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So Many Apps, So Little Time - 101612


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Presentation given during Apple sponsored "iPads in the NYCDOE" event held at the United Federation of Teachers headquarters in New York CIty.

Published in: Technology, Education
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So Many Apps, So Little Time - 101612

  1. 1. Chris Casal Technology Coordinator/Teacher P. S. 10 Brooklyn (15K010) Twitter: @mr_casal So Many Apps, So Little Time Apple’s iPad in the NYCDOE - 10/16/12
  2. 2. P. S. 10 - an overview Park Slope vicinity, Brooklyn ~850 students Pre K- 5th grade 36 classroom teachers, 7 clusters, 2 coaches, 2 administrators
  3. 3. P. S. 10 iPads Initiative spearheaded by Principal Laura Scott & Technology Teacher/Coordinator Chris Casal All k-5 classroom teachers invited 36 teachers accepted, 5 declined 2 Pre-K & 1 long-term sub not currently eligible 2 Science teachers involved each has “teacher” iPad plus shared 20 iPad cart for student use Assistant Principal, Literacy Coach, Math Coach also involved
  4. 4. Teacher iPads Teachers who accept the iPad agree to: attend 4 hours of introductory PD, non-paid sync only to DOE classroom computer or iCloud create iTunes/iCloud account using DOE email use personal credit card 99% of apps used are free paid apps are paid for by teachers, no reimbursement
  5. 5. Mobile Cart 20 iPads 1 MacBook iTunes account tied to official school email account iTunes account tied to Principal’s DOE issued “P-Card” each iPad numbered labeled externally & “Home” & “Lock” screen images Great “how to” classroom-ipod-touches-ipads-dos-and-donts.html
  6. 6. Professional Development Introduction/issued iPad - 4 hours - mandatory 2x 2 hour sessions setup, syncing, email, basic apps Workshop series - 10 hours - optional 5x 2 hour sessions each session devoted to specific apps or tasks Continual/ongoing support
  7. 7. The process... Who, What, When, Where, Why, How... (...and not necessarily in that order...)
  8. 8. Our answers... Why - mobility, access, paper work What - conferring & assessing, collaboration, communication When - 9/10 test a few, 1/11 20 iPads to gr. 3-5, 6/11 all classroom teachers, 11/11 clusters (Art, Music) Who - tech, admin, classroom teachers, coaches (Lit & Math), Science students, clusters... Where - computer lab for prep & PD, classroom teachers, cart for Science students How - NYSTL, Reso-A, any available funds (enthusiastic administration), build interest & excitement for staff buy-in through methodical & effective roll out and professional development
  9. 9. Implementing your iPads... Be smart, plan well, train effectively, support continually, and always spend wisely.... (...and pretty much in that order...)
  10. 10. PS 10 iPads, virtually speaking...
  11. 11. AppShopper Search for apps see price changes create wish lists read reviews App - $free
  12. 12. Benefits Keep track of apps of interest Wish List gives you alerts to price changes Keep track of apps you have “Have It” list allows you to quickly catalog what you own as you download more & more this becomes very handy Free app that tells you when other apps go free (or on sale)
  13. 13. Main app interface
  14. 14. Easy seach of entire App Store
  15. 15. Narrow searches by catagory
  16. 16. Reviews & descriptions just like in the official App Store Click Buy to launch the App Store or use Want It to add an app to your Wish List to recieve alerts on price changes
  17. 17. My Wish List - waiting for prices to drop
  18. 18. AppShopper Free app Simple interface Easy to use Let the app do the work for you alerts to price drops save you money Apps change prices constantly. AppShopper is a must have to stay on top of the changes and get the best apps for the lowest prices
  19. 19. GoodReader View almost any file format Search the web within the app and download files directly Annotate PDF files with typewriter, shapes, and freehand tools great for “paperless” form signing, running records, etc. App - $4.99
  20. 20. Benefits Go paperless running records conference notes classroom forms All “paperwork” digitized & always at your fingertips
  21. 21. Alphabetical file structure - both files and folders Select a file to view it Similar user interface (folder/ file nav & structure) to most OS’ and apps such as Dropbox Built in web browser Available servers
  22. 22. Add new servers to access files GoodReader will access Google Apps accounts, cloud services, and instructional servers
  23. 23. Manage GoodReader files just as you would on your PC Rename files Create folders Move files
  24. 24. Example of a Teachers College Running Record being completed directly on the iPad via GoodReader Various view options Various annotation options
  25. 25. Annotation options such as typing, highlightening, underlining and shapes... Freehand drawing/writing Text tool
  26. 26. Before annotating GoodReader will prompt options - save an annotated copy or replace the original Replace the original of save a copy
  27. 27. Freehand tool & toolbar - change color and line thickness
  28. 28. Text box can contain as much, or as little, as needed. Also, author names can be set to track multiple user edits Typing tool -
  29. 29. When finished typing you can move it around the page - clicking “Done” sets the text location (and can be moved again if need be) Finished text
  30. 30. Text editing toolbar
  31. 31. Freehand editing toolbar
  32. 32. Example of a Teachers College Running Record completed via GoodReader
  33. 33. Customizable Use personalized forms Import any PDF files you want to annotate and keep out of the traditional file cabinet Use Microsoft Word or Apple’s Pages to export text files as PDFs for annotation go “paperless” with all your existing documents
  34. 34. Created a Word document “sign out” sheet. Saved as PDF. Imported to GoodReader via Dropbox
  35. 35. Teachers sign directly on the iPad - only need to print when a hard copy is required
  36. 36. Paperless rubrics... A tutorial created for the staff of PS 10 Downloadable from PS10iPads
  37. 37. GoodReader View almost any file format Search the web within the app and download files directly Annotate PDF files with typewriter, shapes, and freehand tools great for “paperless” form signing, running records, etc. App - $4.99
  38. 38. The Usual Questions What is the best way to get in touch with you? How can I contact with questions? Can I call you? Do you give out your cell phone number? Can I call you at home?
  39. 39. Easiest Solution... ... Google
  40. 40. Google Voice Part of Google Apps Google Apps for Education Part of GMail Free calls outside of US have fee
  41. 41. Google Voice iOS app - Inbox Inbox view - great way to keep in touch without a phone
  42. 42. Summary Google Voice is free Ties a local phone number to your email & forwards calls to any phone you choose Allows you to give out a number that isn’t your personal number Can be changed or deleted at any time Communicate via an iOS device
  43. 43. Closing What better way to give out your number than... A free number that can be changed or deleted at any time... A number that can receive calls, texts & voicemail (with transcription) to your email... A number you don’t even need a phone to use... Google Voice, the best way to be in touch without sacrificing personal space & information
  44. 44. Common Core
  45. 45. iPad Resources iTunes U Apps free to expensive some state specific
  46. 46. iTunes U Built in feature of the iPad Free courses downloaded directly to your iPad State are developing their own courses & PD programs delivered via iTunes U California, Arkansas, Tennessee among the most prolific
  47. 47. iTunes U search for “common core” Courses are limited but Collections are quite large and often include audio & video
  48. 48. Various collections California, Tenessee, Arkansas well represented...
  49. 49. ASCD Collection Download any/all or subscribe to get all & updates
  50. 50. California’s Collection Documents, PD sessions & lectures and specific to California, but worth a look for real-world context
  51. 51. iOS Apps Common Core Standards - free overview of standard Common Core Standards & Tasks Common Core Look-fors - $2.99 app for administrators doing observations with Common Core in mind good resource for teachers too State specific New York & California
  52. 52. Common Core Standards Free All Math & ELA standards Math Traditional Math Integrated ELA College & Career Readiness (CCR) Anchors Simple, easy to use, overview of the core standards Developed by MasteryConnect as companion app for their web- based instructional solution
  53. 53. Main app interface Paid subscription to MasterConnect not necessary
  54. 54. Example of a standard’s main page Math Traditional, Math Integrated, and ELA all have the same look, feel, and function
  55. 55. Math Traditional - Grade 5 Math Traditional, Math Integrated, and ELA all have the same look, feel, and function
  56. 56. Math Traditional - Grade 5 Standard 5.NBT.1 Math Traditional, Math Integrated, and ELA all have the same look, feel, and function
  57. 57. ELA example - Grade 5 Standard 5.RIT.1 Some standards have more detail than others...
  58. 58., the app developer Using their web service is NOT REQUIRED to use the free Common Core Standards app
  59. 59. CCL4s Common Core Look Fors ELA, Math & Technology (ISTE) $2.99 Aligned to Common Core Standards Include photos & video with observation Email observations directly from app Developer very active & responsive on Twitter - @RSaints
  60. 60. Notes Photos Standards
  61. 61. California Common Core app Specific to California, and created by a District, but free so might be useful for in-practice context
  62. 62. New York Common Core ELA app Specific to New York, and created by an independent developer. At $0.99 might only be worth it for NYS educators
  63. 63. New York Common Core Math app Specific to New York, and created by an independent developer. At $0.99 might only be worth it for NYS educators
  64. 64. Standards & Strategies app - one for ELA, one for Math Each app, Math & ELA, is $19.99 - $40.00 is fairly steep for a pair of apps - is it worth it....?
  65. 65. iPad Browsers Safari is Apple’s own it is the default not possible to change the “default browser” Browser alternatives abound free, cheap, and expensive Download some & find the ones with features that best suit your needs
  66. 66. Browsers (alphabetical, not preferential, order) Atomic - free for “Lite” or $0.99 for “Full” Chrome - free - Google’s iOS browser Diigo - free - formerly called iChromy Dolphin - free iCab Mobile - $1.99 Mercury - free for “Lite” or $0.99 for “Pro” Opera - free Snowbunny - free Terra - free
  67. 67. Chrome Free Google’s iOS version of their desktop browser Same features on iOS as in desktop sign-in syncing viewing other devices If you are a Google fan, a Google Apps user, or just someone with a GMail account, this is a must have
  68. 68. Looks exactly like the desktop version - works the same too... When signed in, browser options can be synced across devices
  69. 69. Quick option settings such as “Incognito” or private browsing, plus more full setting customization Full Settings menu Quick Settings
  70. 70. Full Settings menu Sign-in for instant access to all Google properties
  71. 71. Very handy quick tour to get you started...
  72. 72. Diigo Browser Free Diigo, the social bookmarking site’s browser Extremely customizable Excellent integration with Diigo, Twitter, etc Annotate webpages within the browser Identify as other platforms If you are a Diigo user this is a great browser. Before Google released Chrome for iOS, the Diigo Browser was the closest thing to the desktop version of Chrome
  73. 73. Very similar to Chrome in look, feel, and function Search from the address bar... Tons of seting options... Unique tools...
  74. 74. Annotate a webpage
  75. 75. The annotation screen opens in a new tab Lots of standard annotation options
  76. 76. Once your annotations are finished you have various output options Output options
  77. 77. Multiple services for quick sharing integration
  78. 78. Various tools for customization - Diigo sign-in, privacy (Incognito) mode, iCloud integration, etc
  79. 79. Various options for customization - make it function like your desktop browser
  80. 80. More options, such as “Identify browser as” which is useful for browsing sites that don’t work well with Safari Mobile
  81. 81. iCabMobile $1.99 - worth the expense Tons of customization options Key features download YouTube videos to Photos app upload downloaded files to websites such as Very robust and extremely customizable browser
  82. 82. Great opening page with overview
  83. 83. Tons of available integration
  84. 84. Tons of settings
  85. 85. Press & hold on a YouTube video to Download
  86. 86. Downloads the video within the app...
  87. 87. Once downloaded click the file with the Downloads window to get options
  88. 88. You can also re- upload previously downloaded files
  89. 89. You can only upload from your Photo Album or files previously downloaded with iCab - still a very handy feature
  90. 90. Rover Rover Free bills itself as “browser for education” lots of pre-loaded educational sites Plays Flash
  91. 91. Summary Many options beyond Safari don’t be afraid to try a lot don’t be afraid to use more than one within your workflow My preference iCab for customization, integration, ability to download & upload (especially YouTube) Chrome - most natural fit for Google users Diigo - longest use aside from Safari, very comfortable with functions, abilities, and ease of use If tons of customization isn’t for you Snowbunny, Opera, Terra
  92. 92. Splashtop 2 main apps Remote Desktop - $4.99 Whiteboard - $19.99 Essentially VNC (Virtual Network Control) apps with varying levels of functionality
  93. 93. Splashtop Remote Desktop Control your computer remotely easy setup via IP address of computer name free desktop app Splashtop Streamer makes connecting a snap
  94. 94. Streamer Free download companion software for your desktop facilitates connection between iOS device & full OS
  95. 95. IP address of computer - needed for connecting iPad app Configuration tools Streamer is your main configuration tool
  96. 96. List of computers on network with Splashtop Streamer installed & configured
  97. 97. Useful hints appear upon established connection between iPad & desktop
  98. 98. Keyboard features crucial keys such as the Command key as well a traditional Function keys
  99. 99. Using the app to control the SmartBoard desktop annotation tools
  100. 100. Using the app to open a Smart Notebook file
  101. 101. Multiple modes allow for Right-click, Double-click, and Trackpad functions
  102. 102. Keep in mind Remote Desktop is literally a remote control of your computer Not an Interactive White Board replacement control your IWB remotely from your iPad use WITH your IWB, not instead of not a replacement, an enhancement Access your desktop anywhere on your network depending on your district’s firewall, you might be able to access your computer from home
  103. 103. Summary $4.99 is well worth the expense to take full advantage of the mobility of the iPad the iPad isn’t a replacement of other technology items, it is an enhancement, a value added item your whiteboard is a focal point of your classroom, but now you don’t have to be at it to use it
  104. 104. Keynote Apple’s version of PowerPoint Designed specifically for iPad to most closely mimic the desktop version Pricey, but regarded as one of the better productivity apps on the market App - $9.99
  105. 105. Benefits Create presentations directly on iPad small learning curve most desktop elements exist in app Variety of export options Email, print, upload to WebDAV, etc Export as PDF or PowerPoint in addition to Keynote Create high quality presentations on your iPad just as you would from a laptop or desktop with the added functionality of mobility and onboard camera for instant images
  106. 106. Main app interface - shows existing presentations & allows you to create new ones
  107. 107. Create blank presentations or import existing
  108. 108. Limited themes within app, but app will import & recognize desktop version themes
  109. 109. Slide list view, almost identical to desktop version of Keynote (and PowerPoint) Straighforward text editing... Click the image icon to change the image
  110. 110. After tapping image icon you can import any image from within your Photos app
  111. 111. Tap an image to insert it...
  112. 112. Note the yellow guide & grid lines - can be turned on and off - very handy for aligning all elements Replaced placeholder image with my own
  113. 113. Double-tap on text boxes to activate keyboard & add text
  114. 114. The plus sign will allow you to add slides - use a template or blank option
  115. 115. A standard title & text box slide - with bulleted list
  116. 116. Re-arrange slide elements such as titles, text boxes & pictures just as you would on a desktop
  117. 117. Tap the + to add elements...
  118. 118. Tap the + to add elements...
  119. 119. Tap the + to add elements...
  120. 120. Tap the + to add elements...
  121. 121. Tap the brush to format elements
  122. 122. Tap an element to get “animate” option
  123. 123. Animate interface
  124. 124. Choose a standard animation “build” and customize the speed, timing, delivery, etc
  125. 125. Animate each element individually just as you would on a desktop
  126. 126. Set the order of which elements animate first, and if they are automatic or “on click”
  127. 127. Press & hold on a slide to get “Transition” options
  128. 128. Add & customize transitions just as you did animations (and just as you would on a desktop)
  129. 129. When running your presentation you can press and hold on the iPad to get a “virtual pointer”
  130. 130. Use Tools to export your final presentation
  131. 131. Share & Print options...
  132. 132. Choose export format
  133. 133. Keynote - the app Very robust import existing presentations or create new ones export as Keynote, PowerPoint, or PDF almost every feature of the desktop version charts, graphs, insert media, animations, transitions What it doesn’t have... haven’t found anything missing that I’ve needed
  134. 134. Navigating Apps that Enhance Instruction 6/7/12 This 16 slide presentation made 100% in Keynote on an iPad
  135. 135. Agenda • Keeping track of apps • Keeping track of discounts • Paid apps • Free apps • Confer
  136. 136. AppShopper • Free • Search apps & add to wish list • Keep track of app discounts • Great way to save money on quality paid apps
  137. 137. App knowledge options • Similar to AppShopper: • Discovr Apps - $1.99 - search & wish lists • AppAdvice - free - reviews & app suggestions • AppStart - free - great tutorial on basics of iPads • AppsGoneFree - free - daily freebie updates
  138. 138. Paid apps • Put AppShopper to use and add these to your wish list: • McGraw Hill - apps across their publishing spectrum - $0.99 - $1.99 • WikiView or WikiNodes - elegant, visual ways to search Wikipedia - $1.99 each • My Story: Bookmaker for Kids - simple app for creating book using pictures & text - $1.99
  139. 139. Free apps • Google • Fotopedia • Skitch • Common Core
  140. 140. Google • Google • The basic Google app allows you to log in and access all Google products in one place (including Google Docs & level sheets)
  141. 141. Google • Google Earth • Great for visual discussion of locations • Layers include detailed photos of locations, transit stops, related Wikipedia entries, etc • Google Translate • Written translation of over 60 languages • Audio translation of 19 languages
  142. 142. Fotopedia • High resolution pictures of UNESCO World Heritage sites, National Parks, Women of the World, Burma, Paris, Morocco...
  143. 143. Skitch • From the makers of Evernote • Draw on maps, screenshots, photos, etc...
  144. 144. Skitch
  145. 145. Skitch • Customize maps, pictures, web pages and more with custom annotations • A great way to add visual call-outs to existing material • Skitch also available for the Mac
  146. 146. Common Core • Lists all standards & tasks
  147. 147. Common Core • Lists all standards & tasks
  148. 148. Common Core • Lists all standards & tasks
  149. 149. Confer
  150. 150. Storia Scholastic app 5 free books Allows highlighting & note taking within books Create various shelves for different students/activities Purchase additional books
  151. 151. Contact Christopher M. Casal Technology Teacher/Coordinator P. S. 10 (15K010) Email: Twitter: @mr_casal Diigo: mrcasal