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Mayl2009 Newsletter


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Published in: Education
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Mayl2009 Newsletter

  1. 1. Page 1 May 2009 well planned and organized say can be fun, interesting and a great learning opportu- In this issue! nity! Packages to inform parents EQAO dates are fast approaching, of this special day have been sent Once Upon a Midnight 2 May 26th-28th. A separate home and are to be information sheet regarding this Student Contributions 2 returned by May 1st. info will be sent home with grade Counsellor's Corner 2 6 students. Yearbook 2 Preparing for the summer 3 Art students have been hard at Tips for packing a healthy 3 work completing their term 3 The students have been working lunch artwork. To date there have been on speeches and each class will Celebrating Faith and Culture 4 3 major project that each student have a representative speak at the should have completed: Shaded Panther Lunch 4 Grade Seven Speech Competition Portrait, Picture started, Pop out to be held in the gym during the Perspective drawing. Relay for Life Insert first week of May. Job shadowing Reminders listing any overdue/ will take place on May 15. Forms Calendar Insert incomplete work for each student will be going home at the end of were sent home to parents/ April. Students are encouraged to guardians on April 3 and April submit the completed forms to 20-22. Please confirm with your their homeroom teachers by May Principal: Mr. D. White child that he/ she has completed 8. Trip week will be from June 15 Vice-Principal: Mrs. T. Morrison their work as term 3 reporting Guidance Counsellor: Ms L. Romaniello to June 19. If your son or Head Secretary: Mrs. A. Stephenson will commence at the end of daughter is not going on an Asst. Secretary: Mrs. M. Domingues May! (that's coming up soon!!!) overnight trip, they will be Asst. Secretary: Ms M. Byrne School Trustee: Mrs. B. Ford participating in daily excursions Superintendent of Schools: Ms S. Teal STRING ART that have been arranged by the Students have been working on grade seven teachers. Information String art designs! Soon they and permissions forms will be will be using hammers and nails given to the students mid May. to create some cool 3-D art!! Remember to purchase your materials: Character Education Theme: Loyalty • 3/4 inch or 1 inch finishing Learning Skill of the Month: nails are to be used (ONE Grade 7 & 8 students will be Use of Information • package can be shared with participating in job shadowing MANY students) day on May 15, 2009 to • embroidery or craft thread experience the wonderful world fun foam for background of WORK!!! Be sure to take time to discuss this with your child as a WILLIAMS PARKWAY SENIOR PUBLIC SCHOOL 1285 Williams Parkway, Brampton, ON L6S 3J8 Tel: (905) 791-4324 Fax: (905) 791-8861
  2. 2. Page 2 Williams Parkway Drama ClubPresents Written by W Cooke May 7th, 2009, 7:00 pm Tickets $5.00 money refunded. anticipation of next Septem- ber. Starting high school can be DVDs of the Evolution is Now daunting, so check out the performance last February are still Counsellor's Corner on our We would like to available. Also available is a school's web page for tips to thank Cole Tilley DVD with photographs and video quot;Surviving High Schoolquot;. and Andrew from the North Park and Wilson from 724 for Cambridge Wrestling taking care of the sign Tournaments earlier this year. at the front of our school for us. These DVDs are $5.00 dollars They are doing an excellent job each and may be purchased from Due to insufficient Mr. Cooke. sales, the 2009-2010 Yearbook DVD has been cancelled. On April 28th, the grade eights Students who ordered the had the opportunity to tour North Yearbook DVD have had their Park Secondary School in WILLIAMS PARKWAY SENIOR PUBLIC SCHOOL 1285 Williams Parkway, Brampton, ON L6S 3J8 Tel: (905) 791-4324 Fax: (905) 791-8861
  3. 3. Page 3 Preparing for the summer sun Excessive exposure to the sun can lead to health concerns such as sunburn and skin cancer. As summer approaches and the weather gets warmer, it is necessary to apply sunscreen to protect ourselves from too much sun damage and burns. In summer, we are exposed to higher levels of ultraviolet (UV) rays. This exposure is a risk factor for developing skin cancer and cataracts later in life. The UV index is the measure commonly used in Canada to assess the strength of the sun’s UV rays risk on a given day. What is the UV Index? The index scale ranges from 0 to 10. The higher the value, the more intense ultraviolet rays. The UV index is calculated daily by Environment Canada using ozone and weather information. It can vary from day to day with changes in the ozone layer – the thinner the ozone layer, the higher the index reading. How to protect your family from the sun? • Wear a hat (preferably with a broad brim), sunglasses and protective clothing on sunny days. • Use sunscreen with a SPF of 15 or greater whenever you're outdoors. • Encourage your children to play in shady areas if they are outside for a long period of time. Remember that sunburn can occur even on a cloudy day, as up to 80 per cent of UV rays can penetrate light clouds, and 40 per cent of UV rays can bounce back from sand, water or concrete. Tips for packing a healthy lunch Maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet is a challenge. To ensure your child's lunch is healthy but interesting enough for them to eat, it's important to have the right food on hand. Food expert Rosanne Longo, suggests stocking the refrigerator with no-fuss healthy items such as pre-cut veggies, shredded cheese, yogurt and ready-to-eat salads. To make sandwiches more interesting, she suggests us- ing different breads such as artisan breads, flavoured wraps and pita breads. Salads can also be jazzed up with cheese, raisins, dried cranberries. Remember, no nuts! To drink, she suggests water, milk or juices that have less sugar added. Yogurt drinks are a good way for kids to meet daily calcium requirements. Kebobs are a fun lunch idea Choose one each from the following list and cut into cubes. Place ingredients onto a skewer in varying order. For younger children, cut the tip off wooden skewers to prevent injury, or skewer the food onto uncooked long pasta like linguine. Meat: Vegetables: chicken breast, turkey, roast beef, ham, green, orange, yellow or red pepper, sliced luncheon meat, tofu mushrooms, zucchini, onion Cheese: Fruit: cheddar, mozzarella apple, pineapple, orange sections, melon Fruit: apple, pineapple, orange sections, melon Sauce for dipping WILLIAMS PARKWAY SENIOR PUBLIC SCHOOL 1285 Williams Parkway, Brampton, ON L6S 3J8 Tel: (905) 791-4324 Fax: (905) 791-8861
  4. 4. Page 4 Celebrating Faith and Culture - May 2009 DATE CELEBRATION FAITH AND CULTURE May Yansa'altt Aboriginal Spirituality May 1 Beltane Wicca May 1 or 8 Sakyamuni Buddha's Birthday Buddhism 12th Day of Ridvan May 2 Bahá'í May 8 or 9 Wesak Day Buddhism May 17 the month of 'Azamat Bahá'í May 18 Victoria Day Canada May 21 and 28 Ascension Christianity Eve of May 22 to May 23 Declaration of the Báb Bahá'í May 25 Jashn-e-Sadeh Zoroastrianism May 25 or 26 Zarathosht-no-Diso Zoroastrianism May 29 Ascension of Bahá'u'lláh Bahá'í Eve of May 28 to May 30 Shavuot Judaism May 31 Pentecost Christianity MONDAY - Patties - $1.00 Samosas - $.50 TUESDAY - Pizza - $2.00 per slice WEDNESDAY- Pogos $1.25 THURSDAY - Pizza - $2.00 per slice FRIDAY - Hot Dogs - $1.00 Pizza Pockets - $1.00 EVERY DAY Popcorn - $2.00 per bag Two Large Chocolate Chip Cookies - $1.00 Slushie Drinks - $1.00 WILLIAMS PARKWAY SENIOR PUBLIC SCHOOL 1285 Williams Parkway, Brampton, ON L6S 3J8 Tel: (905) 791-4324 Fax: (905) 791-8861