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Scheme f3 t3-2016


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scheme of work

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Scheme f3 t3-2016

  1. 1. Mt Hope Secondary Scheme of Work Theatre Arts Form Three: Term Three Monday 11th April 2016 – July 1st 2016 Scheme OfWork General Objectives At the end of this unit students would be able to: Conceptualize discuss and make a play or short film/play based on proverbs Design /compose sound and music to create mood and atmosphere relevant to script for film or Theatre script To understand the fundamentals of script writing, plot, characterization, conflict and Resolution Design costumes and make up models for various scenes and characters for Film or Theatre production
  2. 2. Design sound and music to create mood and atmosphere relevant to the script or scene To learn the process of editing for Film ; music, lighting, narration and credits. Lesson Topic 1)Playmaking/ Filmmaking 9 weeks Behavioural Objectives To analyse the strengths and weaknesses of good movies To critique dramatic presentations, shorts films made by peers To understand the key concepts in the writing of analysing a play/film To make constructive criticism of their peers and others To explore roles from within the story To produce a written script from the playmaking/ Teaching /Learning Strategies Demonstration Observation Role play Discussion Observation Role play Notes Research Demonstration Materials/ Resources DVD Performance Space Brain storming Sequencing Observation Discussion Performance space Lesson Evaluation Students must story board scenes To develop a written script after reviewing, repeating, and editing during the filmmaking/ playmaking process To design costumes for their dramatic presentation To write about the experience of going to the theatre in their
  3. 3. filmmaking process To mount a production of the script including all elements of production: plot, setting, characterization, style To understand the role of technical theatre, editing in mounting a production/ making a film Brain storming Designing Observation Brain storming Designing Observation Notes Performance spaces journals To store samples of sketches, costumes, floor plans, etc. in journals To critique their designs and those of their peers during class discussions To critique aspects of technical theatre in different productions