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Reflecting on lesson_study


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Published in: Education
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Reflecting on lesson_study

  1. 1. Reflecting on Lesson Study Dr. Mary Pat Sjostrom
  2. 2. Lesson Study Lesson study originated in Japan, where it was known as jugyokenkyu. In this professional development program, teachers are engaged in Looking at student thinking Thinking deeply about mathematics Examining their teaching
  3. 3. Goal Lesson study is much more than a way of planning lessons. The goal is gradual, incremental improvements in teaching over time, a continuous process of educational reform.
  4. 4. Lesson Study Cycle Focus, set goals, Develop lesson Teach Lesson Debrief, discuss Reflect
  5. 5. Steps in Lesson Study Set goals What qualities do you want students to develop? (e.g., problem-solving ability, confidence) What mathematics will the lesson address? Plan the lesson as a group (in lesson study this can take several months; we’ll have about 3 weeks) Teach the lesson - one teacher, with others observing (we’ll have to use video) Debrief, discuss, and revise the lesson Teach the revised lesson (another class, another teacher) Repeat the cycle Reflect and share the results
  6. 6. Teachers’ Interests Did you feel that the goals you chose for your lesson study were important to investigate?
  7. 7. Student-focused How did the activities focus your attention on student learning?
  8. 8. Research Lesson In your lesson study work, how did you act as a researcher?
  9. 9. Reflection How did this process make you a more reflective teacher?
  10. 10. Collaboration Were you able to work collaboratively with your lesson study group?