Going Google: An Overview of Google's iOS Apps


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UPDATED: Slides from 7/9/15 SimpleK12.com webinar.

An overview of Google's iOS offerings with a focus on the core apps used in my daily instructional life. Apps like Drive, Chrome, Earth, Voice, and Translate are detailed and all other Google iOS apps are mentioned briefly.

The archived presentation with full audio can be found here:

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Going Google: An Overview of Google's iOS Apps

  1. 1. Going Google: An Overview of Google’s Mobile Apps Simple K12.com webinar - 07/09/15 Chris Casal Purveyor of Geekery, Scarsdale NY @mr_casal about.me/mrcasal
  2. 2. this will be iOS centric…
  3. 3. Google vs Apple They may hate each other in public... ...But as far as I can tell they play quite nicely on my iPad...
  4. 4. The apps 40+ Some iPhone specific will run on iPad Some obscure orkut - listed on Google’s site but not available in App Store Coordinate - mobile workforce management http://www.google.com/mobile/ios/
  5. 5. Google iOS Apps
  6. 6. Google iOS Apps
  7. 7. Google iOS Apps
  8. 8. My Google Apps
  9. 9. My Go-To Google Apps Drive & Chrome live on my Dock for constant use Google Voice iPhone app installed on my iPad for communication Google Earth - it’s just awesome Wikipedia integration for location info Google Translate - not perfect but a great aid & tool for teaching language, grammar, etc
  10. 10. Drive View your entire “Drive”
  11. 11. Drive View your entire “Drive” Create & edit Documents & Spreadsheets View & share all files
  12. 12. Docs, Sheets, and Slides Drive launches the individual file-type apps Create & edit Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations View, edit & share all files
  13. 13. “Recent tabs” menu See what tabs you have opened on other devices you are signed in to Chrome on... Chrome
  14. 14. Send & recieve texts from iOS app (voice dial on iPhone too) Voice
  15. 15. http://google-earth.en.softonic.com/iphone/video/google-earth-google-earth-for-ios-demo-4446 Earth
  16. 16. http://google-earth.en.softonic.com/iphone/video/google-earth-google-earth-for-ios-demo-4446 Earth
  17. 17. Translate Disclaimer: Google isn’t “the best at translating” but its helpful & a great reference (ie: ESL purposes) Translate between many languages... ... a lot of audio translation available too
  18. 18. Translate Disclaimer: Google isn’t “the best at translating” but its helpful & a great reference for ESL purposes Keeps a record of recent translations and allows for “favorites” via the Starred function
  19. 19. The Basic Google Google search engine site viewer essentially a browser without an address bar GMail mail app keep iOS Mail account & GMail account separate open links in other Google apps - ie: Chrome
  20. 20. Google
  21. 21. Google Easy to get pages open in traditional browsers
  22. 22. GMail
  23. 23. GMail Customize to allow links to open in other Google apps, not standard iOS apps
  24. 24. Photos New Uploads and stores photos in almost native quality fee for full resolution Useful for backing up Camera Roll admittedly I haven’t used it much…
  25. 25. Social Google Google+ Getting better as a platform Create Circles to customize your sharing Hangouts Fantastic tool for taking “Skyping” to the next level Conference calls Record calls
  26. 26. Utilitarian Google Maps never bad to have multiple navigational tools Latitude location sharing with others track classes on trips not recommended for school use on personal device I see potential value but it creeps my out a bit...
  27. 27. Summary Google is smart enough to not alienate it’s users So is Apple While the two companies may not play nice, Google’s apps work just as well in iOS as they do anywhere else No need to forgo one for the other, use both to maximize value & potential of each platform
  28. 28. Contact Christopher M. Casal 
 Technology Teacher 
 Heathcote School, Scarsdale NY Twitter: @mr_casal Graphite: mrcasal Diigo: mrcasal www.mrcasal.com slideshare.net/mr_casal thecasalos.blogspot.com