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Become a MPsoftware reseller partner


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The professional maintenance management solution

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Become a MPsoftware reseller partner

  1. 1. The professional maintenace CMMS | Computerized Maintenance Management System The professional maintenace management solution Earnings over $2,000 USD per sale Become a Reseller Partner
  2. 2. Content MP is a Professional CMMS CMMS, a Growing Market More than 8,000 Programs Sold Worldwide Enjoy the Benefits of MP Reseller Program Countries with Opportunity to Become a Reseller Contact Us
  3. 3. MP is a Professional CMMS A Computerized Maintenance Management System helps you organize the maintenance management of your company, keeping all the information of your Maintenance Department documented, updated and organized.
  4. 4. CMMS, a Growing Market Nowadays maintenance has become a strategic area for every business. No matter the size of the company, MP can be implemented anywhere where there is equipment, machinery and installations subject to maintenance. Manufacturing Industry Mechanical Industry Food Industry Steel Industry Textile Industry Petrochemical Industry Robotics Industry Automobile Industry Aircraft Insdutry Mining Industry Cement Industry Metallurgical Industry Hotels Buildings Universities Hospitals Service Companies Government Agencies Farming & Agribusiness Construction Sports Centers Amusement Parks Fleet Churches
  5. 5. Some MP users More than 8,000 Programs Sold Worldwide
  6. 6. Enjoy the Benefits of MP Reseller Program Earn an average of $2,000 to $3,000 USD from the sale of each MP. Additional incomes can normally be expected in each sale, as a result from services such as implementations, training and consulting. Back upRisk free No capital investment is required. You just have to invest time in learning the product, familiarize with its features and be able to conduct a live demonstration. You also need to have a company formally established in your country in order to bill in your local currency. We offer a free video course that allows self-training. Technical support is free via e-mail in English and Spanish, for either the dealer or the final user, so that you can leave us the support to the end user if desired. Attractive Discount 50% off on our prices list.
  7. 7. Countries with Opportunity to Become a Reseller Partner 95% of the 8,000 programs sold correspond to Spanish-speaking markets. Recently we begun to expand in to world wide markets with the english version of MP, where we see a Great Opportunity for Growth.
  8. 8. Contact Us Write us to the following e-mail address We would like to know your company’s line of business or commercial activities, background, other products you distribute, information about your experience in the implementation of data computation systems, your relationship with maintenance sectors or industry, geographic area you currently cover, website if you have one, and generally any additional comments you feel are appropriate. We will soon answer your request and inform you of our policies and discounts for software resellers. If you are interested in Becoming a Reseller of MPsoftware
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