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Abortion and the law


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Introduction to AQA Short Course- RE- Religion and Early Life Unit of work.
Very brief into on Abortion and Law.

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Abortion and the law

  1. 1. Write a definition for ‘abortion’, using no more than 10 words. Abortion is…
  2. 2. Abortion and the law Learning Objectives: • To understand what abortion is by defining it. • To understand the legal position on abortion. • To consider if we think some reasons are more important than others for an abortion.
  3. 3. Task In pairs, read the statements. Decide if the statement is law/not law, fair or unfair and why you think this.
  4. 4. Task 1. Read p80 2. Highlight the statements that are the law on your worksheet. 3. Answer the ‘Activities’ question Extension: Complete activity 5 on p81
  5. 5. What do you think is important about this data? • Abortions are down to 196,082 carried out in 2011, The figures provide a fascinating insight into women's lives across the two countries. • The figures show that under half of abortions (49%) were to women with partners while 26% were to single women and 16% of abortions occurred within marriage. The numbers of abortions to girls under 16 are down too, 3,258 in 2011, down from 3,718 the previous year. Data from The Guardian website
  6. 6. Task 1. Fill in the diamond ranking exercise worksheet. 2. ‘Some reasons for abortion are more important than others’. Do you agree? Give more than one point of view in your answer.
  7. 7. Why there is an abortion limit? • Watch the clip about Sarah Catt. • Do you agree with the actions that Sarah took? Video: Sarah Catt
  8. 8. ‘A doctor’s job is to save life, not to end it’ Think, pair, share
  9. 9. Plenary Come up with 2 lies and a truth about the abortion law. Test them on your partner. Can they guess which is the truth?
  10. 10. HOMEWORK...