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Suny brockport presentation 2012


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Suny brockport presentation 2012

  1. 1. SUNY Brockport Presentation Preparing to Interview Greg Weishaar Recruiting Manager Solü Technology Partners October 30, 2012
  2. 2. My Background 17 years business experience – spanning food service, telecom, IT, & biotech 10+ years of recruiting – corporate & agency BSBA & MBA with HR concentrations PHR, CDR, CIR, CCNA certifications
  3. 3. No Brainers: Dress for success - always wear a business suit Be Punctual - actually arrive 15m early Do your Research - Know the company (company website, annual report, Hoovers, et al) and if possible the person interviewing you (Google is a powerful tool) Bring your own questions - make them thoughtful and directed No gum chewing, swearing, slang Make eye contact Dont lie/embelish
  4. 4. Tips: Practice with a friend - take it seriously, dont be afraid to make a mistake - this is the time Practice in the mirror - how do you look? does it sound rehearsed? Interview for a job you dont really want to become accustomed to the situation Dont badmouth an employer or an ex-boss Interview follow up is a lost art - snail mail or email (try to get contact info for anyone you meet with) Keep your answers short and to the point (but not too short).
  5. 5. Tips cont’d: Answer THE question asked - take a moment to think about the question and address it, not what you want to say Take advantage of your Co-op office, career center and alumni office - onsite interviews, resume services, job fairs Network, network, network - alumni assoc, prof org (SHRM, NYSCPA), local job groups (August), charities (UnitedWay), friends and family, online (LinkedIN, MySpace, FaceBook) Save the comp/benefits talk for the 2nd visit
  6. 6. Career Services @ Brockport Located in Rakov Center (Bldg 23) Drop-in hours are 12p to 2p, M-F. Call 395 2159 for appointments. Our semester hours are 8 am to 5 pm, M-F. Services include: resume writing, on-campus interview program, job fairs, lunch & learns, career workshops
  7. 7. Pre-Employment Contingencies: Drug Test - should be obvious Credit Check - if you havent already done so, start building a credit profile and keep it clean DMV Check Pre-Employment Physical Background Check - dont burn bridges Application - ensure accuracy and completeness
  8. 8. Other Considerations Is your resume prepared? Accurate? Appropriate for the job? Do you have three references ready? Do you have all data necessary to complete the application? (Addresses, phone #s, SSN, dates of employment, etc.) Did you express interest in the job? (Closing statement)
  9. 9. Q&A Your turn…
  10. 10. Role Play: Tell me about a deadline you missed, how you handled it, and what the outcome was. How did you decide on the major you chose? Upon reflection how satisfied are you with your choice? What professional goals have you set for yourself? How do you intend to achieve them? What does a job need to have to give you satisfaction? Looking back at your college experience what have you learned about your strengths? Weaknesses? What differentiates you from your peers? How will you use these skills on the job?