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Apa citation guide


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Apa citation guide

  1. 1. APA Citation Guide Major Changes  DOIs (In Publication Manual: 7.01.1-5, p. 198-199): The most significant change is how to cite journal articles that have been retrieved from an online source. Instead of a URL, now writers are to include a DOI, or document object identifier, a unique number associated with the document. When that is not available, you are expected to include other information about where you got it, in the form of a URL or a database name. Our recommendations differ slightly from the APA Manual about what to do when a writer has no DOI for a document. See attached document below for examples of DIO formatting.  Date Retrieved (In Publication Manual, 6.32, p. 192): A date retrieved for electronic sources is no longer needed unless it is likely to change. We are recommending that students include a date retrieved for journal articles, to help professors in understanding their research path and locating the materials.  More than seven authors (In Publication Manual: 7.01.2, p. 198): An article with seven or more authors now appears with the first six authors listed, an ellipsis, and the final author. Gilbert, D.G., McClernon, J.F., Rabinovich, N.E., Sugai, C., Plath, L.C., Asgaard, G.,… Botros, N. (2004).  Well-known city rule (In Publication Manual, 6.31, p. 187): In previous editions, a book citation (or any non-periodical citation) listing a well-known place of publication in the U.S. (New York, Chicago, Boston, etc.) would not need a state following it. That has now changed: every city listed should also list a state. Doe, J. (2009). How to succeed in college. New York, NY: Success This publication Publishing. created by Joy Dlugosz Resources Reader Services Librarian Warner Memorial Library Eastern University  LibGuide at Eastern University ( 8/30/2010 pid=22471&sid=419186  Tutorial on the changes published by APA guide.aspx  APA Style for Crib Sheet for College Papers  Monitor discussions of these and other changes at the APA Style Blog  Dartmouth College: Sources and Citation Guide  Augusta State University’s document ex- plaining changes about reference list production sources-citation.html and paper formatting  The Owl at Purdue—APA Formatting and Style lineChanges.pdf 560/01/  Diana Hacker Research and Documentation  Psychology with Style A Hypertext Writing Guide 4b.htm