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Religious attitudes


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PP to explore AQA short course RE- early life- religious attitudes to abortion.

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Religious attitudes

  1. 1. DNA Make a sentence out of each word you find. It must earn you 1 mark in the exam!
  2. 2. Religious views on abortion Learning objectives: • To describe/explain what Christians and Muslims state about abortion. • To consider/debate if we agree with their viewpoints.
  3. 3. Recap... • Sanctity of Life • When does Life begin • Miracle of Life • Gift of Life • Abortion
  4. 4. Homework... Statement Law? Actual Law Fair/ Unfair Reasons 24 Weeks is the maximum age for abortion, in most cases Anyone can have an abortion, just like that Abortions will only be offered if there is a risk to the health of mother or child If a child risks being born with severe disabilities, an abortion can be suggested – including beyond 24 weeks Only one doctor needs to recommend an abortion Abortions can be given in emergency situations to save mother’s life Aside from doctors, a woman has to tell at least a relative that she wants/needs an abortion Under 16’s are forbidden from having abortions Abortion is immoral Doctors have to administer abortions Two doctors have to be in agreement to recommend an abortion
  5. 5. Islam and Abortion 1. Complete the cloze activity. 2. Read ‘Islam’ on p86-7 (to HELP) • Extension: ‘Muslims should always think that abortion is wrong.’ What do you think? Explain your opinion. (3 marks)
  6. 6. Task Read ‘Christianity’ on p86 & p90. (TO HELP) • Create a poster showing what Christians believe about abortion (skilled). (NO MORE THAN 25 WORDS) • For excellent, include how Christian views can be different.
  7. 7. Example: Joanna Jepson • What does Joanna Jepson believe about abortion? • Why does she believe this? Extension: ‘Should have Joanna taken the doctor’s decision to court, when it wasn’t her body? Why?’
  8. 8. 6 mark question • Do you agree? • Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have thought about more than one point of view. • Refer to religious arguments in your answer.
  9. 9. 6-mark question “It is nonsense to speak of a moment when life begins.” • Do you agree? • Give reasons for your answer, showing that you have thought about more than one point of view. • Refer to religious arguments in your answer. For Against Religious view My view Evaluate the Religious view
  10. 10. Peer Assess • Using the mark scheme on P7 and the Onion peer assess your partner’s answer: • What mark would you give them and why? • What did they do well? • What could they do to improve? • Remember be KIND/SPECIFIC/HELPFUL
  11. 11. Homework Check the BLOG... Due in next lesson. • It is very easy to think that a religious person would automatically view abortion as wrong. Read and make notes on the website below for alternatives to religious views: • (go to ‘Issues’ then ‘Abortion’)
  12. 12. Plenary “Abortion is always wrong” Tell your partner: • If you agree/disagree • What a Christian or Muslim would say
  13. 13. TARGETS •I need to punctuate longer sentences. •I’m going to stay in the same tense. •I should try to not start every sentence with ‘I’ •I need to pay attention to my use of capital letters. •I need to PEE throughout my writing. •I must write in sentences. •I need to include more detail in my writing. •I need to use speech marks at the beginning and end of speech. I must also, take a new line for each new speaker. •I have to reference my work using a bibliography and footnotes. •I need to choose more interesting words. •I’m going to use PERSUADE. •I should make use of imagery (simile, metaphor, personification) in my writing. •I must write in paragraphs. •I should use sensory language in my writing. I will try to use linking words and phrases