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  • May be it'll interest you.

    I would like to bring to your attention:

    We are organizing, an International Art Show and Exhibit ( Paint. Sculp. Phot0g. ) here in Israel in 2012.

    We would like to know If you are interested.

    To take part in participating in the event as:

    an Artist

    or to act as

    Our Representative - on a commission basis in your area.

    or as a member of the organization .

    Please to contact me.

    Jacques Banne
    iaa - aiap [unesco]

    Would you transmit the above annoucement to your gallerists friends TU
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  • I saw an exhibition of Shan Sa's work earlier this month which was really lovely. The gallery is in a renovated old house with a lot of character, on Fu XIng Xu lu. It's one of the only galleries in this area.
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  • Looks like interesting work - and some good artists. Any idea how I can get in touch with the gallery directly?
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Elisabeth De Brabant Intro

  1. 1. Elisabeth de Brabant represents world renowned Chinese and international artists. She brings artists to exhibition throughout China, Europe, and the US. Through her various activities, she is committed to creating platforms for new dialogues around art and opportunities for artists and art connoisseurs alike to push the boundaries of conventional paradigms for understanding art Elisabeth de Brabant works closely with artists, major galleries, museums, curators, and collectors. She works with 1933, a creative space housed in an architecturally timeless building, to create art programs throughout the year featuring major avant-garde artists in a unique museum-like setting. She will soon be opening the Elisabeth de Brabant art center in the French Concession, which will serve as a springboard for interaction with experimental art works and ways of examining them. The Elisabeth de Brabant collection is housed in a private and restored 1930s villa and is guided by a distinct examination of Shanghai’s intimate art narrative. She has also advised major art collectors for art programs and for the acquisition of art works. Ultimately, Elisabeth de Brabant is not only a curator but a pioneer of the arts. She presents selective art works through an original and stimulating lens, one that has never before been seen in Shanghai’s art scene. The dialogue she inspires precedes an evolving dialogue around art at an international level.
  2. 2. Curation ACTIVITIES Elisabeth de Brabant collaborates with clients to conceptualize and mount -Curation exhibitions and events that encourage dialogue and critical reflection around art. From the broad framework of defining a focus to the management of details and -Advisement coordination, Elisabeth offers astute advice and personalized guidance. As a curator, her role encompasses: -Representation • Defining the conceptual framework of exhibitions and art events -Lectures • Investigating art trends and selecting content, artists, and their works • Mediating between the artists, institutions or galleries, and the public • Budgeting • Locating a venue • Commissioning artwork
  3. 3. ACTIVITIES Advisement -Curation With extensive knowledge about art history and the current trends of the Asian Contemporary art market, Elisabeth de Brabant can guide individuals in their decision-making and critical analysis of art. She is committed to ensuring that the -Advisement personal and aesthetic goals of each individual are achieved. As an art advisor her role includes: -Representation • Offering a vast knowledge of art, historical and contemporary -Lectures • Providing criteria of excellence for specific acquisition of art works • Delineating criterion for conceptual and aesthetic development of acquisitions or a collection • Guiding individuals, corporations, or enterprises in decision-making related to art programs; offering discerning judgment
  4. 4. ACTIVITIES Representation -Curation Elisabeth de Brabant promotes select artists, helping them to achieve long-term professional goals efficiently and meaningfully. She helps artists develop relationships with galleries, expand market reach, and increase notoriety among -Advisement targeted networks. Her work is aimed to allow artists reach their potential both as practitioners as well as professionals. As an artist’s representative, her role -Representation encompasses: -Lectures • Curatorial review of artwork • Presentations to fine art galleries, museums, and art centers to enable exhibitions, events, shows • Connecting with gallerists, critics, and curators to introduce artist • Preparation of digital images • Press releases and critical reviews • Management of gallery relationships • Artist exhibition catalogues
  5. 5. ACTIVITIES Lectures -Curation Elisabeth de Brabant participates in educational activities such as lectures and seminars. Having lectured at numerous Institutions in the past, she has the -Advisement ability to speak intelligibly on the current state of Asian contemporary art, its future, roots, and challenges. She offers audiences insight into the dynamic and -Representation versatile world of Asian Contemporary Art. -Lectures
  6. 6. Select Artists
  7. 7. Xiao Hui Wang is a Chinese photo artist, who has also made films and videos and has made a name for herself as an author. Her works have been exhibited in various exhibitions – mostly solo-shows – in museums and galleries of numerous countries and are collected by private and public institutions alike. Professor at Tongji University Art director of “German City” in Shanghai Founded the Institute “Xiao Hui Wang Art Workshopquot; in 2003 Founded “Tongji International Media Art Center“ (TIMAC) in 2006 Chinese Theme Pavilion concept design for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo
  8. 8. The true quot;Shanghai assemblagequot; could not overlook artists such as Hu Jie Ming, Zhou Hongxiang and Jin Jiangbo. Their work is the pledge for the sustained advancement towards diversity of the Shanghai artists’ community... -- Shanghai Assemblage 2000-2004 Jin Jiangbo is a contemporary Chinese artist who focuses on site-specific artwork, new media installations. Jin Jiangbo’s online interactive multi-media work links Shanghai with the outside world – they all contain the essence of experience and spirit of the individual artists, and form an interconnected relationship with the different points of view.
  9. 9. Shan Sa, born in Beijing and now Paris-based, is celebrated as both a writer and a visual artist. Her works recall that in ancient China, poetry and painting were inseparable and formed a single whole that was the heart of Chinese art. She began writing poems and learning Chinese painting at the age of seven. A year later she published her poems in Chinese literary magazines, and her first collection of poems appeared when she was ten. Shan Sa came to Paris as a teenager in 1990, and later learned French and studied philosophy in a Paris university while attending courses in art history at the École du Louvre. Since 2001 Shan Sa has regularly exhibited her paintings in Europe and America.
  10. 10. SALUSTIANO Born in SERILLE, Spain, 1965 Exhibitions 2008 ART COLOGNE Leonhard Ruethueller Gallery Cologne, Germany. BRIDGE NEW YORK ART FAIR. CS Coleccion. New York, USA. THE MISSING PEACE. Hillside Gallery. Tokyo, Japan. MOSCOW ART FAIR'08. Leonhard Ruethmueller Gallery. Moscow, Russia. Upcoming SH Contemporary. Elisabeth de Brabant, Contemporary Art.Shanghai,China. Solo Show. Elisabeth de Brabant, Contemporary Art. Shanghai,China. KIAF'08. International Art Fair. Galerie von Braunbehrens. Seoul,Korea. .
  11. 11. Hugo Tillman was born in 1973 in London, England. He graduated from Pratt Institute with an MFA in 2004. He has garnered great reception and has been awarded honors such as the Schweppes Photographic Prize (2004) as well as the Pratt Circle Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement. Hugo Tillman participated in the Shanghai Biennale 2006, an exhibition that relies on Chinese traditions and cultural heritage but applies them to a modern language of aesthetics. For his Chinese Contemporary series, Tillman spent months in China interviewing his subjects and immersing himself in the culture and art scene. The result is a mesmerizing look at the unique psychological landscape of the present-day Chinese art world, seen from Tillman’s Western point-of-view.
  12. 12. Patricia Peides is a French sculptor. She has produced works for the China Fashion Awards and created urban sculptures for the Shanghai Art Fair in 2005.
  13. 13. Luo Er Qi is a Shanghai-born decoupage artist, who studied at the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts as well as at the Fine Art School of Besancon, France. Stimulated more by the intricacies of shape than of colour, Luo Er Qi strives to capture freedom and movement of form through his elaborate and dynamic paper cut works. Luo Er Qi takes inspiration from his childhood fascination with Chinese mythology and magical forms, and combines this with his classical artistic education and his training in Lithography. His pieces are at once spontaneous and precise, and convey a sense of energy and motion which evokes a dreamlike quality.
  14. 14. Lu Jun Lu Jun is Chinese contemporary photographer who uses digital photography to develop shapes and color into contemporary images of traditional Chinese art. Solo Exhibition: 2003 quot;LuJun Conceptual Photographic Exhibition quot; , Shenzhen art museum 2003 quot;LuJun Photography Art Exhibition quot;, ZhuHai museum 2005 quot;Who am I?quot; The 5th session of Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi 2006 “Expense Happiness”!LuJun Solo Exhibition, Memowall Gallery, 798 Art District, Beijing 2006 “Chinese Real Estate Dream” The 6th session of Pingyao International Photography Festival, Won Excellent Photographer Award, Shanxi 2007 “Consumption Century” The 7th session of Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi 2008 “How Far from Us” The 8th session of Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi
  15. 15. Han Feng is one of the most sought-after designers in the world. She is a creative force known for her fashion accessories, ready-to-wear lines, design exhibitions, and stage costumes for the landmark theatrical production of “Madama Butterfly” and “The Bonesetter's Daughter”. Born in Nanjing, China, she graduated from the China Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou then moved to New York City in 1985. Han Feng is one of the few figures capable of bridging contemporary Chinese style and culture with a global view. Freedom, movement, texture and color animate her work. Designing clothes that accommodate one's natural movement she expanded her design portfolio to include projects in the realm of fine arts, culinary arts and industrial design. Her works have been featured in several exhibitions and installations around the States and throughout the world. Her most recent light installations, featuring brightly-colored birds covered in silk strips and illuminated from within, have been at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Beijing Park Hyatt Hotel.
  16. 16. Venues Shang Fang Garden Villa Elisabeth de Brabant’s historic and private villa in Shang Fang Garden also serves as an exhibition space for artists. Most recently, the solo exhibition of Xiao Hui Wang, titled “Isolated Paradise” has been hosted at this location. 1933 1933 is a creative space defined by three core elements, Design, Lifestyle, and Learning. The COR of 1933 serves as a platform for exhibitions and an area of exchange for artists, designers, and creatives. Art Center @ Fuxing Elisabeth de Brabant will be opening a new art center in November at Fuxing West Road. The art center will serve as an exhibition space, a place of learning and open discussion on contemporary art.
  17. 17. Shanghai – Paris – Hong Kong No. 299 Fuxing West Road Shanghai 200031 quot;#$%299&'(200031 T : +86 21 6466 7428 F : +86 21 6466 7420 elisabeth@elisabethdebrabant.com www.elisabethdebrabant.com