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Share Resources, Collaborate & Eliminate Paperwork: Dropbox 081716


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Webinar slides updated 8/17/16 to reflect app changes...

Published in: Education, Technology
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Share Resources, Collaborate & Eliminate Paperwork: Dropbox 081716

  1. 1. Share Resources, Collaborate & Eliminate Paperwork Simple webinar - 8/17/16 Chris Casal Purveyor of Geekery, Scarsdale NY @mr_casal
  2. 2. Cloud is key Google Apps for Education Go GAFE! Office365 Dropbox
  3. 3. But what if you can’t go GAFE?(or Office365…)
  4. 4. Dropbox Online storage Automatic syncing across devices & operating systems 2 GB of storage free many ways to get additional storage, including referrals my referral link: App - $Free
  5. 5. Benefits Access files anywhere no more flash/thumb drives no more bulky folders/binders of paperwork Multiple app integration GoodReader, Adobe, Office365, Share files and folders for easy collaboration Work on local drive and Dropbox syncs automatically, no uploading needed - work offline & sync later
  6. 6. interface - identical folders accessible on iPad & local HD
  7. 7. Dropbox folder on local HD - identical to & iPad Native file formats
  8. 8. Alphabetical file structure - both files and folders Selet a file to view it Native file formats
  9. 9. Easily share files from iPad
  10. 10. Share via email Generates a link instead of emailig a bulky attachment
  11. 11. Easily share files from iPad
  12. 12. Upload & manage files from iPad to Dropbox Can set automatic uploads of Photos
  13. 13. Upload & manage files from iPad to Dropbox
  14. 14. DROPitTOme Free online site for submitting files to Dropbox Set up custom URL for Dropbox/Google Drive/ OneDrive submission Students can upload files Not an iPad app but a great way to extend the collaborative capabilities of Dropbox Web based - $Free
  15. 15. DROPitTOme Set up a custom address, in this case Password protect uploads if you like...
  16. 16. DROPitTOme Easy, standard upload interface Search your hard drive for any file and upload...
  17. 17. Classroom Uses Store lessons share with colleagues, substitutes, administration Always have access to documents - start at home, finish at school... home, school, iPad - all synced Have students turn in work from any computer via Share paperless memos with staff
  18. 18. Google Google and iOS webinars/view.asp?id=112 webinars/view.asp?id=1193 Google rocks on iOS!
  19. 19. Best cloud not named Google Love Google but have multiple Google accounts Drive syncs to only one on the desktop Dropbox allows me to access files regardless of which Google account I’m in Keeps files native, doesn’t convert to Google Docs Universal format support as long as your computer has the program the file can be saved, opened, and edited within a Dropbox folder Share & collaborate with Dropbox users, regardless of their Google use & comfort Opportunities for free storage upgrades
  20. 20. Contact Christopher M. Casal 
 Purveyor of Geekery 
 Heathcote School, Scarsdale NY Twitter: @mr_casal Graphite: mrcasal Diigo: mrcasal