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S&G Audio Video Revise W Music


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shergos powerpoint

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S&G Audio Video Revise W Music

  1. 2. <ul><li>When only the Finest will do </li></ul>
  2. 3. At Sherman and Gosweiler we believe that design professionals not have to waste valuable time agonizing over details of custom built-ins and furniture. We take your basic concept and vision and refine it for presentation to your client. This way you can concentrate on creating the whole environment and not agonize over details.
  3. 4. Create New Surroundings
  4. 8. Transform Space
  5. 12. Design Concepts with Options As the requirements and design objectives of the project are discussed, Chuck Sherman brings his thirty years of experience to bear, asking just the right questions to produce a viable concept sketch right on the spot
  6. 13. From client meeting sketches… … built to your exact specifications.
  7. 14. In our shop prior to custom finishing. And from simple sketches… to fine furniture
  8. 15. from Media Centers that can create new surroundings… Free Standing
  9. 16. Traditional
  10. 17. Contemporary
  11. 18. to elegant furniture that transforms any room Custom
  12. 19. Traditional
  13. 20. Contemporary
  14. 21. Hand built by Expert Craftsmen & Cabinet Makers We take pride in the company we keep. The expert craftsmen and cabinet makers in our shop know their materials and they understand the qualities of the woods they use; whether exotic veneers or solid hardwoods. Our artisans take pride in their work; they care about the projects they produce from cabinet drawers to chairs; from furniture to final product.
  15. 23. Dovetailed, Solid Hardwood Drawers Full Extension Easy Gliding Drawer Slide Built with time-honored craftsmanship
  16. 24. MEDIA STORAGE DRAWERS: Flexible divided storage for CD’s, DVD’s, VHS, etc. Size shown holds 150 CD’s per drawer Using only the finest hardware
  17. 25. Hand rubbed finishes in color lacquers or faux Our finishing department combines the best finishing experts with some of the most creative faux painting experts in the tri-state area. Their unique abilities and wide ranging techniques include restoration of fine antiques, so you know you’re working with the experts when it comes to understanding the finish quality of the final product.
  18. 27. Built with the finest veneers & finishes Exotic
  19. 28. Color & tinted Lacquers
  20. 29. Concept Sketch
  21. 30. During Construction
  22. 31. from Concept sketch… to finished installation.
  23. 32. After
  24. 33. Plasma TV installed above fireplace built-in
  25. 34. AND we work with your Audio/ Video company to give you a seamless installation.
  26. 35. Professionally Installed Equipment
  27. 36. We Work With Your Electrician <ul><li>Lay-out for new outlets and switches </li></ul><ul><li>Lay-out for Cabinet Lighting </li></ul>
  28. 37. We Work With Many Top Designers