iPad Implementation: One School's Story


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Slides from 7/23/15 SimpleK12.com webinar
(updated from 4/29/13 event)
Presentation slides updated to account for changes in deployment information...

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iPad Implementation: One School's Story

  1. 1. Chris Casal Purveyor of Geekery, Scarsdale NY @mr_casal about.me/mrcasal iPad Implementation: One School’s Story Simple K12.com webinar - 07/23/15
  2. 2. P. S. 10 - an overview New York City Department of Education public school Park Slope vicinity, Brooklyn ~950 students K- 5th grade 40+ classroom teachers, 7 clusters, 10 Related Services (OT/PT/SETTS/Speech) 2 coaches, 2 administrators http://ps10ipads.wikispaces.com
  3. 3. P. S. 10 iPads Initiative spearheaded by Principal Laura Scott & Technology Teacher/Coordinator Chris Casal All k-5 classroom teachers invited 40 teachers accepted, 2 declined 2 Science teachers involved each has “teacher” iPad plus shared 20 iPad cart for student use Assistant Principal, Literacy Coach, Math Coach & Related Services also involved
  4. 4. Teacher iPads Teachers who accept the iPad agree to: attend 4 hours of introductory PD, non-paid sync only to DOE classroom computer or iCloud create iTunes/iCloud account using DOE email use personal credit card 99% of apps used are free paid apps are paid for by teachers, no reimbursement
  5. 5. Mobile Cart 20 iPads 1 MacBook iTunes account tied to official school email account iTunes account tied to Principal’s DOE issued “P-Card” each iPad numbered labeled externally & “Home” & “Lock” screen images Great “how to” http://learninginhand.com/blog/classroom-ipod- touches-ipads-dos-and-donts.html Configurator - Apple’s own tool for mass configuration of iOS devices
  6. 6. Professional Development Introduction/issued iPad - 4 hours - mandatory 2x 2 hour sessions setup, syncing, email, basic apps Workshop series - 10 hours - optional 5x 2 hour sessions each session devoted to specific apps or tasks Continual/ongoing support ps10iPads.wikispaces.com
  7. 7. P. S. 10 as of 9/1/15… Ongoing professional development Loaner iPad 1 devices - managed via Configurator iPad 2 upgrade for all staff 16 GB iPad Air @ $399 is great option iPad mini too small, in my opinion, and limits flexibility of staff-to-student cycling existing iPad 1s planed recycle to Kindergarten 2 iPads per class for student use Management flexibility - via Configurator or teacher controlled
  8. 8. The process... Who, What, When, Where, Why, How... (...and not necessarily in that order...)
  9. 9. Why do you want iPads? Truly ask yourself that question.... why? To keep up with the trend? To invest in current technology? Because they’re cool? Because someone told you to? Answer that question and it’ll be easier to answer the...
  10. 10. What will you use them for? This will help you align and clarify your goal teacher use? student use? both teacher and student? What are the tasks the iPads will undertake? What do you hope to achieve with the iPads?
  11. 11. When...?
  12. 12. When to begin, assess, evaluate, reflect...? What is your timeline? In a week we will... In a month we will be... By the end of the year we will be... Next year we will start off... A timeline isn’t just for starting & stopping but should include ongoing benchmarks to judge progress, success & next steps...
  13. 13. Who is involved? Lock down all the players... Who is the point person for the initiative? Who orders, inventories, issues, etc...? Who provides training? Who are the users? Who approves the purchases, designs the curriculum, issues the devices to users, provides training, provides tech support, uses them daily... might be many, might be one. Name names...
  14. 14. Where...?
  15. 15. Where is this happening? Identify necessary facilities... Secure storage Location to accept, prep, inventory & issue Professional development site (real or virtual) Use - library, lab, classrooms, carts... Where isn’t just about where they’ll be used, it’s about where they’ll be stored when not in use, where staff will meet for PD, where tech support & updates will occur...
  16. 16. How...?
  17. 17. How...? The greatest of all How will this happen? Start-up funds - $$$ On-going funding - $$$ Organizing purchase, delivery, issuing, PD, etc Staff buy-in: excited for use, excited for toy, annoyed at “additional responsibility”...? You have figured the easy parts, now, how will you make it happen? How will you bring your plan to reality?
  18. 18. Our answers... Why - mobility, access, paper work What - conferring & assessing, collaboration, communication When - 9/10 test a few, 1/11 20 iPads to gr. 3-5, 6/11 all classroom teachers, 11/11 clusters (Art, Music), 5/12 related service providers, 9/12 & beyond upgrade & expand... Who - tech, admin, classroom teachers, coaches (Lit & Math), Science students, clusters... Where - computer lab for prep & PD, classroom teachers, cart for Science students How - NYSTL, Reso-A, any available funds (enthusiastic administration), build interest & excitement for staff buy-in through methodical & effective roll out and professional development
  19. 19. PS 10 iPads, virtually speaking... http://ps10ipads.wikispaces.com
  20. 20. Implementing your iPads... Be smart, plan well, train effectively, support continually, and always spend wisely.... (...and pretty much in that order...)
  21. 21. To steal a “take-away” or two... “You don’t buy a drill for the drill. You buy a drill for the hole it makes. Don’t buy an iPad for the iPad, buy an iPad for the opportunity it creates” Mary Beth Banios, Assistant Superintendent of Shrewsbury, MA schools during the EdTech Teacher iPad Summit, Atlanta, GA, April 2013 “If you can do it without an iPad, then why are you using an iPad?” @mrskatymiller via @gregkulowiec #ettipad
  22. 22. Scarsdale Currently single iPad 2 cart per elementary building sign-up/check out individuals, batches, or cart Upcoming additional iPad Air cart per grade, K-2 1 cart shared among ~3 classes per grade managed via Configurator
  23. 23. Contact Christopher M. Casal 
 Purveyor of Geekery 
 Heathcote School, Scarsdale NY Twitter: @mr_casal Graphite: mrcasal Diigo: mrcasal www.mrcasal.com slideshare.net/mr_casal thecasalos.blogspot.com