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Google Chrome: One of the Best Browsers for Educators


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Slide deck from webinar on the value of using Google's Chrome browser in education.

This presentation is often repeated, with applicable updates. It was originally covered 8/21/12, updated 7/30/13 and 3/12/16. Any and all slide updates will appear within this presentation.

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Google Chrome: One of the Best Browsers for Educators

  1. 1. Chris Casal Purveyor of Geekery, Scarsdale NY @mr_casal Google Chrome: One of the Best Browsers for Educators Simple webinar - 03/12/16
  2. 2. Chrome Free Google’s “platform” web browser Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android operating system Chromebooks Web store tablet-style apps
  3. 3. Versatile
  4. 4. Versatile Sign-in to Google account browser is signed in to all services sign-in to multiple have multiple concurrent browser windows opened, logged in to identical services, with different usernames multiple-users-update.html View & access all devices running Chrome with your account
  5. 5. Mobile View tabs on all devices...
  6. 6. iOS
  7. 7. Chrome Live demo...
  8. 8. Summary A great, free browser Runs on virtually every available platform Sync your web use across multiple devices via your account Web store provides very useful apps Seamless integration with all Google products a must-have for Google Apps for Education users
  9. 9. Closing Why is it the best browser for educators? free easy to use across all platforms ties in to most services educators use versatile connected & synced across devices & locations
  10. 10. Contact Christopher M. Casal 
 Purveyor of Geekery 
 Heathcote School, Scarsdale NY Twitter: @mr_casal Graphite: mrcasal Diigo: mrcasal