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What is SharePoint Development??


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What is SharePoint Development??

  1. 1. WHAT IS SHAREPOINTDEVELOPMENT?SPTechCon San Francisco 2013Mark
  2. 2. Summit 7 systems is a premier provider of consulting and implementation services specializing on theMicrosoft SharePoint Platform and FAST Enterprise Search. » Summit 7 Systems was chosen by KMWorld Magazine as one of the top 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management along with companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and IBM. » Summit 7 Systems was named to the 2011 and 2012 CRN Next-Gen 250 List as a company bringing innovative processes, methodologies and models to the solution provider industry. » Top 1% of Microsoft Partners Worldwide » Summit 7 Systems was named #6 on the 2012 CRN Fast Growth 100 based on our 2009 – 2011 growth of over 930% per year. » ~ 50% of Technical Staff hold US Government SECRET Clearances. » Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).
  3. 3. SOFTWARE PLATFORMS SERVICES FAST Enterprise Search SharePoint QuickStart SharePoint 2007 Information Architecture and Governance Development SharePoint 2010 Upgrade and Migration SharePoint 2013 Branding and Design (User Experience) Office Platform Web Content Management Design and Deployment Sitecore SharePoint Search Custom Workflow or Web Part DevelopmentSOLUTION AREAS InfoPath Forms and Workflows SharePoint Platform Solutions Performance Baselines and Best Practices Optimization Enterprise Search Mapping Business Process to Software Platforms Enterprise Content Management Cloud Services Design and Provisioning Internet / Web Content Management Remote Support Contracts Extranet Solutions Compliance Quickstart Intranet Solutions Business Process Management Enterprise Project Management Exchange Server
  4. 4. MARK RACKLEY / SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT • 18+ years software architecture and development experience • SharePoint Junkie since 2007 • Event Organizer • Blogger, Writer, Speaker • Bacon aficionado@mrackley
  5. 5. AGENDA• What’s the big deal?• Define “Development”• Types of SharePoint Development • What it is • Benefits Disadvantages • Skills needed• Demos
  7. 7. WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?You need to know the best tool for a job• Efficiently design solutions• Avoid unnecessary workMake sure you are hiring the right person for the job• Can they do the tasks you need them to do / are they a fit?• Will they cause more problems than they will solve?• Know the right questions to ask
  9. 9. DEFINE “DEVELOPER”developer (dɪˈvɛləpə)—na person or thing that develops something
  10. 10. DEFINE “DEVELOPER”develop (dɪˈvɛləp) — vb1. to come or bring to a later or more advanced or expandedstage; grow or cause to grow gradually2. to elaborate or work out in detail3. to come or bring into existence; generate or be generated
  11. 11. THE #1 MISTAKE#1 Mistake SharePoint “developers” make?• Opening Visual Studio• Development is not necessarily managed code
  13. 13. OUT OF THE BOX (OOB)So easy even your managercan do it…
  14. 14. OUT OF THE BOX (OOB)• Performed in SharePoint.• No external tools, little or no code• Create sites, lists, custom views, alerts, dashboards and simple applications using web parts and web part connections
  15. 15. OUT OF THE BOX (OOB)Benefits• No code• No external tools• Even your boss could do it• Fewest upgrade issuesDisadvantages• Will rarely be enough• It’s not idiot proof• Even your boss can do it
  16. 16. OUT OF THE BOX (OOB)Skills needed• Understanding of the ins and outs of SharePoint• Knowledge of the out of the box web partsBottom Line• Essential to understand for all types of SharePoint Development• Most under utilized development approach by traditional developers• Always start here first• Attend some end user sessions
  17. 17. SHAREPOINT DESTROYER…ERR DESIGNERWhere’s my design view?
  18. 18. SHAREPOINT DESIGNER (SPD)• Free development tool• Users SharePoint’s Web Services to communicate with your site• Create SharePoint objects, edit forms, DataViewWebParts, connections to external lists, essential for developing branding.
  19. 19. SHAREPOINT DESIGNER (SPD)Benefits• More options than OOB• More control over look and feel• Remote development!• SPD WorkflowsDisadvantages• Still has limitations• Deployment is messy (or develop in production)• Customizing (unghosting)
  20. 20. SHAREPOINT DESIGNER (SPD)Skills needed• OOB Skills• HTML, CSS, XML, XSL, JavaScriptBottom Line• Essential tool for skilled designers, site admins, and quick tweaks in production.• Future of the product may be uncertain
  21. 21. JAVASCRIPT / JQUERYWith great power…
  22. 22. JAVASCRIPT/JQUERY• Part of that “Client Side Development”• Great for complicated business logic in tightly controlled environments• Communicate with remote servers using Web Services• Scripts can be deployed in a solution or placed in a Document Library and linked in a Content Editor Web Part
  23. 23. JAVASCRIPT/JQUERYBenefits• Can replace the need for Visual Studio for certain functionality• Does not create “points” like Sandboxed solutions• Improved user experience• It’s the futureDisadvantages• Can be difficult to maintain and debug• Anyone can do it• Can cause performance issues
  24. 24. JAVASCRIPT/JQUERYSkills needed• OOB Skills• HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, XML, XSL• Traditional developer skillsBottom Line• Amazing, essential skill if used correctly• Becoming more important every day (sometimes only option in the cloud)• Use it wisely
  25. 25. POWERSHELLAdmins are developers too…
  26. 26. POWERSHELL• Administrative Tool Set• Scripting environment, NOT for creating interactive SharePoint solutions• Configure farm, Deploy solutions, Create SharePoint artifacts• Tools • PowerShell • PowerShell ISE • PowerShell Plus (Idera) • PowerGUI (Dell/Quest)
  27. 27. POWERSHELLBenefits• Essential for deploying solutions and doing admin work that development sometimes requires• Perfect for “run once” logic that may not make sense to deploy as a featureDisadvantages• Not a tool for creating “business functionality”
  28. 28. POWERSHELLSkills needed• OOB Skills• PowerShell syntax• SharePoint Object ModelBottom Line• Might be able to live without as a developer, but can save you a lot of time and make you a more efficient developer
  29. 29. VISUAL STUDIO / .NETWhen all else fails, use a bigger stick…
  30. 30. VISUAL STUDIO / .NET• Create solutions that deploy files to the farm• Sometimes there is no other option• It CAN do most of what the other options can do… but… • May not be an option in your environment • May take a lot longer to develop • Deployment can add headaches
  31. 31. VISUAL STUDIO / .NET• Create solutions to deploy files to your farm so you aren’t manually copying them• Create virtually any SharePoint object including content types, site columns, lists, sites, workflows, web parts, event receivers, timer jobs, service applications, etc…• Remote development using Web Services / Client Object Model
  32. 32. VISUAL STUDIO / .NETSolution Options• Sandboxed Solutions• Client Object Modal• Web Services• Farm Solutions
  33. 33. VISUAL STUDIO / .NETBenefits• Rich development experience• When all else fails it can get the job done• Best method for working with large amounts of dataDisadvantages• Greater skill required (bigger learning curve)• Must have access to the server to deploy features (aside from Sandbox solutions)• Can be difficult to debug in production
  34. 34. VISUAL STUDIO / .NETSkills needed• OOB Skills• C#, .NET, SharePoint Object Model, CAML, LINQ, XML, HTMLBottom Line• Should not always be first choice in development• By far the most powerful development option
  35. 35. DEVELOPMENT OPTIONS COMPARISON* OOB SPD JavaScript PowerShell Visual Studio Create SharePoint Objects Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Display information to the user (Dashboards, Reports, Dynamic information) Yes Yes Yes No Yes Execute code with elevated privileges No No No Yes Yes Perform complicated business logic No Limited Yes Yes Yes Event Receivers, Timer Jobs, Service Applications, Custom Search No No No No Yes Create deployable solutions No No No No Yes Deploy solutions No No No Yes Not in production Create List Views Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Visual enhancements such as animations Limited It depends Yes No Yes Can be used in the Cloud? Yes Yes Yes It depends It depends*Generally speaking
  37. 37. SHAREPOINT 2013 APP MODELWait… What???
  38. 38. LEARN MORE AT…All• Blogs, books, conferencesOOB & SPD• http://EndUserSharePoint.comjQuery & JavaScript•• The SharePoint & jQuery Guide• Gary Lapointe• Critical Path Training -• MindSharp -
  39. 39. DEMOS!I know… it’s about time? Right?
  40. 40. FOR MORE FROM SUMMIT 7 SYSTEMS… @summit7systems summit 7 systems summit7systems