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Become an eBook author!


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Monday, February 25th (10am to 10:50am): Become an eBook author!
Attend online! Thursday, February 28th, 8pm, Adobe Connect (

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Become an eBook author!

  1. 1. Become aneBook author! Mark D. Puterbaugh Information Services Librarian Warner Memorial Library Eastern University, St. Davids, PA
  2. 2. Presentation funded in part byThe National Network of Libraries of Medicine/ Mid-Atlantic Region’s Technology Improvement Award
  3. 3. Kindle Made It Happen! Amazon Kindle became the first commercially successful e-reader device. eBooks are now common place. The Kindle Store made eBooks accessible to anywhere with Whispernet and WhisperSync.
  4. 4. !A Cottage Industry Arose
  5. 5. Lets Talk About This.What do we want toknow?HOW TO DELIVER Our purpose is to look at ways eBookINSTRUCTIONAL creations can benefit studentMATERIALS TO MOBILE education.DEVICES WHETHER THEDEVICES ARE Are there ways to deliver instructionalCONNECTED TO THE materials to an eBook reader or otherNET OR NOT? mobile devices? Can we take advantage of mobile technology to make our notes and their class information available to mobile devices?
  6. 6. We had a hint in our last presentation. E-books APPS Common To Mobile Platforms
  7. 7. It’s about formatting. It’s all HTML to me!Format for Nook or Kobo readers. This is the Kindle format. AKA .azw.
  8. 8. WHAT YOU NEED TO START It’s less than you think!
  10. 10. STRUCTURE IS IMPORTANT!Learn your word processor.Of course, content isimportant.But, in self publishing adocuments structure,section headings, spacing,paragraphs, are all veryimportant.Proper structure can relievemany headaches down theline.
  11. 11. MobiPocket the father of your Kindle! Formats Word (DOC or DOCX); HTML (ZIP, HTM, or HTML); Mobipocket (MOBI); ePub (EPUB); Plain Text (TXT); Rich Text Format (RTF); Adobe PDF (PDF)
  13. 13. Served by an Active Community.
  14. 14. A Free Tool to Structure Your Document!
  15. 15. Something Different!
  18. 18. The Great Conversion!
  19. 19. Books for a New Age!
  20. 20. The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far
  21. 21. Publishers’ Grid Publisher % Of Profits Formats Available Exclusive Agreement Site Comments Optional via Kindle Direct Publishing Submit a word (doc or Select. can choose to make it, kindle docx); html (zip, htm, exclusive to the kindle store for at devices, and kindle appsAmazon/Kin 35% ($0.99 to or html); mobipocket least 90 days and in return the book for ipad, iphone, ipod Direct $200.0); 70% (mobi); epub (epub); is eligible to be included in the touch, pc, mac, self-publishing/signinPublishing ($2.99 to $9.99) plain text (txt); rich text kindle owners lending library and blackberry, and android- format (rtf); adobe pdf you can earn a share of the $6 based devices (pdf). million annual fund based on how frequently your book is borrowed. Submit book to If a fee is charged for the book and You will need an isbn ibookstore as a .Ibook it is in the .Ibook format, then it can number if selling your file or .Epub; or use only be sold via ibookstore. Different book. 70% (less if you ibooks author and formats do not have this restriction. are publishing export your book as a itunes If the book is free, even if it is in the connect.woa/wa/booksig from a pc) pdf, text file, or .Ibooks .Ibook format then it can be nup file which can be distributed through other retailers. distributed outside ibookstore. http://www.kobobooks.c You will need an isbnKobo/Kobo 70% (>$1.99 and .epub kobo no om/kobowritinglife number if selling yourWriting Life <$12.99) book. Isbn not needed to publish in the lulu marketplace. Lulu .epub (can convert provides A free isbn, 90% if sold on .docx or .rtf; for retailer but they are listed as ibookstore; nook; lulu the publisher. You canlLulu lulu; varies if sold sites); .pdf; docx; epub no marketplace ish/ebooks buy your own isbn and on a retailer site (lulu marketplace only) use that, then allowing your book to be distributed outside of lulu., nook ebook word (doc or docx); readers, and via free 40% (<$2.98 orNook / html (zip, htm, or html); nook ereading software >$10); 65% no www.pubit.comPubit! epub (epub); plain for ipad, iphone/ipod ($2.99 to $9.99) text (txt); rich text touch, mac, android, pc, format (rtf) etc.
  22. 22. Links Mention in this Presentation Kindle Direct Publishing Open Office Open Office Extensions Sigil iBooks Author Calibre