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S E C O N D H E A LT H : T H E F U T U R E
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The Interactive Trauma Trainer
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Medical Library Association Poster Presentation


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Immersive technology used for biomedical education.

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Medical Library Association Poster Presentation

  1. 1. M L A 0 8 : P o s t e r Se s s i o n E a s t e r n U n iv e r s i t y A N OT H E R L I F E : A S URVEY OF H EALTH Warner Memorial Library A ND M EDICA L S ITES IN V IRTUA L T HREE -D IMENSIONA L W OR LDS Places to Visit in SL SECOND LIFE AND MEDICAL • Medical Visualization Net- E DUCATION work The face of virtual social gam- • Occupational Therapy Cen- ing worlds has become Sec- ter of Thomas Jefferson ond Life (SL). Launched in University 2003 by Linden Research, Inc the virtual 3-D social environ- • Second Life Medical Exam- ment is the darling of popular iner media, capturing the head- lines in major news outlets • HealthInfo Island around the world. SL is a so- cial phenomena. SL provides its’ virtual resi- dents with many powerful tools to create their version of reality. So it is not surprising SL Nursing Education that educators soon learned Groups Lead the Way to use these tools to create complex buildings and role- Outside the Polyclinic at Second Health • Nursing Students in Second playing areas. Sites featuring higher-education have flour- cess to consumer health in- London, Sprott-Shaw College, Life ished on the virtual soil of SL. formation, the Center for Dis- Thomas Jefferson University ease Control is testing a pub- and many other institutions • Second Life Nurse Fellow- lic health information re- are involving themselves in ship Health education has come source, Dr. Ann Buchanan’s the educational uses of this into its own. Health InfoIsland Ann Myers Medical Center • NEED –Nursing Educa- environment. provides residents with ac- presents training and discus- tors Exploring and Devel- sion group presentations for oping in SL medical, nursing and psychol- The exploration of virtual envi- ogy students. ronments for the delivery of • SL Nursing Ed Sim health and medical education and information is in its in- The University of South Flor- fancy. However the future ida, the Imperial College of looks very bright. MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN EDUCATION: SL GROUPS SL is a social environment and teleport to meet one an- boasts 229+ members. with live text and voice chat other within SL. Groups are While the NIH has a group of available. One feature of SL is forming an important part in 35 members with the mis- the ability to form groups with communicating and educating sion of promoting better like interests. medical and healthcare infor- health for everyone. The SL mation, as well as providing Nurse Fellowship supports important socialization. the global nursing commu- Group members can post nity with its 135+ members. notes, use instant messaging The Second Life Health group
  2. 2. NESIM: THE NURSING EDUCATION SIMULATOR http://www.tacomacc.edu/academics/areasofstudy/nursing.aspx rectly intervene into a variety A new version of the Simula- of emergency situations. tor is in beta-testing at vari- Based on advanced cardiac ous education sites. life support guidelines the simulations and role-playing NESIM was present by TCCC situations test the students’ faculty member John Miller, decision making in assess- RN, MN at the Conference of ment, treatment and transfer Technology Nashville in 2007. of patients. A view of the patient simulator The Simulator provides role playing experience with the Developed by the Nursing use of oxygen, EKG, BP and Department Faculty at the breathing rate, IV and IV Tacoma, Community College pumps, medication, CPR, in Washington. The simulator defibrillator, heart and lung offers the students the oppor- sound assessment, pain as- tunity to experience patient sessment and documenta- simulations that require them tion. Clinical Surgical Unit to use critical thinking to cor- PALOMAR POMERADO WEST: SCI-FI OR FACT http://newsroom.cisco.com/dlls/2008/prod_022508.html “….the simulations test system in CA, gives SL visitors presence through high- a look into the future of medi- definition video and spatial the students’ decision cine. The virtual version of a audio over the network. building to be finished in making in assessment, 2011 demonstrates the use of advanced robotics, 3D treatment and transfer Remote consultation holographic medical imaging, the latest technology in com- of patients.” A joint venture by Cisco Sys- munication and collaboration, tems and Palomar Pomerado and the use of “in-person” Health, the largest health experience called tele- A view of the automated MRI H E A LT H I N F O ISLAND http://healthinfoisland.blogspot .com, According to the Health and heimer's Disease and a vari- Medicine website, HealthInfo ety of other health issues can Island was created on a grant be found in pleasantly ar- from the Greater Midwest Re- ranged displays. gion of the National Network / National Library of Medicine to allow librarians to opportunity to All information is selected by present “consumer health infor- the librarians associated with mation services in a virtual envi- the project from authoritative ronment.” The island is home to sources a variety of health information builds including a consumer The original grant was written health library, medical library. by Lori Bell of the Alliance Information on AIDS, Alz- Library system, Illinois. HealthInfo Island Website
  3. 3. S E C O N D H E A LT H : T H E F U T U R E OF H E A LT H C A R E C O M M U N I C AT I O N http://secondhealth.wordpress.com messages as well as illustrat- the Imperial College of Lon- ing what healthcare of the don. It includes a series of future could look like.” documentary films describing the future of healthcare and health information delivery. The virtual healthcare facili- ties is built within a larger complex of representing mod- ern London. It presents very Consumer information guide unique representations of According to the Second delivering healthcare from a Health blog site the complex modern hospital to a local series of virtual buildings community healthcare facility found at the Second Health called a Polyclinic. Hospital represents an “experimental, innovative and The site was created in con- efficient means of communi- junction with the UK’s Na- cating complex healthcare tional Physical Laboratory and Virtual radiologist N O T A L L V I R T UA L L I F E IS SECOND LIFE “Repetitive practice on While SL has dominated the be faced with critical decision them with real-life like prob- reproducible virtual news with its virtual reality making scenarios that provide lems that they must solve. patients….will allow errors environment, many others are Virtual reality environments in the game. Educational, whether played on-line or on to be corrected and informational and role-playing stand-alone PCs appear to be performance improved games are serious business. a cost-effective, safe way to Millions of dollars are cur- train medical professionals in independent of time or rently being spent to develop critical thinking and assess- games for learning. Some of ment. location—and at no risk to the games provide unique patients” opportunities for students to Scene from ER-Sim by Legacy THE PULSE OF V I R T UA L M E D I C A L E D U C A T I O N http://www.sp.tamucc.edu/pulse/news.asp tients” these are the aims threatening patient problems posted on the Pulse website. where actual frequency is low while the stakes are high.” Pulse is a ten million dollar project of Texas A & M Corpus PULSE Website Christi. The gaming platform is designed to present health- “Repetitive practice on repro- care providers with a wide ducible virtual patients….will range of emergency simula- allow errors to be corrected tions. Using the latest tech- and performance improved nologies Pulse will expose independent of time or loca- learners to “practical experi- ence with rare, life- Inside PULSE tion—and at no risk to pa-
  4. 4. I N T E R AC T I V E TR AU M A T R A I N E R http://www.trusim.com/?page=CaseStudy The Interactive Trauma Trainer is another multi-million dollar project. This virtual reality trainer was commissioned by the UK Ministry of Defence with the Human Factors Inte- gration Defence Technology Centre “as a prototype to dem- Websites to Visit onstrate the potential of Seri- ous Games for defence medi- cine applications.” The simu- • Games for Health - http:// lation is a PC application that www.gamesforhealth.org is to be used by medical per- sonal “in a conflict zone as a • TerraNove Webblog - skills refresher for common in European video game de- Subject Matter Experts to http://terranova.blogs.com procedures.” velopment. ensure the task presented was realistic, lifelike and perti- • Virtual World News - nent.” A multi-player Battle- http:// The Interactive Trauma Trainer The developers visited a field field Trauma Trainer is in the is produced by TruSim a disivi- hospital to gather information www.virtualworldnews.com works using a Shareable Con- son of Blitz Games Studios to “create an accurate repre- tent Object Reference Model • SLHealthy - http:// Ltd. Blitz is one of the leaders sentation and worked with (SCORM). slhealthy.wetpaint.com FORTERRA INC. http://www.forterrainc.com/ Founded in 1998 the San environments for specific real- Forterra has created many Mateo, CA based 3D graphics life like training scenarios. health related training envi- company is a leader in pro- ronments. They have created ducing secure massively the Trauma Victim Simulator, multi-player online gaming CPR Trainer for High School environments. Unlike SL students, and the Emergency Forterra worlds, based on Preparedness Trainer. Pre- their OLIVE virtual environ- views are available from You- ment, is open only to those tube. com. groups who have licensed and commissioned the creation of Scene from Trauma Victim SERIOUS GAMES INITIATIVE http://www.seriousgames.org Presented by Mark D. Puterbaugh Are you serious about games The site offers a variety of Information Services Librarian in medical and health educa- discussion lists for those in- tion, then you should look at terested in serious gaming. Eastern University the Serious Games Initiative These include 1. Serious Warner Memorial Library website. Founded at the Games, 2. Games for Health Woodrow Wilson Center for and 3. Games for Change. In collaboration with International Scholars the Mi Young Lim, RN, BSN goals of the initiative is “to help usher in a new series of The Games for Health group Genesis Health Systems policy education, exploration “help foster and support a velopment talent to create en- Eastern University Alumni and management tools utiliz- community of researchers, tire new ways of improving the Class 2005 ing state of the art computer developers and users of appli- management, quality and provi- game designs, technologies, cations that use game, game sion of healthcare worldwide. technologies, and game de- and development skills.”