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You don't always have to spend money on the best iOS apps. This slide deck, from the 7/14/16 webinar of the same title, will outline free utility apps to help you save money of all your future app purchases.

(updated from 09/07/13)

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How to Find the Best Apps at the Best Price_071416

  1. 1. Chris Casal Purveyor of Geekery, Scarsdale NY @mr_casal How to Find the Best iPad App at the Best Price Simple webinar - 07/14/16
  2. 2. Free apps for free apps Sometimes apps are well worth the price free, $0.99, $9.99... Sometimes you’re not so sure How do you keep up to date on sales among 900,000+ apps...? 375,000 native to iPad How how do you score free apps...? *Keep in mind, no matter what you “pay” you’ll own it forever and get all associated updates
  3. 3. The Players... *not an exhaustive list, but the ones I use on a regular basis...
  4. 4. AppAdvice $1.99 not a price tracker/no “wish list” function Great for app ideas, reviews & recommendations
  5. 5. AppAdvice Options
  6. 6. AppsGoneFree... AppsGoneFree price - $free daily “newsletter” of apps that are free for a limited time not searchable Varied selection of apps Games Productivity Lifestyle
  7. 7. 8-10 a day, Go back and review previous days too
  8. 8. AppPriceDrop Free app Shows all price reductions app pages show price change history Search by category or type (iPad/iPhone/Universal) No “wish list” function
  9. 9. Main screen - “Popular” apps reduced
  10. 10. Refine search by content category
  11. 11. AppShopper iPad app no longer in App Store “Apps that display Apps other than your own for purchase or promotion in a manner similar to or confusing with the App Store will be rejected.” iPhone “social” app available - essentially same app in smaller format Website still a valuable resource Search for apps see price changes create wish lists read reviews
  12. 12. Main site
  13. 13. My Wishlist
  14. 14. iPhone app
  15. 15. AppStart currently free usually $1.99 from AppAdvice developers reviews & recommendations specific to new iPad users
  16. 16. Discovr Apps temporarily unavailable same function as AppShopper search, wish list, price alerts, favorites a very “designed” app
  17. 17. Discovr Apps Shows apps & related apps Very visually helpful to find an app and “discover” similar ones
  18. 18. Summary AppsGoneFree great daily notifications of limited time free apps AppShopper was the best full store, create wish lists, receive alerts iPad app no longer available but website still usable AppPriceDrops full store searchable but no “wish list” function AppAdvice, AppStart, Discovr Apps not all free, somewhat limited still good resources for researching & tracking apps
  19. 19. Closing Use free apps to find other free apps (or at least save yourself some money) Remember, no matter what you “pay” you’ll own it forever and get all updates automatically
  20. 20. Contact Christopher M. Casal 
 Purveyor of Geekery 
 Heathcote School, Scarsdale NY Twitter: @mr_casal Graphite: mrcasal Diigo: mrcasal