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SimpleK12 Webinar - Dropbox 092212


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Published in: Education
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SimpleK12 Webinar - Dropbox 092212

  1. 1. Share Resources, Collaborate & Eliminate Paperwork Simple webinar - 10/22/12Chris CasalTechnology Coordinator/TeacherP. S. 10 Brooklyn (15K010)ccasal@ps10.orgTwitter: @mr_casal
  2. 2. P. S. 10 New York City Department of Education public school Park Slope vicinity, Brooklyn ~950 students Pre K- 5th grade 38 classroom teachers, 8 clusters, 6 related service providers, 2 coaches, 2 administrators fully connected via iPads, laptops, desktops, Google Apps & Dropbox...
  3. 3. DropboxOnline storageAutomatic syncing across devices & operating systems2 GB of storage free many ways to get additional storage, including referrals my referral link: - $Free
  4. 4. BenefitsAccess files anywhere no more flash/thumb drives no more bulky folders/binders of paperworkMultiple app integration GoodReader, PlainText, DropItTo.meShare files and folders for easy collaborationWork on local drive and Dropbox syncs automatically,no uploading needed - work offline & sync later
  5. 5. Benefits Platform agnostic
  6. 6. Bump your storage
  7. 7. How I got more than 2 GB
  8. 8. interface -identical folders accessible oniPad & local HD
  9. 9. Share folders with any users
  10. 10. Native file formats Dropbox folder on local HD - identical to & iPad
  11. 11. Native file formats
  12. 12. Selet a file to view it Alphabetical file structure - both files and folders Native file formats
  13. 13. Folder view Alphabetical file structure - within folders tooNative file formats
  14. 14. Easily share files from iPad
  15. 15. Share via email Generates a linkinstead of emailig a bulky attachment
  16. 16. Send files to other apps
  17. 17. Uplaod files fromiPad to Dropbox Can set automatic uploads of Photos
  18. 18. Dropbox can be set toautomatically upload iPad/iPhone pics to a “Camera Uploads”folder or you can select manually Manually select your photos Manually choose any Dropbox folder as a destination
  19. 19. DROPitTOmewww.dropitto.meFree online site for submitting files to DropboxSet up custom URL for Dropbox submission Students can upload filesNot an iPad app but a great way to extend thecollaborative capabilities of DropboxWeb based - $Free
  20. 20. DROPitTOmeSet up a custom address, in this protect uploads if you like...
  21. 21. DROPitTOmeEasy, standard upload interfaceSearch your hard drive for any file and upload...
  22. 22. Inside main Dropbox directory is a “” folder
  23. 23. PlainText Simple note taking app Has the ability to sync with Dropbox Take notes and they are immediately backed up online App - $Free (ad supported, $4.99 ad free)
  24. 24. Note TitleNote text Very basic interface
  25. 25. Appears in Dropbox in the exact same filestructure as within the app itself
  26. 26. Classroom UsesStore lessons share with colleagues, substitutes, administrationAlways have access to documents - start at home,finish at school... home, school, iPad - all syncedHave students turn in work from any computer viaDropItTo.meShare paperless memos with staff
  27. 27. Other PlayersGoogle Drive much more competitive since moving from “Documents” to “Drive” platform 5 GB free. No free storage upgrades tied to a single Google accountSkyDrive Microsoft Only supports Mac OS 10.7 or later
  28. 28. Why Dropbox for me? Love Google but have multiple Google accounts Drive syncs to only one on the desktop Dropbox allows me to access files regardless of which Google account I’m in Keeps files native, doesn’t convert to Google Docs Longtime Dropbox user 3rd school year Drive released 4/24/12. Share & collaborate with Dropbox users, regardless of their Google use & comfort Opportunities for free storage upgrades
  29. 29. Contact Christopher M. Casal Technology Teacher/Coordinator P. S. 10 (15K010) Email: Twitter: @mr_casal Diigo: mrcasal