22. 22. BONUS
 TIPS Phone calls should be only part of multi-channel follow up strategy Use emails, phone calls and social to create a follow-up sequence How's your LinkedIn profile? If you are looking at a prospect's profile there's a very good chance they are going to look at yours. Make sure you are presenting the right message—and make sure your profile isn't hidden. Track your "touches" with either sales automation software or Excel and analyze what works and what doesn't 1-2 punch, VM followed by an email Always have a CTA, make it easy for your prospect to do what you want them to BONUS
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