Using Locator Plus With Worldcat (Chinese Version)


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Using LocatorPlus with Worldcat Chinese language version.

Translation by Aina Kuo.

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Using Locator Plus With Worldcat (Chinese Version)

  1. 1. Using LocatorPlus with 使用 LocatorPlus 和 Locating Books in Your Neighborhood 在您的鄰里社區中找出您需要的書籍 Mark D. Puterbaugh Information Services Librarian Translation by Aina Kuo, Librarian Warner Memorial Library Eastern University
  2. 2. Two Powerful Resources • LocatorPlus is the catalog of the over 1.2 million items found in the National Library of Medicine’s collection. It includes information about books, audiovisuals, journals, computer files, and other materials. LocatorPlus 是在國立醫學圖書館裡 收集的一百二十萬個項目的編錄。它的種類包括了書籍、視聽 、學報期刊、電算文件、和其他材料的相關資料。 • WorldCat is a catalog of over 10,000 libraries located throughout the globe. WorldCat 是全球超過一萬個圖書館編目 的目錄。 By searching Locator Plus for health, medical and related life science materials you can find the nearest library that has the item. 使用 Locator Plus 搜尋保健、醫療及‘生物醫學’材料,能找到在您的鄰里社區中 圖書館的相關書籍 。 Great for commuters or distance learners who can’tcome to Warner Library. 對通勤者及遠距離學習者是非常方便的。
  3. 3. Warner Library Agreements • The Library has reciprocal agreements with many local academic libraries. 華納紀念圖書館 (Warner Memorial Library) 與許多社區中的大學圖書館有相互使用的協議。 • Look on the Library’s website for information concerning a library near you. 從本圖書館的網站上, 查尋在您附近的圖書館資料。 Information concerning the use of local libraries is available under the Books link on the Library’s website. 關於如何使用在附近 其他圖書館的方法,可利用連接 在本館 (Warner Memorial Library) 網站上的‘ Books link’ 來查尋。
  4. 4. Search LocatorPlus To find the National Library of Medicine’s catalog use 搜尋國立醫學圖書館之編錄, 請利用 URL。 Choose “LocatorPlus” to begin a search session. 選擇 ’ LocatorPlus’ 開始搜尋。
  5. 5. Search LocatorPlus Enter a search term and begin looking for books. 鍵入詞組,開始搜尋所需書籍。 Limit to a keyword search. 限定關鍵字的搜索。 Type the term “nursing informatics” into the search form. 在搜索框中, 鍵入詞組 ‘ nursing informatics’ 。 Limit the search to books alone. 限定只有書籍的搜尋。
  6. 6. Search LocatorPlus View the results list. 評估這一組相關項目的搜尋結果。 Choose the book you want to view by selecting the link from the title. 選擇您想要查看的書籍標題連 接點。
  7. 7. Search LocatorPlus Look at a LocatorPlus bibliographic record. 評估這一個 LocatorPlus 書目記錄。 To locate the closest library that owns this book select the “Find Other Libraries That Own This” to search WorldCat for this item. 經由 WorldCat 上的網路連接 點 ’ Find Other Libraries That Own This’ ,可找出擁有這本 書的最近的圖書館。
  8. 8. Link to View the results list. 檢看 的選項結果。 From the WorldCat results list select the link to the desired book. 從 WorldCat 的搜尋結果中 選出所需要的書籍之連接點。
  9. 9. Link to Look for a library near your location. 尋找一所在您附近的圖書館。 The record presents further information concerning the book. 這個記錄提供所選書籍的詳细 參考資料。 The lower part of that record presents a list of libraries where the book is located. 記錄的下半部例 出有收藏這本書的圖書館名單。
  10. 10. Link to Find details about the library near your location. 在您附近之圖書館的有關細節。 The record provides: 所選記錄供應下例資料 : • a link to the library’s catalog 這個圖書館的連接點 • distance from your location 從你的位置到這個所選圖書館的距離 • information about the library. 關於這個圖書館的描述。 It’s best to contact the library and check on guest circulation policies. 去之前最好 先與這個圖書館聯絡,詢 問它的使用規則。
  11. 11. Ask A Librarian Always ask a librarian when you need help. 當您需要幫助時,總是向圖書管員詢問。 If you need help contact the Reference Desk. 如果您需要我們華納紀念圖書 管 (Warner Memorial Library) 的服務幫助,請聯絡資詢圖書 管理員。 •利用本館電子郵件資詢 •或者利用我們的協助電話 610-341-1777 We can help you locate the materials that you need. 我 們可以帮助您找出您所需要的 材料。