Slovenian Tourist Board Social Media Marketing


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Slovenian Tourist Board Social Media Marketing

  1. 1. SLOVENIA I FEEL www.slovenia.infoA PRACTICAL APPROACH TO SOCIAL MEDIA:STB experience 09 May 2012Tinkara Pavlovčič Kapitanovič, M.Sc. Slovenian Tourist Board. E-Tourism SeminarsHead of e-Business and Strategic Projects Rhodos
  2. 2. IFITT
  3. 3. ENTER2013 22-25 January, Innsbruck
  4. 4. Social media (SM) and DMOs/industry1. Quick development of SM, different reactions of DMOs, tourism service providers2. Do you recognise yourself?
  5. 5. ©Google images
  6. 6. SM will not go away, because… Source: GoogleImages and Tinkara Kapitanovic (bottom left)
  7. 7. Social media (SM) and DMOs/industry1. Quick development of SM, different reactions of DMOs, tourism service providers2. Influence of SM on • ‚Advertising‘ • Public relations • Direct marketing • Sales promotion • Branding • Research & Development • Traditional organisational structures
  8. 8. Once upon a time...1. Quick adoption of SM by the STB2. Fragmented presence on social media – lack of planning, continuity & coordination3. Bias towards SM aplications vs. content creation4. Lack of brand representation5. Not clearly defined relationship between theHQ and representative offices in terms of SM6. Limited knowledge of new staff members7. Lack of standardized SM monitoring process
  9. 9. Social Media Channels & STB presence @SloveniaInfo Feel Slovenia Slovenia
  10. 10. New vision of the STB digital /SMpresence• Be Visible in every single digital platform (social networks, search engines, web, mobile).• Be Different in terms of digital marketing practices• Be Consistent design and content-wise and in full alignment with its overall marketing strategy.
  11. 11. Selected goals of SM marketing• To improve Slovenias visibility as a tourist destination on the Internet;• To raise awareness of Slovenia as a tourist destination via SM• To promote and establish wider communication about Slovenia on the Internet;• To improve the Slovenia brand and strengthen brand identity on/via the Internet;• To increase the number of visitors to and the number of bookings made on that site;• To increase the number of registered users of the e- newsletter;
  12. 12. Selected goals of SM marketing• To strengthen PR activities on the Internet;• To support SEO activities through the use of social media to guarantee a better position for the• To ensure presence and support to the customers before, during and after the trip• To ensure quality platforms for information sharing and exchange before, during and after trips• To be creative and innovative in (SM) activities• To work in partnerships in order to be more effective and efficient
  13. 13. Setting the priorities1. Focus on main SM mainstreams• Facebook• Twitter• Youtube• Forsquare• LinkedIN Selecting target2. Consolidation and unification audience & SM3. Content creation strategy & process channels &4. Ennhance monitoring & evaluation develop appropriate digital content
  14. 14. Facebook page FEEL
  15. 15. Merging post
  16. 16. Change in content creation & process BEFORE Usage of Feel & Love, 22th Oct 2009 Green, Active, Healthy Other brand book guidelines AFTER 15th July 2011 Content creation process & guidelines Interactive note Regular posting 3- AFTER 4/week (English- 1st Feb 2012 global) Monitoring & dealing with comments
  17. 17. Do you use
  18. 18. Increasing engagement & interaction of our fans Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem dolor per dilorestum lorem dolro ipsum.
  19. 19. Small competitions Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Lorem dolor per dilorestum lorem dolro ipsum.
  20. 20. Engaging with customers via different channels
  21. 21. Forming partneships with most influential sites
  22. 22. Getting visible on other platforms Post to New Zealand 100% Pure Facebook page
  23. 23. Twitter @ SloveniaInfo Source: Google images
  24. 24. Twitter @SloveniaInfo Share quirky facts about what will/ happened in Slovenia today or in the next days.
  25. 25. • Retweet (RT), Reply• #(hashtag) – #ToSlovenians – #activeslo – #GreenLightWorldFlight – #IfyouwereinSlovenia••• Direct Message (DM)• Incl. partners
  26. 26. Working proactively and highly targeted
  27. 27. on SM video/favourites through own YouTube channel ( (ownchannel) Sharing on Twitter, Facebook including link on Slovenia YouTube channel
  28. 28. Joint Portoroz campaign-all hotels participating
  29. 29. Engaging the bloggers & journalists Twitter & Facebook Followed by fam trip in Slovenia for the winner
  30. 30. Keep in mind• New ‚free‘ opportunities• But: – Be careful with the exact arrangement – Define the scope – How you will use it – What will bring you – How it fits to your brand and strategy – Be ready with your stories
  31. 31. Case study:WorldFlightGreenLight
  32. 32. Monitoring & analytics
  33. 33. Attentics- AD HOC analysis
  34. 34. Analytics Social numbersNumber of fans/ Januar 2011 March 2012followersSocial MediaFacebook 18.705 24.486Feel SloveniaTwitter 972 4.126@SloveniaInfo
  35. 35. Content optimization to increaseinteraction • It is more about quality rather then quantity • Level of engagement Facebook Insights
  36. 36. Analytics FBinsights
  37. 37. • Twitterfall -monitoring posts• Social Bro –monitoring Twitter statistics(the most influentual followers, posts per country ..)• Social Mention – monitoring the performance of selected keyword on SM• Crowdbooster for FB in Twitter analytics• Attentics• Klout and Peer Index
  38. 38.
  39. 39. Did you know• That some hotels upgrade the rooms based on SM influence of the guest (e.g. looking at Klout index in Palms Casion resort, LV)• That you can convert a general inquiry on Twitter to a real sale (LifeClass resorts, Portoroz, Slovenia)• That customer do complain about different aspects of negative experience on DMO SM channels• That you can have „SM coffee break“ and even…
  40. 40. © Tinkara Kapitanovic
  41. 41. Main challenges1. Content (creation) and story-telling2. Internal organisation and process3. Understanding that online marketing /SM is not only „IT business“4. Implementation of SM analitcs & monitoring findings5. Getting the agency that is capable to deliver creative and „engaging“ solutions6. ROI
  42. 42. σας ευχαριστώ. @tinkarapk