What is pacifism


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AQA Short Course RE GCSE
What is Pacifism
War and Peace Unit

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What is pacifism

  1. 1. Recall and Recap...
  2. 2. DNA-What does this picture infer?
  3. 3. Keywords for this lesson...  Quakers  Salaam  Peace  Justice  Sanctity of life  Pacifism  Forgiveness  Just war  Holy war  Red Cross  Red Crescent  Dalai Lama  Irena Sendler  UN  Terrorism  Weapons of mass destruction
  4. 4. Pacifism Learning intentions:  To learn to know and understand what Pacifists believe.  To explore and make a decision on whether or not Jesus was a pacifist. Success Criteria: • Create a detailed mind map exploring pacifism • Answer a 6 mark question about Pacifism
  5. 5. What is pacifism?
  6. 6. What is pacifism? Pacifism is the belief that violence used against other humans is wrong.
  7. 7. Was Jesus a Pacifist? A Pacifist believes that violence against other human beings is wrong.  Using this definition colour-code the cards; for and against Jesus being a pacifist.  Copy and complete: I think that Jesus was/waswas/was not a pacifist. I have made this decision based on.... Extension: (In full sentences.) 1. What example of Jesus should Christians follow? 2. Why do you think these different aspects of Jesus could be confusing?
  8. 8. Create a Mind Map during the following slides Pacifism
  9. 9. Pacifism
  10. 10. What is Pacifism?  Pacifists believe that war can never be justified and they refuse to fight in them  They are ‘CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS’ this means killing is against their conscious  Buddhists and some specific groups of Christians are Pacifists e.g. Quakers What other roles could a conscientious objector do in war time? What other roles could a conscientious objector do in war time?
  11. 11. What do Pacifists believe?  For religious Pacifists, Sanctity of Life is important. All Pacifists believe that every person is part of the human family and deserves respect  Killing goes against teachings in sacred writings  War causes suffering, bitterness, hatred and greed  War damages the environment and wastes precious lives  Using violence to achieve freedom is sinking to the same level as the oppressor
  12. 12. Christian Pacifists  The early Christians practiced non-violence  Today Christian Pacifists follow the example of Jesus who did not resist arrest and allowed himself to be crucified for the love of the human race  Christian Pacifists are willing to die, but not kill for their beliefs  They will not serve in the armed forces  During World War 1 and 2 many Pacifists were put in prison for refusing to fight
  13. 13. The Society of Friends;  Otherwise known as Quakers, is a Christian denomination that strongly believes in Pacifism.  There is also a Roman Catholic group of pacifists called Pax Christi, which believe in the power of prayer, reconciliation, forgiveness, forgiveness and non-violence.
  14. 14. 4 mark question... “Explain why some Christians are pacifists”  Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have thought about more than one point of view. For Against Religious view My view Evaluate the Religious view Target: Understanding of Christian pacifism Levels Criteria Marks 0 Nothing relevant or worthy of credit. Level 1: Something relevant or worthy of credit. Level 2: Partial knowledge and understanding, e.g. Two simple points. Level 3: Sound knowledge and understanding. Two Detailed points.
  15. 15. “Explain why some Christians are pacifists”  Do you agree?  Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have thought about more than one point of view. The examiner is asking you to look at the way a religious person behaves. You need to include specialist language .
  16. 16. Peer marking- PURPLE PENS...!  ‘Do not kill’ applies to all forms of killing humans, including war / ‘blessed are the peacemakers’ – war is not peacemaking / ‘those who live by the sword die by the sword’, i.e. violence just creates more violence / war does not fulfil ‘love your enemy’ / creates long term suffering and misery / war leads to even more hatred and desire for revenge / war harms the environment as well as humans / following the example of another Christian.  ADD  BUILD  CORRECT  BE KIND/HELPFUL AND SPECIFIC!
  17. 17. o Given two religious views? o Supported answer with teachings? o Linked back to the question? o Explained points? o Highlighted specialist language
  18. 18. Improve your answer You could include: 1. Spelling and punctuation 2. A quote from the Bible 3. Another point of view 4. Developing your PEE
  19. 19. Homework See the blog...
  20. 20. Plenary Copy the triangle of learning into your book and fill it in! 1 thing you want to learn more about 2 key words you have learnt about, and their meaning 3 things you have learnt this lesson