MP Totten TEDx Singapore talk april 3 2012


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Slides from Michael P Totten TEDx Talk Singapore, April 2012 on need for planetary physicians practitioners network to tackle and resolve multiple mega-catastrophic risks facing the world's citizenry by applying mega-opportunities available in the planet's local communities for promoting health, well-being and prosperous livlihoods for humanity and life on earth now and generations to come.

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MP Totten TEDx Singapore talk april 3 2012

  1. 1. Planetarysolutions are easier than you think 1
  2. 2. Inhaling 3 packs a day Linfen, China 6
  3. 3. Acidifying the OceanDEAD Coral reefs & fish of economic importance before end of century 7
  4. 4. EXTINCT
  5. 5. Costly footprints from COAL power plants fresh mercury hazardous waterCarbon chemicalsdioxide toxic metals acid rain land soot 4
  6. 6. “I’m right there in the room andno one even acknowledges me.”
  7. 7. 600% higher coal cost IFexternalities included in electricity prices mercury hazardous freshCarbon chemicals toxic waterdioxide metals acid13 of 30 Gt rain land
  8. 8. HOW? FLIP the SwitchSo that Utilities finance ZERO Footprint customer services
  9. 9. Zero footprint servicesNew proven Utility Rules Inventory Rank Finance
  10. 10. POSITIVE OUTCOMESmostly efficient utility services$15 trillion of savings$15 trillion damage avoidedhundreds of millions new jobsmostly solar, wind, biowastezero emission footprint
  11. 11. Power-full Planetary-scale Solutions 2170 plants 34 million/yr US$2.560 W 8 Gt CO2/yr coal cars billion/yr13 billion10 WLED 360 plants 6 million/yr US$41 1.3 Gt CO2/yr coal cars million/yr 14
  12. 12. World of Solar Reflecting Cities US$2 Trillion Global Savings Singapore EXPO Convention & Exhibition CentreEach m2 white roof offsets 1 ton CO2 13
  13. 13. Electric Motors Use 1/2 World ElectricityMulti-trillion dollar savings Option50% energy savings & 90% cost savings 15
  14. 14. Zero Emission Mobility (ZEM)Solar-powered electric bikesMulti-trillion $ savings options 150 million electric bikes now in use 100% financed with $600 billion yearlyfossil fuel subsidies? 16
  15. 15. Cambrian explosionZEM Solar-powered vehicles
  16. 16. GIS Mapping City Solar100% world power on 15% urban area kWh/yr 17
  17. 17. WINDPower lowest cost &least risk supply option
  18. 18. Utilities Offset remaining CO2emissions until phased outRevenues pay poor farmersnot to burn down forestsPrevent Tropical Forests Burned Each Year the Size of England
  19. 19. Congo Basinhuman well-beingOver 1,000 jobs created in rural conservationOver 1,500 families with access to clean water, power, healthcarehealthy ecosystems10 million ha of protected forests10,000 Grauer’s gorillas5 million tons CO2 stored
  20. 20. 1 trillion hours a year watching TV worldwide100 million h ours to crea te Wikipedia
  21. 21. Zero Footprint WikiCollaboration networkCreating an Open Source Asset generator
  22. 22. 1 trillion hours a year watching TV worldwide create Zero footprint Wiki100 million h ours to crea te Wikipedia
  23. 23. Your collaboration on the Zero Footprint Wiki makes a difference.Remember, the mighty ocean is made up of single drops of water. we all thank you! 9