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  1. 1. 650 600 Ferry P Ferry V A 493 B 4518 B 885A 855 S 1 M1 L : 50 144 t E ( W V V V [ ] { X ` Ù ≈ l A 470 LC a o Not necessarily rights of wayROADS AND PATHS Elevated Junction number Service area FootbridgeUnfenced Dual carriageway Bridge Primary Route Motorway (dual carriageway) Motorway under construction Main road Primary Route / Main road under construction Secondary road Narrow road with passing places Road generally less than 4m wide Path / Other road, drive or track Gradient: 20% (1 in 5) and steeper, 14% (1 in 7) to 20% (1 in 5) Gates / Road Tunnel Ferry (passenger) / Ferry (vehicle) Road generally more than 4m wide RAILWAYS Level crossing Bridges / Footbridge Tunnel Track multiple or single Track under construction Light rapid transit system, narrow gauge or tramway Station, (a) principal WATER FEATURES Bridge Canal Towpath Aqueduct Lake Weir Normal tidal limit Footbridge Canal (dry) Cliff SlopesMarsh or salting Lock Flat rock Sand Dunes Ford Mud Shingle Beacon Lighthouse (in use)Lighthouse (disused) Low water mark High water mark HEIGHTS 1 metre = 3.2808 feet ROCK FEATURES Contours are at 10 metres vertical interval Heights are to the nearest metre above mean sea level Heights shown close to a triangulation pillar refer to the ground at the base of the pillar and not necessarily to the summit. Cliff Scree Outcrop Coniferous wood Non-coniferous wood Mixed wood Orchard / Park or ornamental ground Quarry Spoil heap, refuse tip or dump National Trust-always open National Trust for Scotland Forestry Commission access land National Trust-limited access, observe local signs Wind pump / wind generator Chimney or tower Glass structure Graticule intersection at 5’ intervals Heliport Triangulation pillar Windmill with or without sails Mast Place of worship with tower with spire, minaret or dome without such additions Electricity transmission line (pylons shown at standard spacing) Pipe line (arrow indicates direction of flow) Buildings Public building (selected) Bus or coach station LAND FEATURES ruin OS Landranger® (1:50 000 scale) Map symbols Siding Light rapid transit system station Viaduct Cutting / embankment
  2. 2. 4 8 B / Danger Area 8 p P c y n H TT i I g d … Ê OTHER PUBLIC ACCESSPUBLIC RIGHTS OF WAY Other route with public access (not normally shown in urban areas). Alignments are based on the best information available. These routes are not shown on maps of Scotland. National Trail, European Long Distance Route, Long Distance Route, selected Recreational Routes National/Regional Cycle Network number National/Regional Cycle Network Surfaced cycle route The symbols show the defined route so far as the scale of mapping will allow. Rights of way are not shown on maps of Scotland. The representation on this map of any other road, track or path is no evidence of the existence of a right of way Firing and Test Ranges in the area. Danger! Observe warning notices. Footpath Road used as a public path Bridleway Byway open to all traffic BOUNDARIES ANTIQUITIES District National County, Unitary Authority, Metropolitan District or London Borough National Park Roman Non-Roman Battlefield (with date) Visible earthwork Site of monument Stone monument Coastguard Clubhouse Milepost Milestone ABBREVIATIONS Information centre, all year / seasonal Parking, Park and ride, all year / seasonal Picnic site Viewpoint Camp site Visitor centre Selected places of tourist interest Telephone, public / motoring organisation Golf course or links TOURIST INFORMATION CG CH MP MS Ordnance Survey, the OS Symbol and OS Landranger are registered trademarks of Ordnance Survey, the national mapping agency of Great Britain. Made, printed and published by Ordnance Survey, Southampton, United Kingdom. For educational use only. July 2002 © Crown copyright 2002 OS Landranger® (1:50 000 scale) Map symbols NB. Due to changes in specification there are differences on some sheets Garden P PC PH TH Post office Public convenience (in rural areas) Public house Town Hall, Guildhall or equivalent Nature reserve Walks / Trails Youth hostel Caravan site P&R P&R